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A Guide to Simplicity : 3 Effective Ways to Make Life Esier

“ Life is really simple, but we
insist on making it

Most times life seems to be crowded with too many things to do at too little time.
The fact is that all successful people have equal time with the unsuccessful people but the successful people only focus most of the time on the things that matters most to them. They declutter a lot.
From their relationships to work and to their homes. They always hackaway with the inessentials.

Here are the things you should start doing in order to make the most out of your 24 hours we all share in a day.

1.Declutter your apartment / home.

The first step towards decluttering is to keep your home in order.
Just start from a point.

It could be from your wardrobe to your closet. Just pick out everything and begin again to rearrange them.

Only select those ones that has been serving you more, recently. Then keep aside ones that may have stayed unused for some while.

For example , you may have a clothing you have not been wearing for sometime now.
And possibly you don't have any plan of wearing them in the future. That means they are of no use to you.

Then pick them out either to dash them away or keep them for the waste bucket.
You can also check your C.D and DVD stands,

there are some movies you are tired of watching either because they are no more interesting, or that they have been over watched time and time again and you are tired of watching them, or in other case they have cracked, then it's time to send them off.

Remove them and keep the plates corner clean and only engage that corner with only relevant C.D and DVDs.
Another place that will need decluttering is your shoes corner. Pick out those shoes you have rejected or abandoned for the fact that they have
become too old or that they have gotten out of fashion. It's time to say good by to them.

One of the reasons is that insects like centipedes and mosquitoes might be using them as homes or breeding corners and that is not good for your safety.
Also check around on your own, what are those items that are there but have not been used for a long time:
are they items you can sale or give away, then decide on the best way for you to do away with them.

Remember, the more you declutter, the more clear-headed you become.

2.Declutter your relationships.

Decluttering your relationship is the hardest in this list. But it is the most important because it determines how rich your life will end up becoming.
Here are the kind of people you should start decluttering in your life from today to ignite more success and happiness in your life;
  • unresourceful people, people that never contribute anything to your growth.
  • Negative people.
  • People without definite goal or aim in life.
  • people who always look for ways to let you down.
  • people who always lie to you.
  • .people who flatter you. People who don't celebrate you.
  • people who can't sacrifice for you.
  • People who has the nature of cheating other people.
  • . Gossips and those who can't keep secrets.
  • . People who can't control their emotions.
  • People who are not law abiding.
Relationships are one of the foundations of a good living. You are as happy and unhappy to the degree of pleasure you derive from those you associate yourself with on daily basis.

May be you have been in a relationship that refuse to work no matter how hard you try,
it keeps clashing, then it's time to move on with your life. (I will suggest you read this book,"How to Win Friends And Influence people". by Dale Carnegie to learn how to manage people. ).

3.Declutter your activities.

All our activities are the basic contributors to our overall achievement in life .
The fact is that we all want positive results but the problem is that it takes positive actions to get positive result.

We keep repeating similar actions but expects different result.

What do you do every day?

What has become a habit in your life?

Are they leading you to your goals or are they limiting you from achieving your full potentials?
Here is an important question that has the ability to set you on for the right actions.
What is the most important thing I should be doing now?
When you check the answer then go ahead and do that most important thing. Like for example, you may be a student or a member of staff of an organization, and you may find yourself drifting instead of reading or working, you may find yourself having fun and chatting with others,
then the next thing you need to do is to ask yourself that question. What is the most important use of my time right now, then go ahead and do that thing.

If you repeat this question often many times in the day, you will find yourself always doing the right thing and that is the safest way to achieving success. I'm a good declutterer and it makes me a more happier and productive person.
The next question is this; will doing what I am about to do now help me achieve my goals.

Will it matter in the next 5years?

When the answer is yes go ahead and do it, but if the answer is no, then is time to make a change.

By decluttering, you will find out that there's enough time in your day to achieve whatever goals you have for yourself.

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