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40 Smart Ways to Help You Overcome Fear and Anxiety...Today.

When a resolute young fellow steps up to the great bully, the world, and takes him boldly by the beard, he is often surprised to find it comes off in his hand, and that it was only tied on to scare away the timid adventurers.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fear is not really a bad thing when it does not stop us from going after our goals and happiness. Infact it is good when it keep us from going close to wild animals like lion or venomous snake.

Are you afraid of speaking in public?
 Shy to talk to the next guy beside you? Or even ask someone out for a date,trying new things, changing our world with this one action only you can take and you know it is not poison and that it is going to be useful and you are afraid.

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You know you want to do these things but you keep loosing courage due to fear of failure embarrassment or rather fear of what people may think. There's a great difference between avoiding realities, and running in the darkness of fear. Fear is false evidence appearing real. It's an additional believes we attach to our expectations and to reality .

 Those who fear things forget that to attempt the feared thing most often (when it is the moral thing to do) is an end to fear, what a blessing to experience that which one so much dread. To encounter the feared thing is a blessing. And when this happens, when we finally meet with what we feared so much, there will be nothing to be feared anymore. Always do the right thing and enjoy meeting with fear. Because courage and confidence begins in meeting with fear. Doing it anyway, is the key step towards overcoming fear. Thetips below has worked so well for me in many ways and for others. So when next you are tied to a hook from doing the things you deep-down know is right and most often things that will fulfil you then follow the following steps:
  1. Use the AWARE technique to Overcome Fear at any point. A Accept the fear/anxiety W Watch Your Fear.A Act Normally.R Repeat the above steps.E Expect the best.
  2. Talk to a therapist . if you meet an experienced and good therapist they can help you overcome your fears.
  3. Be in the present moment. Don't worry, don't drift, just don't think about the past, just focus on the now.
  4. Start breathing. Just breathing can calm your nerves.
  5. Be grateful. Be grateful you are here now, it may sound odd but just appreciating the fact that you are facing a difficulty that will make you stronger.
  6. Use hypnosis. They can be effective. Especially those ones made for a particular fear. I have used them ones to induce the habit of daily exercise.
  7. Be curious. Ask questions. Question your fear. "Curiosity will conquer fear more than bravery will. James Stephens"
  8. Stay Busy. Staying occupied displaces fear. Just do anything, go out meet people. Or face your job.
  9. Confront Your fear. "When face our problem they disappear, they make us stronger each time."Carlos Slim Helu'.
  10. Practice positive emotions. Be more positive. See the glass half full rather than half empty.
  11. Realise that we are all similar and are hunted by similar fears. So do not panic thinking you are alone. "who sees all being in his own self, and his own self in all being, loses all fears. Isa Opanishad, Hindu Scripture
  12. Build your mind through mind enhancing activities like exercise, yoga, reading, abstinence(avoiding your favourite food for awhile.)
  13. Read books written on the topic of fear. People always recommend Dr. Susan Jefferson's "Feel the Fear and do it anyway."
  14. Ask other people who have dealt with the same problem of anxiety. Only few people started and continued with boldness and confidence from childhood. So just ask others . for instance, you can ask, "You spoke so eloquently today, what motivates you?
  15. try prayer power. If you believe in prayer, it works for most people, by praying deeplly into your strongest fears it can help you overcome them. You can say, " O God or Allah, please help me face this fear or challenge. "
  16. Use the WTWTCH Technique. What's the worst that Can Happen. This technique works well when your fear has to do with what other people think of you. Just say it, and do it anyway.
  17. Identify What it is that really scares you. You can ask what are my really afraid of. A guy ones said, "I am really scared and frighten so much with fear. How can I get rid of fear like I'm going to freak out and even have a nervous breakdown." all you need to do is to identify why? It could be minor faults you can correct, perhaps you need to brush your tongue well before having any conversation. Yes, I got someone here.
  18. Don't try to control it. According to my friend Larry Frank in a talk show, he said, "One cannot basically control their fear. We can only control the actions we take after the emotions." you may be among those who read books that tell you not to permit negative emotions, but what Larry says is, you just entertain the fear, and then control your action.
  19. Feel the fear, and do it anyway. When you know that it is not poisonous and that it is going to be useful to others and yourself. You are human and this is something new or probably something you want to face in a better way, and since it new action you mind will try to oppose it. But trying, you gain confidence and courage.
  20. Change your perspective. Sometimes you do not need to overcome anything, all you need to do do is to change the way you think about the situation, the feared thing.
  21. Think of others. And if you can help them, do so. When you think of other people or a better way to help them, you naturally get rid of the feelings of self consciousness and become more people conscious. This works well in public.
  22. Surrender to what is. Sometimes when we afraid it's because we are rejecting or resisting something,yourself, your reality and your results. Just surrender.
  23. Tress the root cause of your fear. An African proverb (Igbo tribe) said "You can't remember where the rain stops falling down on you if you can't remember where it started falling down on you". So try to tress the cause and you can easily correct the effect.
  24. Start seeing failure as a learning tool instead of something to be feared.Try,if you fail, try again. The more you fail, the smarter you becomes.
  25. Eat Healthy food. Food like flour and sugar can increase your level of anxiety. They often increase blood sugar especially when you have low metabolism.
  26. Get a life coach. The modern world has so advanced that you can get almost everything you want almost effortlessly. From the internet and around our cities. If you are afraid of trying something new, just look for people who have done similar things and ask them to coach you. There are still some others who specialise on coaching others. Everyone needs a coach.
  27. Get satisfied with the past life. That's the best way to face the 'Now with more confidence. Be grateful and thank yourself for having lived to this moment. You have tried, not everyone who started with you survived the unfair past and since you have lived to this moment you can face anything that may arise or that has arisen.
  28. Realise that this too shall pass. This moment shall pass, this fear shall become story and you could be one of those who teach people how to overcome fear.
  29. Avoid perfectionism. I You want everything to be just alright. But that's one thing that defeats humanity. Just be good enough, if your reason is that you wanted to be admired, the idea will tell you a little secret, "people don't expect you to be perfect, they admire transparency.
  30. Talk about your fear, tell others who share your views, perhaps your friends. A problem shared is half solved, they may give you solutions or still tell you that they have the same fear and that you are not alone.
  31. Develop clarity, ask ; what are my not really seeing? Try to see everything from another persons eye. Probably you will see something that may have seem hidden before. And perhaps it may be the answer you seek.
  32. Take small step towards your fear. You might want to dig in and overcome it at one time, this will overwhelm you and crush you and you may be down than before. So do it small by small, like a baby learning to walk, little by little.
  33. Take more bolder step. With time you will master your initial approach and then they will become comfort zone, try another bolder step, do something bigger than your previous success, don't settle.
  34. Do one thing everyday that scares you when once it is not poisonous or against the Law. Doing this will make you more bold and confident to face other fear. Remember, one: it must not be poison, two : it must not go again the country's law, three: It will be useful.
  35. Remember what you are running away from. You may be carefree to attack your fear at some point or maybe, too scared but when you remember why you must fight this fear you will become more motivated to take action.
  36. Have an action-plan to tackle your fear. Set a plan and act accordingly. Sometimes the answers to your fear is inside you. So plan carefully on how to tackle the fear or on how to behave when the fear arises again.
  37. Set goals against your fear. If you fear is maybe speaking in public, set becoming a good or even the best public speaker, and follow the above step by developing plans to get to your goal but this time you are no longer going after your fear but a new goal, in other words, see your fear as an opportunity to create a new goal.
  38. Focus on the goal not the obstacles. When you start this new path of chasing your goal the fear may likely creep in to obstruct you, just focus on the goal and one day you will not only have overcomed the fear but have gotten an additional reward, the goal you have achieved.
  39. Be a good person. It is good to Overcome Fear but uprooting one of it major causes is critical. Being a bad person could bring lots of fear with it. Be good, practice morality, develop character, have a clear conscience, "a clear conscience fears no accusation."
  40. Get a prepared for peaceful performance. Instead of expecting things to turn out in a wrong way, prepare for the best. Expect the best with confidence. "whatever you expect with confidence becomes your reality."
  41. Use Your imagination in the right way. Instead of creating those behind the scenes images we often creates that keeps us stocked in the fear. Do the oppposite,imagine a calm bold you walking into that future event.
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You have just read the best tips that has worked for others and myself to overcome fear, we must try to live without fear. I will like you to do something for me add a comment let's discuss, it could be your first action towards overcoming fear.

Your friend,
Ikem D. Nwokedi

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