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How To Think Positive Everyday: 23 Simple steps to a Happier Life

Keep your face to the Sunshine and you will never see the shadow.

  When I was writing this post I was learning some new skills and at the cause of it I had the chance to meet new people who come from different background and so with different behaviours, most often their behaviours do hurt me and so often go against what I assumed to be the right thing, but I still choose to remain positive. I have being through many ups and downs which may be similar or different from your circumstances, but the fact is that no matter what you are experiencing, there is always a way out if you can try and be positive. Staying positive will change the way you look at life and will increase your efficiency.

Reasons why you need to practice daily positivity.

  • staying positive gives you a healthier mind. Which can prevent heart disease and heart attack.
  • it helps you concentrate by helping you to do your work well. When you put all your mind in your work, you become more productive.
  • we all wants to be happy, and the best way to achieve happiness is to be more positive.
  • you also win more positive friends, as it is said, birds of the same feathers flock together. And when you associate with more positive people they will make your whole life a lot more easier.
  • it helps you take more good actions. When you are positive, you are more action oriented. You do more things, if you are in sales or meeting customers, positivity helps you close more sales address customers well and be able to do your task with greater joy, excitement and fulfilment.
  • It helps you live longer, many people who die, die as a result of too much worrying and negative emotions such as fear, envy, and have committed suicide did that as a result of guilt or frustrations from their daily existence.
  • Staying positive reduces or removes stress. By becoming more positive, your thoughts remain healthy, and since stress is more psychological than physical, this will help you feel more relaxed and energetic.
In order not to be hampered by the malady of negativity, you must learn to be positive.

here are practical workable tips on How To Stay more positive.

1. Choose to be positive.

Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There's going to be stress in life, but it's your choice whether you let it affect you or not. Valerie Bertinelli

Being positive or staying positive is a matter of choice.Frankl the author of "mans search for meaning" was ones confined into a prison, him and other prisoners and were being punished and maltreated with cruelty. And the man said, everything was taken away from them. Except one. And that was simply this,
 "The freedom to choose ones state of mind in any situation."
That choice is always there. Circumstances may take away a lot of physical things from you.

 Life may deny you a lot of good things that others have.
But there is one thing that can never be take away from you, the right to choose your thoughts, mind and reactions to feelings at any point in time. You have to always make that choice yourself. Choose Happiness over sorrow.
 Choose faith and hope over dispiritedness, downheartedness or hopelessness.
  It's all a matter of choice. Some times in life, you face a lot of circumstances that would want to make you run inside and avoid facing life and your daily responsibilities, but no matter what you face in life, you always have a choice to feel miserable or to pick up the remaining part of what is left out of life and continue.
  In some  life situations, you may be forced to act against your will. For instance, when you are angry. You may be forced to speak in manners that ordinarily you wouldn't. It is normal and a human behaviour to act out of control when we are emotional. But this type of emotions must be restrained.
  I have being throughtheir kind of situation where I spoke in a manner that was against my will. And letter I learnt that there was a cause to that. The cause is that, when we get emotional, we tend to most often react from our subconscious mind. If you always say you hate a person or a particular behaviour in peopl,  when you become emotional you always respond to that person based on that your opinion about that behaviour not from the point of respect you always have for the person. That is why we must try, no matter how difficult it is to always try to separate our emotions from facts.

2. Practice positive emotions.

We are emotional creatures. And most often we are identified by the predominant emotions that saturates our mind. Apart from most of our other human features, like physical appearance and looks, the next thing we use in distinguishing ourselves from one another is our predominant emotions. If you are always happy or gloomy, people will Know you with that. As we discussed in the first tip, you have to choose to be positive. So we have to choose powerful emotions and behaviours that can create a happy lifestyle. Examples of positive emotions we can practice to keep us more positive are listed below :
  • Love : love means, wishing people well or even yourself. Try to develop unconditional love for yourself and the major people in your life. Love will help you to be more happy with yourself and with life.
  • Friendship Friendship means sharing close bonds with people you admire their qualities. People who time and distance never separates us from. How do you attract true friends? This is simple, become a true friend yourself. One of my favourite quotations on the basic fundamentals to changing the world comes from Gandhi,and this is what it says "Be the change you wish to see in the world". Be the friend you want to have. We all want to attract into our lives friends and people whose character and lives mirrors our own. You don't have to make yourself into what you think others would find attractive. No matter what your areas of interest, others share then somewhere. Be open minded, but don't ruin your life by accepting everyone as friends. These must be people you admire a lot. Almost in every conceiveable way. As I thought about this, there are very few people I have entered into friendship with, and they are making the difference in my happiness.
  • Loyalty: means being reliable. and one of the ways to practice loyalty is to be impeccably honest with yourself and others. Be honest. Never live a lie. Never do or say anything that is not true. Stop deceiving people. Honest people are always fulfilled because honesty has its own rewards. One thing among many that is bad with lying is that it takes many lies to cover one lie.  When you lie one time you will need to lie another time to cover-up the initial lie. And most often, the truth would be revealed which will leave you embarrassed and frustrated in the end. So, be honest, even if it may not be easy at first. It will be rewarding in the long run. Another way to be dependable is to keep your promises. Don't betray your own words. If you in business, give what your products promises. If you are in a relationship, keep your vows and promises, never break them.
  • courage: this is the ability to act, even in the presence of fear, it is not the absence of fear but the mastery of fear. One of the nicest ways to practice positive emotions and feelings is to overcome your fears. Do something new that is positive and rewarding. It could be asking someone out for a date, starting a new business of your own, starting a conversation with a stranger, starting and finishing a project,by developing the courage to act, you start feeling good about your self. Never let fear hold you back from taking action or living the kind of life you would have loved to live.
Other positive emotions you can practice are joy, good humor, enthusiasm, peace, serenity, patience, trust, tolerance, prudence, and taking responsibility. By practicing positive habits and emotions it will not only help you build a positive mindset but it will improve every other areas of your life.

3. Start looking for the advantages in every negative situation.

Things will naturally happen, and sometimes they don't turn out the way we wish they should,and most often we are tempted to start complaining and taking negative conclusions. And that is what most of us do. The best way and the best thing to do is to look for the benefit side of every event in your life, when problems occur, remind yourself that every problem, every setback comes with it an equivalent or even greater seed of advantage. So, instead of killing your self over events that has already happened, try to learn from them. Always make sure you heed the lessons of failure. So, when negative and unexpected events like failures and disappointments comes your way, try to look for ways to learn from it. Here are a few questions I use to ask my self in negative situations :
  1. What is one or more things that is positive or good about this situation?
  2. What is one opportunity within this situation?
This is my present way of handling negative situations unlike before- I use to complain and criticise my self for being so silly and failure or start focusing on the difficulties. Instead of throwing judgement on my good self I take time to relax and think of how I can benefit from the situation.
 For instance, when a cave that holds the treasure you seek is covered with a big stone_ instead of complaining, you can can begin by scratching the sand beneath the stone and with time, the stone will give way. Every problem you face has a soft side you can tackle. But one thing you realise is that it is not easy to start behaving in these manners, looking for silver lining in a dark cloud when you are blinded emotionally by  anger or grief. Just provide time to think things through when you are less emotional.

4. Choose and live in a positive environment.

"You can't make positive choices for the rest of your life without an environment that makes those choices easy, natural, and enjoyable.”
— Deepak Chopra
One notable truth about environment is that corrupt environment corrupts an individual absolutely, if you always stay in an environment where happiness is not cultivated, you will often see that your level of happiness and positivity begins to sag, unless you are too positive in nature. You must choose your environment wisely, and focus on building your home and office so that it will be a place where happiness and harmony abounds. This is your life, and the fact is that it is too short to live it in way that is not worth living.
  Do you often go to places where you do not enjoy? 
and have examined your self and you are not the cause of the lack of flavour and enjoyment in that environment, and you are sure quiting such an environment won't have any significant impact in your life, it's time to quit , change such environment. There are some tough and annoying neighbours that no matter what you do you cannot please them. And most of these people may not be blamed so much because it may be genetic factors or negative upbringing. If you then know that trying to tolerate such neighbours will be an emotional hazard for you, it's better to change apartment.

Another important way to regulate you environment to be more positive is to control the information that enters your mind.

 The type of movies TV's shows and series you create time for. The information that your mind receives during the day do have a big impact on your mood throughout the day. One other way to build a positive emotion through your environment is to live in environment where natural things like trees and flowers grow. Most time you can pause, smell the roses, touch the flowers and feel them simply allow nature to flow through you.

5. Focus on what you can do.

when you face negative situations that are had, instead of focusing your mental energy on what you can't control at the moment, look for possible solutions. When you solely focus on what you can't do, this leads to stress, confusion, frustration and and makes you complain. The most positive way of handling life situations is to look for those things we can do about them_ to remedy the situation. If you are in debt, instead of complaining as most people will do. Look for job if you don't have any job , or start saving from your earnings, and clear your debt. Did you fail in business_ look for the next step to take to fall in or fall out_ in whatever seems best for the circumstance , was there an accident,instead of drifting about and around, why not look for first-aid. The list goes on and on. The fact is that no matter what circumstance you may find yourself, there is always something right to do about it , look for it. If on your own level of knowledge that you cannot find a solution, ask for feedback from your A-team members or use the internet and search through google, you will probably find a good answer.

6. Make other people happy by adding values to their lives.

One of the easiest ways to feel positive and good about our self is to create the feeling that we are adding values to other peoples life. It gives us a sense of fulfillment. By helping others achieve the best that is possible within them don't only add value and meaning to their lives but also adds to our own life. But making other people feel happy does not mean you should be a people's pleaser. It doesn't mean you should sacrifice every thing you are and have for others and have none left for your self. It means you have to love your neighbours as you love your self(not above your self). It also mean you should be your brothers keeper. There's one quote I love so much. It says, "you find yourself by giving yourself." and I think there is no other better way you can give your self than through service. Here are  few other ways to create positive life for your self through making other people happy:
  • Give to charity. Keep special amount, it could come from changes you make from your small purchases, which may not be much but may help keep a heart beating. Knowing that a heart is beating because of your donation will create a positive feeling within you.
  • Give to people in the street. You may not know a charity home. Or have time to visit one. But there are still beggers in our streets. And you can also locate the less fortunate around you and render them some help.
  • Allow other vehicles to cross your own when you are less in a hurry. It is part of doing good. Just imagine that you are going for an important occasion or meeting and you are late and people tend to give you easy passage on your way, I think you will feel happy and fortunate. So, as Mahatma Gandhi said, "be the change you want to see in the world". By so doing, you create the feeling that you have added value to someone else's life and to the world.
  • Occasionally send seasonal sms or text messages and email to your loved ones wishing them well and letting them know how much you love them.
  • Another great way to help people is to start a blog not just to share your ideas, but to help people achieve their potential and solve their problems.

7. Practice good posture.

Having great posture can affect the way you feel about your self. It makes me feel good and more energetic. Sitting or standing on the right posture makes our body function properly. Bad posture causes discomfort. When you slump, so does your spine and this leads to bad circulation of body fluids. This can lead to the deterioration of your vertebrae. A deteriorated vertebrae can lead to fatigue and pain, coupled with poor circulation which eventually leads to exhaustion and these affects us psychologically, our mood, the way we feel about ourselves. The best way to practice good posture is to keep your head straight while sitting and your back straight. Make sure you are comfortable. Put on a comfortable shoe. While standing or walking, use your stomach muscles to control your posture, don't bend your back, hit your heels to the ground as you walk and then roll onto your toes one leg after the other and remember to keep your chin parallel to the ground.

8. Learn to take criticism in a healthy way.

Criticism always puts a person on the defencive. It makes you want to fight back and oppose. It offends your precious pride. So in order to avoid this offence we try to avoid situations where we can be criticised. It creates a fear for criticism. And this fear holds us back from going for what we actually wants in life. Listening to those negatives or defeating words from someone else's mouth makes you want to quit even the most splendid plan and regret even the most significant action you have ever made. But learning how to control or master this fear will cube it to minimal. Here are simple steps to handle criticism that have worked well for me over the years.
  • Really listen to the critic. Some times we tend to be moved by ego that we ignore every form of opposition to our opinion and this causes a lot of problem. When others voice their opinions and they are people you respect try to listen and get their point which may be pointless or helpful. By listening you prove that you are a person of worth and you value them with their opinions.
  • Don't Reply right away Take your time to think things through, I must confess, most criticism puts a person on the defensive and which may make you want to attack the person even if the case don't have to do with getting emotional, then you have to take time to reply the person who have voiced their opinions.

9. Learn to develop self control.

People with self control seems to be happier. You are happy or sad to the degree to which you think you are in control of your own  life. When you know you are at the drivers sit in the vehicle of your own life and that you are directly controlling your own affairs it makes you feel more positive and happier . One of the things that prisoners suffer is not only over labour but intimidation and obstructions from doing their own things. Going to where they want, and achieving the best that is possible with them. So to be more positive, I will suggest you develop self control. Don't always act impulsively. Control your own affairs, as human, we are born to handle affairs. And you will be happy to the degree and extend you are able to express this part of your nature.

How to develop self control:

  • Do straineous exercises. Exercise strengthens themind . the more you engage in exercise the more your  mind is able to produce will-power. And will-power helps you to control your emotions and the way you responds to life situations.
  • Make and keep your decision. People with self control makes and keep their decisions. When you say you want to loose some pounds you need to decide the amount of exercise it will take you to get to the weight you desire,and then avoid eating too much. Another little tip on making and keeping your decision is to take time before making any important decision. The more time you take on making major decision in your life the less you are likely to make mistakes.

10. Learn to face your problems and stop putting them off.

The more you put your problems off for some-day, the more they tend to compound and multiply. You keep saying some-day I will do this or that, I will start facing this problem, but the problem with this negative syndrome of 'someday' is that it never comes. The truth with problems is that when we confront our problems they disappear. We gain strength and confidence when we pick courage to face our problems, they thereby make us stronger. A man whose roof is leaking should not wait until the whole house falls to the ground and neither should a man whose house is on fire go to bed for sleep. You may say that the problem is not too much but you should also remember that a small leak can sink a great ship. Those small problems you always tend to neglect with time will heap up to a big problem and will in turn hack away at your happiness, effectiveness and overall positiveness.

Are you busy with your career and your relationship is a mess, are you busy clubbing while you have books to read? The truth is that it will affect your overall life performance and energy level with time. So when a problem comes up, stop keeping it for the future. Take every possible step it demands to dissolve it. The truth and the most rewarding aspect of facing our problems is the strength and esteem that comes with it. Here are a few tips on facing our daily lives problem
  • Write your problem on a piece of paper. Whatever you are going through, all of it. I do this one a lot. When you write it down, it becomes clear and less a burden, they are no longer on your shoulders or in your mind as worries but on a piece of paper.
  • Compare the problem with your past experiences and check if you have had similar experience. What worked initially? What did not work? Then follow accordingly.
  • Check around your friends and family or area. Search for people who have solved similar or the same problem. Ask them what they did differently that got them better result, then learn from them.
  • Ask me. The truth is that I am not perfect but I have experienced a lot. And if I can't provide direct answer, I will look for better means to help you.
  • Ask Google or online forums . A lot of bloggers are out there to help you with your problems, by simply asking or typing in your questions, a lot of answers will be provided and you can pick helpful ones that will help you solve your problem.

11. Start your day in a positive way.

One of the nicest way to enjoy a day full of positivity is to start your day well. Choose activities that are inspiring and focus on them. Mind the type of information you allow into your mind in the morning a sad news will keep you sad all day long unless you are too positive. Information builds the mind just as exercise strengthens the mind. By filling your mind with nice and rich information, you perform well at work and are able to face life situations with better poise and confidence. Read helpful and motivational books and listen to positive podcasts and MP3's. Another way to start your day is to eat healthy nutritious food. By eating good  protein and carbohydrate food we tend to perform well. Another positive way to start your day is to review your monthly and yearly goals. Play your favorite music and if you are religious person, fill your day with prayer. This prayer process works a lot in making me feel positive. Pray deep and long prayers into your deepest fears, worries, doubts and needs. When you know and believe that a hand more powerful than yours, the hand of God is working on your affairs, you tend to be more relaxed and focused on what you can do and this makes you feel more positive along your day.

12. Improve your self esteem.

People with good self esteem tend to be more positive. After all positive Esteem has to do with how you feel about your self. By feeling good about your self, by improving your self image you are more positive and are able to face life's situation squaringly. One of the best ways to improve your self esteem is to stop comparing your self with other people and always realise that you are not your circumstances you are rather your opportunities and since we are all born with equal but dissimilar opportunities, we are unlimited. If you can't do well in football, you can do well in music or some order thing. With varied talents in all of us you realise that our possibilities are limitless so there's no single need to feel inferior. Do you think you are ugly, that's not ugliness,it is the universe trying to fulfill a purpose. So in other words, you are beautiful and perfect for your own purpose.

I grew up thinking maybe to be a super star in Hollywood or Nollywood you must be a tall and handsome or beautiful person or at least above average until I watched the movie Lord Of The Rings, the major Characters, Frodo, Sam, and their two other friends were all shorter guys, not that they were kids but they were the exact characters required for the movie. So you don't need to be envious of anyone or feel inferior to anybody because you are the exact character required for your own destiny, and never forget that what you create with what you have, becomes your destiny.

13. Take it easy, slow down.

great haste makes great waste. By slowing down your pace and moving slower, you tend to make less mistakes. Mistakes will make you feel frustrated at the end of the day and this will affect your rate of positivity. Be patient while talking or replying. Take time to think things through replying when you are tensed up or emotional will make you use words that you will later regret.

 Too much of speed will distort accuracy and efficiency.

When you know that you are a person who give accurate and effective results it makes you feel more positive about your self. As for me, I know I have a lot of goals and lot more to do in a day that 24-hours can't be enough but I manage to slow down with this one truth in mind,
 if I'm able to do all my task with haste and finish them but fails to do them well it would have been better I did few and did them well

because completion of task gives us a sense of mastery, especially when we did those task well, it also boost our Self_esteem. So slow down. One step at a time. One way I practice slowing down is when I'm eating instead of rushing down on meal as before, I take it one bite at a time since it takes our brain about 20-minutes to understand and signal that we aresatisfied, slowing down will aid quick digestion and you will eat lesser. Another way to slow down is to take time to confirm your work when you think you are done. This will assure excellent, nothing gives me a feeling of happiness than the knowledge of the fact that I am a person who does things well.

14. Keep your mind free from guilt and fear.

Guilt and fear weakens us, it inhibits action and cripples productivity. When you live every minute of your life on the fear of what may or may not happen, you tend to be tensed up and cut off from reality and not just that you are cut of from reality but that you begin to live on the negative side of your imagination. Another factor in this section is guilt. A feeling that you have done something wrong. To keep guilt and fear away you must act as your conscious dictates, focus more on action. Inaction cultivates fear and action breeds confidence. Instead of focusing on your problems and things you cannot control, focus more on positive productive actions. Another way to keep fear and guilt away is to always do the right thing. Practice unalloyed integrity. Be a good person.

15. Learn to develop faith and stay on the lookout for miracles everyday.

Faith and hope displaces fear, doubt and all forms of negativity. The more faith you have in the unseen future and the more believes you develop on your talents and abilities the more positive you become and are able to face life's challenges boldly. Having hope and faith that things will work out well in the future does not mean we should focus on the future and neglect doing our work well or facing our responsibilities but means we should work in the present moment and hope in the future. Looking up to the future while living in the present moment makes us more positive.

16. Change unhealthy self talk.

Happier people have a positive opinion of themselves, they may not be successful or even the best but they speak to themselves in a positive way. They don't talk themselves down. When negative thoughts comes into your mind, try to voice a positive thought against it. When you repeat this act severally, it will become a habit. So your predominant thought will be more positive and you become a more positive individual. One thing with negative thoughts is that when you don't oppose them they become saved in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind which is like the internal hard drive of your mind will accept any regular thought that passes through your mind as truth and will compare your brain to act on it.

17. Be grateful.

Gratitude unlocks the beauty and the blessings of life. And this is so true. It makes you aware of the things you have which place you on a better ground towards attaining what you can achieve . Being grateful is another way of creating your own happiness and positive emotions. Celebrate the blessings of life while going after those that are yet to come. Here are few ways I practice gratitude: I begin by listing what I have in my life that I am grateful for and I also list those things that are working in my life.
  • I am healthy and don't have to live on drugs (even if you live on drugs, you should be happy that the medicine to your illness is available.)
  • I have a roof over my head, a home where I sleep.
  • I have eyes to read and mind to understand.
  • I have food to eat and clean water to quench my taste.

18. Maintain Constant energy.

One of the things you need to stay and feel positive is to have constant energy. Being able to do your work well and think clearly. No matter how much machines the modern world have to offer us we still have our own contribution of works to do, even if you don't have much physical work to do, you may have a mental work to execute which requires energy. And when you lack this vital tool, you tend to feel down and your performance goes low. To be more positive at work and in your daily life you need a constant supply of energy. There are three requirements for constant energy.
  • Eating healthy nutritious meal every day will help you perform effectively. I realise that anytime I eat well, but not too much it helps me think well and clearly and even focus and do my work well. 
  • Also try to get hydrated. Drink enough water. The saying that water is life is so true. When you drink water it fills you with life and vitality. Have you been longing for water in hot summer day and you take a glass of cold water, do you see how it feels. How rejuvenating it is. It shows you that water gives energy.
  • Exercise is another way to keep up energy. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that makes you feel good.
  • Provide time to rest. When you rest and sleep your body produces new cells to replace old ones. And this helps your energy level.

19. Be proactive and protect yourself from negative people and situations.

Reactive people are usually affected by their environment to the extent that if they are good they feel good, and if they are not they won't feel any good. And some people will ague that this is just natural. And you may be wondering if there is anything wrong with being natural. But we are human being, gifted with wisdom to clothe ourselves when we feel cold, bath ourselves when we feel dirty and protect our emotions by channeling then to what we desires. Proactive people produce their own response through decision and not by natural inclination. We always have that power to choose and to stay Positive you must yield that power. As Viktor E. Frankl, the author of "Man's Search For Meaning " said, “ Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms-- to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way." positive people are proactive, they are value driven people. They decide their attitude at any time.


loosen up those facial muscles and just smile. It is said we use more muscles to frown than to smile, so to even reduce stress we need to smile often. One sexy and beautiful way to engage smiling is to practice it in the mirror. It don't only make you feel good just in the front of mirror but it also increase your self esteem. Smiling even when you are not too happy will make you stronger and more resistant to injurious thought and negative feedback from your environment.

22.Meditate for few minutes.

meditation is a good way to feel more comfortable and positive as well. Research shows that it improves emotional and cardiovascular health. It also reduces other illnesses. The best and easiest way to get started with meditation is to begin with 2 minutes on the first day and then you can increase it to more minutes with time. It have been proved that having daily meditation for three months can have good improvement in your mode and happiness. What I do is to pick a subject and focus only on thinking very deeply about it. Or focus on an object for some minutes uninterrupted. It is very simple but the impact is amazing. It makes you more can and improves the ability to listen well.

23. Be in the present moment.

Being in the present moment is essential to being positive. But most often we are being tempted to drift  away  to  the fear of the future and most often to fear and guilt of the past. Our life is wasted each moment we tend to focus on our unnecessary past or on the doubts of tomorrow.
Always make sure you are living in the present moment fully and tensely. Noticing, feeling the smells, the sounds, and the colours within your present environment. Another way to be in the present moment is to focus solely on the activities going on or listen and focus on your breathing. Take time to savour, feel the flowers, touch them if you can.
Making myself more positive has made a huge change to how I see things. Have you experimented with any of the above steps before? What one habit do you love most?

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