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One Thing You Need To Know For A Simpler And Happier Life.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. confucius
simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.Clare Boothe Luce

What Is The Most Important THING I should be Doing?

When you ask this question about your every activities, there's one thing you learn. You learn that most of your activities are not essential. So before you engage most of your time consuming activities first ask yourself if they are important enough to consume your time.
Like for me, I do have a constant urge to sleep during the afternoon when I should be busy doing some productive work. But any time I have that urge this question comes up to my mind the next thing I ask my self is if sleep is the most important thing I should be doing for the time being.


but before you can be able to provide a suitable answer to this question of what's important you have to find out what's important first.
You have to have a definite goal that guides your overall activities, so every one of your actions must be directed towards achieving that aim.
Sometimes sleep could be your most important thing if you were busy all night. So all you have to do at any given time is to determine what is your most important task and go to work on it, by so doing, you place your self at the side of angels. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of facebook said the question he keep asking himself like almost everyday is this: WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I CAN BE DOING NOW. And you can do the same for your self.

5 ways to provide a competent answer to this question.

Set new goals: how do you go about this one, just pick a piece of paper, write out everything you want to achieve in your Life time. It could be building Or buying your own home, cars, a private jet, getting married and traveling to distant lands.
Back your goals with reason :as it is said, goals are fuels in the furnace of achievement. When your goals are supercharged with great reasons , like the reason I want to buy a car is to enjoy my privacy Or the reason I want to build Or buy my own home is to enjoy confort. Any reason that is strong enough will motivate you to take action on your goals.
Take action.This is the main phase , a time to prove who you truly are. When you have finerly chose your goals and have backed it up with the good reasons you come up with, the next thing is to work your plans out. Do everything reasonably possible to achieve your goals.
Check your associates: The truth is that we generally become those we associates with in our daily lives. Our human nature is like chameleon, it reflects the behaviour of those we associates with on our day to day lives. So when you pick your goals, also pick associates, who are already there, and those who are better than you.
Check your environment : you need to also Check your environment, are the things around you helping you to your goals or are they pushing you away from your goals. Sometimes, changing your environment could be the wiser decision. But if the environment is okay , then embrace it.

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