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How To Create YOUR Own Happiness: 27 ways To a more Happier life.

When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that Happiness was the key to life. When I went to school,they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote' happy'. They told me I didn't understand the assignment, and I told them they didn't understand life._John Lennon.

Happiness is a mental state that describes how good we feel about ourselves And our relationships, is about how we feel about ourselves and our enviroment.

The truth is that we want to feel good. Infact all The money in the world are being spent on feeling good. And this act of constantly feeling good is what Happiness is all about.
At the end Of this blogpost you will be able to know the resons why you must be Happy And learn practical means you can use to Create your own Happiness in life.

Resons why you must be Happy :

  • happy people live longer.
  • they are less likely to Grow sick.
  • They are more in control Of their mind.
  • they are less reactive.
  • They are more successful.
  • they maintain high quality relationships.
  • They are more enviable.
Here comes the ways you can use to Create YOUR Own Happiness . I have applied them in my own life And they worked for me .
  1. Help someone in need with your money. When you Help people it makes you feel good and important. I am personally a good giver. That could be the actual reson behind my Happiness.
  2. Give your self that pleasure. There are many things that brings pleasure to the mind, from feeding on your most delicious meal, taking a hot bath in a cold weather or taking a glass of your favourite wine. Whatever it is, go for it. But while going for pleasure, remember that too much will kill you. When it comes to pleasure, moderation is the best subscribable option.
  3. .Keep Fear And Worry far from YOUR mind. Fear demoralizes us, it inhabits action And keep us stagnated. To do this i would recommand you stop the Fear And worry thought by providing special time for thinking. So When next those fear thought comes into your mind , remind your self that their will be enough time for the thought, this will keep you happy And energetic through out the day. For me, my best time to think deep into the problems life throws at me is at night When i'm alone, just one or two hours before sleeping.
  4. Live the present fully. True Happiness dont come by being too futuristic or constantly dwelling on YOUR negative pasts, it comes by living the present intensly and fully .just let future hopes be YOUR motivational factor.
  5. Make a lot Of money. We all desires freedom. We want Freedom to be more, do more And have more. And all these ends require money to attain them. So when you have money(ability) to gratify most of your needs, it will make you more Happier.
  6. . Spend most of your time with those you think they love and respect you. Humanly speaking, we are more Happy And felicitious around people who respect and love us.
  7. . Be grateful. As Melody Beattie said, "gratitude unlocks the fullness of life." the more grateful we are about what we have, the more we will want to have And the more we will have.
  8. .have enough rest And relaxations. What the body is less relaxed or overworked it hampers our overall attitute, by reducing our efficiencies And our general appearance. Just As the body resonds to the state of our mind, so do the mind respond to the state Of The body. So to put it in another way, a weak body gives rise to a weak mind. And inorder to be more Happy we need ample rest And relaxation.
  9. .Avoid Guilt. The best way to go about that state Of mind that keep telling you that you have done something terribly wrong is to alway avoid doing the wrong thing. Make it a law that you will always do the right thing no matter what. Here are few ways you can overcome guilt And head onward with YOUR life: forgive yourself, Decide to always do the right thing no matter what may come your way, Find out why you have that feeling Of guilt And focus on keeping things right, if you have wronged someone and you won't be put to prison for it, or be killed for it,Apologize to the person you have wronged if The case demands apology,or finally, Reflect on the issue And understand it clearly so that it wont Repeat itself next time.
  10. Turn your guilt thoughts into gratitude. Instead Of killing or tearing your soul apart, just think about other possible things that could possibly occur. For example you may have scratched your new toyota on the first ride, the good part is that it wasn't fatal And so on.
  11. . Do good to someone in need. This will help change your self image. It will help you feel like a good person that you trully are
  12. .Be clear about your current problem And focus on how To improve the situation. According to Carlos slim helu', when we confront our problem they disappear. They make us stronger each time . So how do you go after your problem? You Get the facts, facts dont lie. The more clear you are about your problem, the easier it is for you to tackle them head_on And move on to a happier life.
  13. . Read a motivational blog[ like the one you are reading now.] or a motivational book that consigns your current problem. Reading is the best way to build a stronger mental strength. Reading also help to calm your nerves down.
  14. Decide to be Happy. This one is very important. Happiness is a matter of choice. You are as Happy as you makeup your mind to be.
  15. Identify your talent And put them to work. What are those moments that take your breath away. Create opportunity to have And experience them. Note: not by engaging those that may cause sickness to your health and disturb the peace Of others. Do YOU Love to play soccer, play tennis, go for swimming or draw some beautiful paintings, any good thing that makes you happy , GO FOR IT. .
  16. . Smile: Happy people smile often. When you smile you are stong to enjurous thoughts . And not just that, your body releases endorphins that makes you feel good and happier.
  17. make a list of everything that is working in your life And celebrate them. Your health, your relationship, your business, whatever it may be. Just write them down and celebrate them.
  18. Sing your favorite song. There's a strong correlation between Happiness and music. When we are Happy, we celebrate.
  19. Exercise. Exercise helps our body to be more energetic and it helps us feel good. It helps us build our hearts by allowing blood to move around all your arteries.
  20. Take time to groom yourself. This one works very well for me. By brushing your teeth, combing your hair , And riding on that beautiful dress will help build your self_esteem and in turn make you feel happier.
  21. Improve your self_esteem and self confidence. Men and women who has confidence and healthy esteem generally succeed in anything they do. So to build your self exteem you generally aim at taking extreem care of yourself and focus all your energy on doing the right thing always. And set and achieve bigger goals.
  22. Improve your relationships by always caring about your relatives and friends. But i will advice you to walkaway from the ones that are not working in order to maintain a healthy mind and a happier life.
  23. Do the job you love or love the job you do. That is the best thing you can do for yourself or just fire your boss by changing job. But before you change job make sure you've gotten a new one. To stay happy, you must be passionate about your job.
  24. Read the bible,unless you are not a Christian. You never know what may happen. It makes me feel good and Happy. My favorite is Psalms 23. It fills me with life and vitality.
  25. Mind you mind, be positive in thought. Always remember that your thinking shapes your behaviour. When you can control the kind of thought that goes into your mind you can be able to filter out the negatives. Instead of focusing on your fears, you consciously focus on your desires.
  26. Discuss your present problem with your friends when you feel over loaded. What are friends for, if not to share problems. So you got that friend who have won your trust, go talk to them about your problem because two good heads are better than one
  27. Set And achieve new goals. When you are an achiever it give you that sense of competence and it in turn boost your overall Happiness.

all these tips will help you build a more richer and satisfying happy life. Just pick the ones that works well for you.
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