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How to Stop Daydreaming : 3 Small Ways to Start Living the Life You Truly Want.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. Martin Luther King. jr

The best preparation for tomorrow is giving your best for today. H. Jackson Brown. jr

Do you think life is happening to you so fast?

That your goals and objectives seems unattainable even though you are giving all your best.

Do you wish that someone could simply guide you on how to attain your goals, become somebody and live a happier life?


How would you feel if I can tell you that I could help!

Well I have been there. I started off with focus in life but with time I started having a lot of goals, and distraction tripped in. I became too ambitious for so many things. I wanted to be rich, go to school, buy a car, build my own home, have a private jet and build two companies.
This too much goals came as a result of an audio book I listened to which told me to have a lot of goals.
This attitude tried to bring confusion. Pursuing too many things at once. But with time I started listening to my self, I realised that there where 3 things I was not doing and when I started doing them they changed my life... I now go after my life with more simplicity and I have been achieving more things starting from then.

Here are 3 small ways to start living the life you want.

1. Having a single purpose.

Having a single purpose is the starting point of achievement. I know you want to be many things. And if it is possible becoming everything good at ones, you will go for it. And most of us think it is like that. Well I agree that it is possible to have everything you want, but I will also tell you you can not have it all at once.
I once listened to an audio book that said you should make a list of a hundred thing you want to manifest in your life and then probably they will all come to pass. But one thing they didn't teach me and others who bought this audio CD was that trying to catch too many goals at one time will exhaust you and will make you loose interest in any of those goals. And without interest you cannot give it what it takes to make it materialise.

How do you go about this step? Its simple. Pick a book and a pen or you can simply use your mobile phone-notes and make a list of those things that you know that if you achieve them will make you feel fulfilled. When you are done with your list. Then begin by analysing them in a priority of what's the most important and then what's the most urgent.

Which of this goal can you give up for another?

Which one should wait first until you have accomplish the other. Like for me when I took this step, I wanted to go to high school but I also wanted to go into business. I realised that no matter what, 'I want to become a graduate from a university. But going into business could stop me from becoming a successful student.

But on the reverse, I could always do business any time when I graduate from school. So I chose going to school. Instead of bombarding my mind with a lot of loads and two immixable desires, I started with one. And after one I go to another. A journey of a thousand miles begin with a step, not two steps. Your life is a journey not a destination.

2. Start small.

When you try to conquer the world you are most 'often' defeated. But realising that you can conquer a single town or even an individual could give you hope and this hope keeps you motivated to keep going. You could have the widest dreams but if you don't try them by beginning in the most approachable means, no one will no about it and it will end up as what it is, 'a dream. So begin small, dream big. Take does initial small - small steps and you are on the way.

When you have your goal at hand, and you know that there are too many things to do to get to your goal this most certainly will demotivate you. So instead rushing into the whole activity just look for the simplest thing you can do to get to your goal. Just the simplest and this will help you feel more comfortable doing the other tasks but when you look at the whole things to do you most often procratinate. And procrastination is a very nasty place to be. Saying 'someday ' will never help you accomplish anything because tomorrow will become next week and next week will become next month until eternity.

As you have your goal, there are few habits you must form that will lead to your goal for instance when you have a goal of building your health, you can simply make your habits simple and approachable that you can't say 'No.
Leo's blog at "Zen Habits, suggest you should focus on forming tiny habits rather than focus on the real goal, for instance he said:
Another common habit that too few people actually do is flossing daily. So my advice is just floss one tooth the first night. Of course, that seems so ridiculous most people laugh. But I’m totally serious: if you start out exceedingly small, you won’t say no. You’ll feel crazy if you don’t do it. And so you’ll actually do it! That’s the point. Actually doing the habit is much more important than how much you do.

And this is not just in health goals, it may also involve your relationships, you better them by listening more and being more empathetic, celebrating those who you expect to celebrate you and so on. Just start small. By getting started you will get better tools along the way and you will become a better person, more motivated and unstoppable.

3. Focus on just taking care of today.

When the heat is high and you are feeling overwhelmed or perhaps frustrated. Let the memorable word of Christ come to your mind, "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself."

So when next you feel like this, just breathe, visualise the day coming to an end. "It will soon end so I better complete my work or do my task to go for the nights" that's what I will say.

Taking care of your life just for the day will minimise the anxiety of all the stress, discipline and work it will take to carry out your mission or goals.
But focusing on just today does not mean that you should not have plans for the week which should be done on weekends, like for me I do fix-in activities into my calendar and this enables me to relax and focus on handling my daily tasks.
By simply having a single purpose, focusing on just the small steps and on today and soon you will have traveled quite a huge distance.

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