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15 Reason To Have Sex With Your Spouse EveryDay


Sex is part of our nature, it is an expression of our being._ Donald C. Nwokedi

When rightly used, you sees that it's another way to create happiness and harmony among married people.

In this post, i dont want to discourage people from practicing chastity or try to discourage those of us who are preserving themselves for the right time.

Infact, i'm on your side if you are still chaste for your personal reasons, keep on gathering that energy for the right time and also for the right person.

But for married people, Sex is part of the game. Even if the urge wont be enough to move or motivate you, here comes 15 reasons why you will want to have it every day.

But before we list those reasons, i will like to list Reason that may be hindering your libido for sexual activities.

1.low libido | how to fix it:

  • exercise on daily basis,
  • eat healthy nutritous food
  • prepare the room with a coloured light bolb,
  • Visit a doctor,
  • manage your time very well so you have enough time for your spouse.
  • Spend one hour or two after eating before engaging any sexual activity.

2. Tired due to too much work at the office. | how to fix it.

If you are tired at night, then sleep early so you can wake early and add it to your morning activities before work.

Here comes the reasons why you must have Sex With Your Spouse Every day :
  1. it provides more unity among spouse. Sex is a form of play and by engaging at It, it creates more unity among mates
  2. It's a form of exercise. during sexual activities the body looses close to 180 to 250 shelves of calories.
  3. If you use it, you wont loose it. The entire human body grows with use and In the other hand decays without use. So the more you use your sexual organs the more they grows healthy and strong. So keeping it busy everyday assures a better future for your organs.
  4. Its the best way to start the day. By engaging in one of the most interesting human physical activity you get yourself at the side of the angels. You are more energetic but relaxed for whatever challenge your day throws at you.
  5. It boost your self_esteem. Sex increases your self_esteem and confidence because it makes you feel calm and relaxed which is the essential attribute we all want to exhabit.
  6. It reduces arguments among couples. Sex is an emotional activity. And we tend to relate more to those who affects us emotionally. Its somehow an activity that touches the core of our being. So we tend more to be amenable to people who have touched our emotional lives.
  7. It builds trust. Do you know that undressing in front of a person is an act of trust? And Do you know how your mind work? It is a habit machine. It tend to repeat whatever it has done before. So we humanly tend to review our secretes to people who We have shared the secrecy of our private organs.
  8. It makes partners more clear headed. Hope you have heard of sexual tension. Its also called sexual energy. By having daily sexual activities, it helps you brake down these tension and thereby making you clear_headed.
  9. It makes marriage more fun. You want to ignite that fire of love again, the smartest way to Do just that is to rekindle a better Sex life. Do more of It because its a play, and theres fun in playing.
  10. It reduces the risk of divorce. What on earth will make you want to divorce a partner you had intercourse With today and who you are planning to have one more With tommorrow, there are very few things that can make you want to do that.
  11. It reduces the risk of prostrate cancer. By constantly using your organs, they gain almost an immortal life.
  12. It keeps the marriage young. One noticeable attribute of old marriages is the absence or reduction of sexual activities. So to keep the harmony you need to be sexually active together with your spouse.
  13. You need to have a moment together. The major reason for marriages is to find someone to spend your life With. And the best ways to enjoy this togetherliness is to watch your children grow, to share problems, and to expore your sexuality together.
  14. It reduces stress. We have discussed about sexual tension before, when You have Sex, this tension reduces to zero. So sexually active people dont often have this tension because they brake them down during sexual activities thereby reducing there overall stress.
  15. It helps partners sleep well. The best remedy for sleeplessness is Sex. After Sex the body becomes calm and likely to go to bed.

So next time you want to thinkup ways to a happier marriage life, think about SEX.

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