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26 Awesome Ways to Save a Lot Of Money Faster.

Those of us who have experienced poverty and financial failure will understand what it feels like, staying without money. And those who understands the value of money desires to possess lots of it.
Among many others, money is the easiest means to freedom. You can't have enough freedom to do more, be more and have more without enough money.
You can't even express how much you love and care about others without enough money to prove that. So every body in the current human society with accurate brain must have the desire to have lots of money and there's nothing sinful about such desire.
I have use these methods to accumulate large sum of money And when I said large, it may not be upto Bill Gates billions but judging from my circumstances as of when this post was written, it's actually a large sum of money, you can use the same method to turn your financial life around, buy what you need to buy, be where you want to be and achieve your goals faster than you can ever think it is possible. Here are 26 great ways to influence your momentary financial life and your financial destiny as a whole.
  1. Read financial books. When you read books that teaches you about money your financial knowledge begins to expand and this helps you accumulate large sums of money.
  2. Keep a close eye on your associates. The old tale, tell me who your friends are and I will tale you who you, is so true as one plus one is two. Because you gradually become those you associate with. Always analyse your friends and find out those who pressures you to spend more money than its necessary and then try to avoid them for this time you are ready to accumulate wealth. And this may not just be friends but associates as a whole.
  3. Carryout a price check online ; go to different sites to check where you can buy cheaper.
  4. Buy things online_ you reduce transport fair and time. Even risk
  5. Enter public transport, and save fuel.
  6. live a simple life, ask yourself what is the simplest home, food and clothing out there for my comfort, go for it.
  7. As the why? Question° instead of giving yourself reasons why you should spend, tell yourself reasons why you shouldn't spend that money. It could be reviewing your goal list or something like that.
  8. Ask the second why? Question : why are my saving this money, well, probably, for future investment, to buy land, for my upcoming marriage, for my childrens care, for my insurance_ you should have an answer in your mind by now.
  9. overcome your income by spending less than you earn. The most important time to save a lot of money is when your income is limited or when you are facing hard and crunch time. It is the best time to prove the strength of your character. If you can save that time, you can do same in times of plenty.
  10. Buy second hand equipment but not second hand electricity. Second hand electric appliances may be disappointing. (you know I care about your warefare).
  11. Go out with a little money, the quantity that can serve your wish list. When you go out with more money than you need you will have that natural tendency to spend more than its necessary.
  12. save for several goals. What do you want to acquire - make a list of them and save accordingly for each goal on that list. Buy this method you will be disciplined to keep more money for savings.
  13. Don't buy anything that is not on your wish list, unless it's an investment.
  14. Avoid buying liabilities with your hard earned money. Liability meaning those things that you buy that only cost you money without generating any money.
  15. Increase your income_ start making investment. When you start investing you start keeping your income for more investments.
  16. learn and study economics and finance, if you learn more about money and business you will respect your money.
  17. Don't impulse buy. Learn to say no. Most of the things you buy aren't necessary at all, if you wait for a day or two. Waiting allows you to check prices online and just decide if you really want to buy it. Just delay any buying decision- probably you will later be happy you did.
  18. Don't, in fact never be a debtor. Don't try to borrow, unless on business case where you will need money to run your business from the bank. Apart from that, don't borrow. Borrowing makes you a debtor.
  19. Discipline yourself to save 50% of every thing you make, you may start with 10% and gradually adjust it to 50%.
  20. Do an expense diagnosis. Bring a pen and a paper_ write our every single thing that consumes your money. Then ask yourself about what expense could you have avoided_ then be careful when those purse_emptying circumstance will occur. Then avoid it.
  21. live a healthy life. When you are healthy, you spend less on drugs. To keep a healthy body you need exercise and balance diet, rest and recreation and then stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. 
  22. Wash with detergent and apply bleach when necessary_ this will save soup usage and keep your clothes long enough for future use.
  23. Buy food in larger bulks and use them sparingly. When you eat less not just for savings purpose but it keeps you healthy.
  24. Control your electricity use and switch off unnecessary appliance expecially when going out of the home.
  25. Become a spendthrift_ be stingy with every penny. Cut corners when it will not have a long term effect. Spending less than you earn will always keep enough money in your pocket. 
  26. Stop wasting food. Most time we buy food and waste them due to spoilage. A good freezer will help you to save your food and save a lot of money. Cover your flour bags well after use. Another trick is to cook more when you have a freezer, this will help you save money spend on energy in the cooking process. You can even afford cooking extra and carry some to your office since home made food are cheaper than buying from restaurants.
.But before you go I will like to give you these two quotes about money.
  • Money saved is money gained, Benjamin Franklin
  • Rule No. 1, don't loose money, rule no. 2 don't forget rule no. 1 Warren Buffett.

Your Turn... 
What do you think about this blog post concerning money. I will like to hear from you. Do you have any financial issues you would need my assistance, do need more advice or you have a good contribution to make, use the comment box below  I will  like to hear from you.. 

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