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5 Ways to Make Your Blog Go Viral : How to Have Tons Of Views Every Month.

  To achieve success is bizarre. You keep on listening to audio books and reading blog posts on how a certain person made it with their ecomerce or side hustle, and then you start to wonder if it could ever be possible for you. Yes it could And one day it does.

After hard work, lots of research, lots of experimenting and asking a ton of questions,and efforts it happens.

How the blog Started

I decided that I was going to start researching and find ways I could work online. My school mate Larry Frank was my first web coach, I learned my first html and CSS from him.
I dived into so many things such as writing articles for sites,online surveys, Youtubing, becoming a virtual assistant, etc. But none of it seemed to fit into a passion for me.
That's until I listened to a podcast of The Side Hustle Show with Nick Loper later on in that year. He interviewed Rosemarie Groner from The Busy Budgeter , and the interview literally changed peoples lives.

Now the interview was on her success on blogosphare, and blogging was exactly what I wanted to do. Every time I read on running a successful blog, everyone kept on saying that it would take years to make any substantial income. And I didn’t want to wait years, I wanted to stop working for other people… and that I wanted Fast!

The fact that people were able to work from home and make a full-time income from blogging within some infinitesimal period amazed me.
Finally I , having some people who laid out exactly what I needed to do, I only just needed to go after what was advised.

Of course it wasn’t that easy. I couldn’t even afford hosting for awhile, and the idea of me staying home instead of working a retail job (I didn’t have a college degree yet) scared me. I needed the money definitely ; there were many things to do with money , unexpected bills keep popping up, and it seemed like there was never enough money to at least solve my major problems . But I decided that it was for the best.
Even if it was a struggle and things weren't smooth (and adventuring ), I wasn't going to stay at home while my relatives share their income, literally there was no good paying job.
But after doing few months of preparation work like getting posts ready to move them up on the blog , I launched.
Now within those few months, I was able to find hacks and figure out ways to make sure that many of my blog posts went either viral or did really well through social media .
And I will show you exactly how.
And there were 5 big things I saw the pro bloggers do when it came to getting great repin rates on Pinterest and thousands of views to their blog posts. And I’ll teach you exactly what I found and applied to my own blog to make my posts go viral.

1. Learning business skills.

Blogging is a form of business for writers who know how to solve problems, or those writing on ideas or share information, through blogging platforms.
These days , it is an intense competitive business. Almost every niche, (the type of article a blogger chooses to concentrate on) is taking over, and those niches with more readers has more bloggers who write on them.

So, to win big, you have to develop business competencies . Business is a game with few rules and too many risks. Here are few rules in business you will learn more by yourself while your business or blog begins to grow.
  1. Begin immediately. when you have an idea, a business insight, give it a try. You don't need to know how the business will rise in the future to begin. Just get started. Because few years from now you will be happy you started today.
  2. Be customer centric. Focus on customer service. In what way can you serve your customers well.
  3. Keep records of transactions. Keep a detail of both your expenses and income and know when your business is growing. Record everything.
  4. Work hard and longer hours. Starting a business is one thing, commitment is another. For your business to grow you need some degree of effort.
  5. 2. Learn from the Professionals

    The success I had with blogging definitely wasn’t an accident. In fact, it came from a couple things; studying the professionals and constantly learning from them.
    They had already found the secret source when it came to getting people on their site, so there was no real reason for me to learn the hard way or waste precious time trying to reinvent the wheel.

    Remember : you learn from a Baker how he makes bread, and you learn from a pro blogger how he blogs and make leads.
    This is important about the value of being humble enough to learn from others who have gotten the results you seek, learning their failures and the points and values that laid to their success – this act of simply learning from professionals has helped me in attaining my goals faster and blogosphare is no different.

    You don't need to experience everything in life.
    Most often part of being lucky is not learning from failure and eventually meeting with success but jumping over failure (through what you have learnt) and achieving success.

    3. Picking up an attractive Titles

    This time, for the first few months after my blog had been launched , I was still in the practice process. And the titles for my blog posts needed a lot of work.

     I would write a post on hacks and call it, “5 Tips for Saving Time for more Important Things .”

     Now, looking at this it was… ok, and the subject been discussed wasn’t bad, but there were thousands of other people writing on the same thing giving it similar title.
    But what I noticed when I started to study blogs like Upworthy, Buzzfeed or positivityblog was that their titles created a certain sense of urgency like,

    “22 Simple DIY You Must Learn This Summer.”

    Or they promise turning you to a great person like,
    “27 Hacks That Will Turn You Into a Blogger Genius.”

    They were simple and easy to apply once I figured out what kind of phrases they would add into their titles.
    Now if it had just been, “10 Great DIY hacks” or “22 Easy Blogging Style,” I perhaps wouldn’t have even noticed their blog post.

     You will so make sure you’re creating awesome titles that will catch the attention of potential reader’s and inspire them in some way to click through to your site, then creating content that will keep them coming for something similar, not for the same problem.
    In other words, try to attract readers and try to solve their problems.

    4. Be a problem solver.

    Now going back again to when I started out as a blogger (I know you are learning and hearing a lot about my stories as a starter, ), I definitely wasn’t a professional at picking topics to write about.

    In fact, some of my early posts was on things that few people would search for or even really care about. And it was affecting my view range, that’s when I learned that I needed to make sure I touch people’s life and make sure I had WIIFM as my writing values. (WIIFM: MEANS, WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME.) 

    I needed to focus on the problems that people want fixed now, and you have to know how to help them.
    They don’t want to know about your problems and your relationship unless it solves their problem.

    They want to know how they can lose 7 pounds in a week for their siblings wedding, make money quick to solve there problem, or relief there most pressing need.
    This is what everyone cares about , “ What’s In It For Me.”

    You have to act like everyone has this written on their centre of their forehead. People want how this blog post can make a big or small change in their life. So every time you write a post, make sure you have solving their problem in mind.

    Here are three big mistakes I see new or unsuccessful people make when they first start out on blogging (and while starting I made some of these mistakes at first too).
    1. The first is that they think that people want to know about their personal life from the unset. All they want is what you can offer. The world don't care about your stories if they won't benefit from it. Of course you need a personal profile but that's all, after that, give them valuable information and products that's what they are willing and ready to pay for.
    2. They give titles that conveys no significant meaning to the reader. Pick a good title, go to your favourite blogs and popular websites and learn their titling styles like I have described above.
    3. writing for few readers. They choose writing on a subject that only a few number of people will care to read. Most of the success in blogging and business is that you solve problem that consigns the majority.

    5. Use pinterest to your advantage.

    Pinterest is a great way to share your posts through beautiful descriptive images and get huge returns many bloggers get huge traffic through it. These are three ways to make huge views from your pinterest account.
    1. Change the images you use. After a while you may write a valuable post and readers who are your targeted audience are not flowing in as you want you can change the image and add another image with more beautiful and details.
    2. Make multiple pins per post. You can write a post then make many pins with different titles and images perhaps conveying the same meaning. This sounds like a big work but this is business and you have to pay some price. I write up to 4-5 pins per blog post and it pays.
    3. Engage a group board with pinterest stars. Now group boards are Pinterest boards where the owner of a particular board decides to add other contributors to pin their content to the boards owner fans. Simply put, it’s a simple way to get in front of other people's audience. That's because if you’re added onto a group board with over 200k followers, that’s a lot more people to put your pins to than if you were pinning to your own boards (assuming you’re just starting out on Pinterest or haven't gotten much followers).
    blogging like every other business needs patients, prudence and persistence. If you know what you are doing and are determined you will come out successful.
    What Steps above will you take today? And in what area do you face difficulty at all in your blog? Add a reply .

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