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How to Overcome Sleeplessness : 4 Simply tips to Enjoy Your Night Sleep.

A good sleep is synonymous with success. It makes us more energetic and thereby helping us to be more productive at work which ensures success. Here are four simplest things to do at night before going to bed to enjoy sleep and be more successful.

1. Take a hot bath.

Warm bath may be expensive for those of us who are still managing to survive, frugal and Conservative but it works very well for a healthy night sleep, it calms our nerves and keep our subconscious mind awake which does some recalling processes before we eventually fall asleep. Though I tend to bath more comfortably while using cold water but it casts the same effect as exercising before sleep, it raises your pulse which will take time before it falls down to the state were the body can readily fall asleep. The most rational way to enjoy the benefits of bathing with hot water is to do it as last thing before reading and eventually falling asleep.

1. Brush your teeth .

Brushing at night is one important thing we easily forget or neglect but it can help keep us healthy. How I do it is that after bathing I quickly go into the bathroom and clean my teeth. Going all the way deep into my tongue and then switching the residual paste out into the sink. This is the surest way of curing mouth odour, diabetes and a good minty toothpaste can help freshen your air way. This simple act will give you one of the healthiest teeth ever. And could whiten your teeth to some presentable extent.

3. Eat less.

There are times when you need to feed good portions and those time should be when you are doing or about to do a big work that requires more physical and mental energy. But at night, it's bedtime and you only need some food for your brain which requires energy at all times because it never fall asleep. It works on every hour. So all you need is to feed it a small portion. Every other extra you eat will be converted to fat. Another benefit of eating less at night is that it helps you sleep well since there will be quick digestion.

4. Read something inspiring.

Reading is an effective way to build the mind and boost intelligence. Reading good inspiration book, just a page or more will help you relax. The best books to read at night are books that are related to your field. This will give you more confidence to face your work and more skill to be productive at doing it.

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