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20 Can’t-Miss Ways to Declutter Your Mind

Worry don't lead us to any where. The more we worry the more we are likely to make mistakes and make our fears and worries self fulfilling prophecy. The quickest remedy to stop overthinking is positive action but when you cannot even do anything due to too much thinking, then here are 20 Can’t-Miss Ways to Declutter Your Mind, You can apply any one at the right time.

Sometimes we don't need to worry or be over thinking things, we just need to have faith.

1. Take a long walk

Simply taking a long walk can help you clear your head because you are doing your thinking but in different way, and most often while walking, an answer or a solution to your problem may pop in to your mind. While you are taking this step you should do it in a place made for leasure, like school fields,or a long road with little or no noise. Feel the colour, the smell, and the wind on your face. Enjoy the moment.

2. Breathe.

Breathing walks for many people, it calms the nerves and helps you relax. When you fill your lungs with more oxygenated air, your pulse rate naturally reduce. And this is not just because it helps you to feel calm , It is also the best way to remain in the present moment while doing your daily task. So, how do you do it? You simply focus on your breathing. Feel the place the motion of the air occurs most in your body. Some times, when alone, you just need to take a long breath, inhaling like almost 3 times, then hold your breath for a while, then release the air from your nose while your mouth is shut and some other time, depending on the occasion, when you are in a social gathering, all you need to do at this stage is to be mindful of your breath and how your lungs rises and falls, how the air flows in and out of your system.

3. take a hot bath.

Hot bath and hot water has been very medicinal for the Chinese and even Africans for ages. It calms the nerve after birth and warms the body when you drink it. But what we need is to calm the body, and feel relaxed. A relaxed body can make the mind rise to similar state. When you feel calm, you are more clear and with a sharp brain. At this stage you can clearly direct your mind instead of allowing thoughts of all kind to clutter.

4. take a long sleep.

When we sleep our subconscious mind do not sleep. It remains at work reprocessing the information we have accepted with faith. And most often bring solutions to most of our problem. Some problems we face don't really need to be given attention at the moment , they need to be endured to do other tasks well. So I will advise you to do what my mother will do, she will tell you to "sleep over the world". So when the thought of those things you cannot change, thoughts of negative past, uncontrollable circumstance, events beyond science explanation, then relax, take a very long sleep and wake up with a purpose perhaps a goal to accomplish and then set your whole life on goals that are interesting, that will fill that aspect of your life that this problem, worrisome thinking, or fear is trying to fill in your life. Then move on. Go forward with your life and don't let it hinge on that problem that clutters your mind. Here are few steps that can help you have a sound sleep.

  1. Intimacy. Intimacy can help you sleep well. So go close to your spouse and have some emotional bond. This will help you think less and eventually fall asleep.
  2. Eat less. A medium sized food will help you sleep well. Instead of taking too much food which will take more time to digest.
  3. Switch the mood. Put on a favourite background mood. Some people sleep well when there is no light and others like me sleep well when there is light. So if you are not feeling sleepy when the light is on, better switch it off.
  4. Put on ear phone. I don't currently do this one but I have done it once. it helped me sleep well. But minimise it to the barest minimum. Don't forget.
  5. Do it at the right time. Only come to your bed when you feel like sleeping otherwise this can ruin your sleep. You might end up worrying more and even developing insomnia.(inability to sleep.)

5. Clear and organise your environment.

Sometimes a messy arena can have some impact in your emotional life. Especially when you are the type that usually want to put things in order. Your unconscious emotion will be signaling you that you are missing something. This will trigger unnecessary despair and your worry habit will eventually trip in again. The best way that works for me is to "clear as I go." what I do is,

  1. wash the dishes while preparing the meal and clear the containers.
  2. wash the plates immediately after each meal and keep them at the appropriate place.
  3. after reading any book I make sure I take them back to the bookshelf immediately without waiting for later times.
  4. After putting off my clothes, I return them back to the wardrobe, wash them immediately or put them at a special spot to be washed on my scheduled washing days.(but washing them immediately will help keep the cloth safer, especially,white clothes).
  5. Simply scrub the toilet sink with the washing tool immediately before bathing.

6. clear your desk.

Similar to clearing your environment. Let everything have their place in your office. Keep every file at the right folder after use. Instead of keeping unneeded stuffs on the table. But sometime, you may need to keep them especially when the steps it demand to execute your project is undefinable at the main time,still at this point, just arrange them in piles instead of keeping them in a disordered manner. Remember : order is heavens first law. I may not know the real secret to why nature is the way it is. But one noticeable thing about it(nature) is that it is well ordered. And you can apply this orderliness to your life, the way you live, work, talk and act.

7. write down your thoughts.

Sometimes your mind may be filled with thoughts of all kind. Thoughts of goals, plans, appointments and perhaps thought of fears. And you may be confused of what is it you are trying to figure out. Most often these thoughts will keep on lingering within you until you end up achieving nothing within that period and perhaps that day. So what I usually do when things gets confused at any point is to get clear. Clarity solves all worry problem. The easiest way to get clear is to write down all the thought that comes to my head. But you must first identify what is it you are trying to figure out. Is it business, past events, what is your mind trying to force you to tackle out? Write it down. Sometimes they may be irrelevant. And when they are relevant, think them through or provide time to solve the problem behind that thought.

8. find what is important.

In life many things are calling our attention. Social media, favourite websites, breathtaking blogs, email, invitations, television, video games, parties and lots more. And we have too little time in a day to attend to them all. Having all these in your fancy will create a workload in your brain which will start looking for way to execute them all, and most often, one activity may come in the way of another. This will make you brain feel stroked and sometimes create the feeling of overwhelmness. So pick few activities and let the rest go. Knowing from the beginning that you will pick a few will make your brain prepare for little and will reduce the feeling of stress while triggering the feeling of commitment and focus to the task at hand.

"The difference between successful people and highly successful people [note that word, highly] is that highly successful say no to many things. " Warren Buffett.
One time an invitation may pop in, via social media notification, this will distract you or make you rush your work, it will be fine you simply put your system, smartphone on silent(unless you are expecting an important, unavoidable call.) Another way I handle this step is to ask, what is the most important thing I could be doing now? Then, I just use my minds eye to view all the activities that I can possibly engage, pick the most important and begin working on it.

9. Eliminate the unimportant.

Sometimes the problem is not that you are doing too much, but that you are doing too many things wrongly. Perhaps you have a lot of wrong activities and unwanted stuff (items) that you do not need again. Just do away with the inessential. A simplified life creates a better mental atmosphere. Here are few unimportant things you can eliminate today.

  1. Unamendable relationships. There are some relationships that refuse to work no matter how hard you try, they keep breaking your heart. Don't quit them right away, look for other better people who can fill their space.(but I won't advise you to do this in sexual relationship: in a sexual relationship it is advisable to quit entirely before entering another one) So, Fill that space and make sure you are enjoying it. Then decide to quit.
  2. Jobs that no longer drive you. Do the same in your job. If you are underpaid even when you are giving more effort, abused by your boss, or not really in love with the work for your good reason, then it will be wise you fire your boss. But before you fire your boss. Take off time and excuse your self, then get a new job, you can fire your boss.
  3. Unnecessary personal stuffs. You know those items you no longer use. Maybe you can't remember them right away, you can do it at your spare time. If you have a free passage or a small space in the front of your home, you can begin by bringing out your properties and then sweep the entire room, then bring back your stuffs but at this time only bring back those things that you need. Do the same in your wardrobe but inside your room. Pick those clothes you like and would want to be wearing. Then those items from your room and wardrobe you no longer need either you give them away, dump them in the wastebasket or you sale them off. This one activity can help you focus on what that really matter in your life.

10. say stop to negative thoughts.

Some thoughts are not good at all to carry. These thoughts we don't need at all are what we call negative thoughts. Like thoughts of envy, jealousy, arrogance, disloyalty, fear, despair, guilt are thoughts you shouldn't inhabit. They weakens you, reduce action and make you unhappy. In fact they are perhaps what you are running from. They are the stuffs you want to declutter from your mind. So when next they come to your mind. Affirmatively say the word, 'Stop. When you do this, you mind which is a thinking machine will automatically and naturally pick another topic, perhaps a topic you will enjoy and not tag as a disturbance.

11. overcome fear.

Fear is not good for a peaceful mind. It leads to worry and most often when we can't find help or solution, it takes us to the feeling of frustration leading to more bigger worry. To overcome fear, you must take action , you must first make sure it is not poison, and then that doing the feared thing will benefit others, then go ahead," feel the fear and do it anyway ".

12. Overcome guilt

Guilt is a tremendous burden in our lives when it gets hold on us. It is a twin brother of fear. Most often it leads us to making wrong choices in life. To overcome guilt " we must act as our conscience dictates, repay our debts, and accept ourselves as we are with our merits, sorrows and grief, then try to be a good person, by living a more positive life. " Another way to overcoming guilt is to ask for forgiveness from the people you have wronged and to try and forgive those who have wronged you especially yourself.

13. Forgive.

Forgiveness is another way to clear your head and enjoy more peaceful mind. When you forgive it gives you more strength and courage to move on and face life. Forgiveness is the act of the strong. Thinking through on those life situation where we were disappointed, neglected or abused may lead us to depression. It is just like reliving those experiences again. Each time you think about that experience with an unforgiving mind, it make you feel like fighting back. I know it is not easy, but it is not about who may have wronged you , not about your past, or abuse, it's about. Your emotional freedom. If you truly forgive, it sets you loose like a bird disentangled from the deadly grip of a cobweb. So forgive yourself for not giving your best perhaps for screwing up, for giving up at the end of the line, for not being faithful. Forgive your parents, siblings and friends for not being sympathetic and empathetic to how you wanted them to be. Forgive your mates or spouse in formal or recent relationships for not being faithful, caring, supportive, and loveable. And while you forgive also makeup your mind to forget but never forget the lessons behind the heart breaking event.

14. Smile.

When we smile we naturally have a burst of life. Our body releases hormones that makes us feel good. This feeling when applied to our thoughts can help us think clearly, realising those worrisome suggestions that our mind bring up and put them to the rare. It doesn't coss any thing to do that. In fact, it takes less muscle to smile than it takes to frown. So smile it helps keep you emotionally strong, while it helps keep you positive and thereby help you select your thoughts consciously.

15. Be positive.

Positive mental state can help you declutter your mind. I know you are really concerned about your past, situation and circumstances, you want to change the way things are, alter the past, and influence the future. And most times you have this three needs running like war aeroplanes in your mind. You just have to think about the good side of the situation and focus solely on the benefits behind every problem realising that worry never solved any problem. To be more positive you have to have strong believe in your self,

Successful people has two things in common, they believe that the future will be better and they have  the ability to make it so."
So be positive by shifting your focus from the negative to positive, seeing the glass half full rather than half empty, look for advantage in every setback and you can be able to clear your head and mind of worry .

16. Provide time for thinking.

The worrisome thought may at some time need to be given attention and you may be at work having some important tasks to handle or in the middle of an important meeting, perhaps a discussion, what you will do in such state is to say to your self, "I will provide time to sort you out". Just pick a time in your calendar or watch and when it is that time make sure you do what you say. And when you may have scheduled time for such thought alert, it will cool down and give you space to think clearly.

17. Talk to someone who can help.

When your mind is filled with worries or overloaded with uncontrollable inflow of thoughts perhaps thoughts of many of the inevitables that life throws on our paths, like family problem, health problem, financial problem, failure of any sort, or obstacles you are facing, try and talk to someone about it.

Though empathy alone can't alter facts, it can make it bearable. Dracula.

Trying to talk to someone about your problem doesn't make it go away but it will make you feel relieved. Remember : a problem shared is a problem half solved. Those of your friends or relatives who will be helpful or those who are trustworthy perhaps good listeners, go talk to them. After doing this you will begin to feel a kind of mental relief and emotional freedom, thinking very little about it and focusing more on solutions.

18. Say a Prayer.

Many people believe in prayer. When you pray, it doesn't necessarily mean you receive but it helps you keep your burden aside and focus on solutions.

"Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest. "Jesus in Matthew 11:28
That is what prayer does. It builds confidence by making you feel that God will help you. So pray deeply into your deepest fears, worries, doubts and also into your widest aspirations.

19. Have some fun.

Go out and play, launch out with friends. Make sure you gain value from the meeting. For me it could be basketball, or just chatting. So, when you are back you can think clearly but for me if the event don't go smoothly I still feel more unhelpful although, it's still better you try. What I do is to make some wins either in any game or direct the discussion to my interest. By so doing I begin to gain more momentum to tackle the problem that the worry-thougth comes with it.

20. Reduce being a control freak.

In life, you can't control everything. You can't control your results to all extend. No matter how hard you try, somethings will refuse to change, even if they do,they may not come out the way you want them. We all need them to be human, fighting them keep you on a perpetual war and desatisfaction, and accepting some of these things we can't change makes us enjoy true peace and happiness. Let go of past pain, accept your scars, make peace with what nature has given that cannot be changed, and start seeing life as something to be embraced when embrace is the only option and something to be transformed when there is possibilities. Change what you can, accept those that cannot be changed as opportunity to learn, be more and do more. Instead of worrying, simply look for ways to gain from every circumstance.

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