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Ikem Donald Nwokedi :My story as A Blogger

As of 2012, blogging has become a popular stuff in our country though we still had fewer bloggers back then than now. My class mate in secondary school introduced me to writing simple Html and CSS codes when he designed one of his first wapka sites. It was amazing and the whole coding stuff and the beauty you can be able to arose by simply adding appropriate codes together.

I created my first wapka site. Although naturally I was creative so it was beautiful. What we did then was to copy popular sites and blogs back then. It was awesome. One year later, we left secondary school. I joined my elder brother in a communication business in which I became the manager, then I was working on improving my coding and writing skills. Larry Frank bought me a domain name on October 2014, I started a news blog, I then applied to earn money with Google adsense but I was disapproved, so I lost interest temporarily on blogger because I needed money to buy data and maintain the domain name. One year later after Frank bought the domain name, it expired due to inability to renew the payment. Two years later, I returned to blogger after being unable to go to school because of finance. Within June 2017 I launched with the help of Larry Frank. He was a good advisor and coach to me,he made my blogging dream a reality.

You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world but it takes people to make the dream a reality. WAIT DISNEY.

The steps we took.

  1. Prayer I told God to help me build a resourceful and information platform.
  2. Doing the work before launching Then I started writing my first contents (blog posts) before going for the domain registration.
  3. sign up for domain name With the help of Larry Frank, I bought a domain name, from Godaddy, and connected to a blogger platform.
  4. I picked a blogger theme/template through a simple search on Google,I picked a template called Den and installed it.
  5. I tried to finance the blog.I signed up for Google adsense and engages Amazon affiliate marketing.
  6. I got socialised. I created social media accounts and since then has been working on connecting with readers across the globe especially Nigerians.
  7. Currently I write on technology, blogging and practical happiness and productivity tips that works in real life. And also engage some targeted promotional articles that consigns my readers.

I am still a blogger and right now I will admit that I am a passionate blogger. You can visit my Facebook page HERE.

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