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The One Thing in Blogging That Determine Your Success.

"Your mission as a blogger who want to succeed should be guided with the aim of building the most readers centric blog or website." Ikem Donald Nwokedi

If you are like most Bloggers I know what you want, you want more visitors, popularity and you want to make money from your blog.
There's always a cause to every effect, wherever there's a rare success, you can ask for causes. I Can help you on how to make your blog and online business more successful and make more money.
Try to Focus on building the most reader centric articles, business, product, company or blog. This is the first step to finding the secrets to success in business and blogosphare.

I'm a blogger and I find joy in the fact that I contribute in solving the world problems through my basement. It's amazing and I must admit, Customer service is the most fun thing to do, especially when they, your customers are satisfied.
Blogging is fun and especially when it pays. You have time to do what you love, make friends, win fans and receive rewards.

But most often the story seems different with most businesses and bloggers, especially our Nigerian bloggers.
Some tried, blogged awhile without getting paid or receiving impression in terms of page views and comments or even in ranks, or making money so they quit.
Then they say it's hard to make money online.
Well, it's hard when you have many competitions but still fun when you know what you are doing.
NOTE: while saying it's hard it's good to remember that nothing good comes easy. No success happens overnight, every successful outcome is or was as a result of someones effort. It took days and grit(sticking with your future day in day out combining passion and persistence).
Many of unsuccessful bloggers make this one mistake that has been the cause of all business failures for all ages, they write articles, create products without a targeted reader or customer. This is what I want to share in this post. And it is simple," you must know your customers, what they want, where to find them, and how to find them. You must first create an Avatar.
Simple Formula :
Customer service + Targeted customers =AVATAR.
Create a structure either in your mind eye, but I will prefer you use a paper and draw up an image of a person. If you have entered big places or churches or watch ancient movies, you will see how warlords, great Kings or the owners of these places keep an image of their kingdom or home on a table .
That is what I want you to do. Create an image of a targeted customer. And I choose to call him an Avatar. Your Avatar can be :
Stay at home mums who need a job online.
Student who need a job or guidance.
Graduate who need employment
People seeking marriage partners.
Happiness and positivity seekers.
People who want to know the recent news about their country, politics, or the entertainment industry.

They are your Avatar. Now, you have selected or know your Avatar. These person you have created has a need. What you need to do is to solve it . If your Avatar needs news on the latest styles, designs and grooming, entertainment and politics or personal problems.
Your work is to create rich content that will meet their needs. Although, you are in business to make money but you must also understood that without the customer, there is no business. Your Avatar is your customer, they are your readers. They pay your salary.

Ways to know what your readers (Avatar) wants.

You will find the questions your demographic is asking on each of these platforms : redit, AnswerThePublic, and Quora.
  1. Quora: On Quora which is a "question and answer site, where users can compose questions on just any topic, you can use there large search box to search for your niche topic.
  2. AnswerThePublic: This is how it works, it presents data from the key word you enters and give you answers both from Google, which defines the country the question is coming from you will gain enough satisfaction. How to use AnswerThePublic. Visit, enter key words(the topic you want to search), Enter country (the country of your Avatar), view data. Then find your article.
  3. Redit. You can use Redit to check what your readers want either by registering or for just searching.
  4. use review websites or popular publishing companies.Using popular sites is my best strategy, At least they have lots of readers or followers who can make requests on a particular product. So you can lookup what your niche wants.
Instead of just creating content which no one or very few people will be interested in reading, use the ways above to find the most needed articles for your Avatar.
While it's fine to make money from your business, it is beautiful to keep the visitors need in mind and keep them wanting more . If you solve their problem they will come back and even tell their families and friends, word of mouth is powerful .

Way to satisfy your Readers or customers (Avatar)

Understand their problem. Try to know exactly what your reader needs are that made them come to your address, few people only search the Web or buy things for just buying purpose. It's either their time or money is going. The best thing for you to do is to give them solutions that is fast and satisfying. But first you must understand what they want. Like for you my own Avatar, reading this article mean that you either want to get more sales or have more readers, either way, you want success.

My responsibility is to help you get it and even more. But you must first understand what they want. This you can do, through proper research, analysis and customer feedback. If you are a blogger or a sales person 😇, it's easy to know what your customers(readers) need through comments on your blog post or that of your competitors or emails, phone calls, text messages or word of mouth. Then, take action, Do what is needed to satisfy them better. Do this for your customers (Avatar) and they will keep coming for more. I promise.

Remember : be very good at what you do. When you are good, your customers will tell others, they'll invite their friends and family and you know what, nothing grows a business like when satisfied customers bring their friends. It's a kind of network.
Never forget to identify what your customer needs are, and to look for ways to satisfy your Avatars(customers) need.

A simple Action to take now.

Pick a piece of paper, in a jotter, Write down who your customers are. Who will you expect to read your next article, buy your next product? Describe that person, where are they, the country/countries they could come from? Then, what can you offer them that they cannot get anywhere else. This is your competitive ability in your niche. So the steps are simple, know your niche more than your competitors, know your readers or buyers, offer them what they cannot get elsewhere. Someone once received a gift and the giver said to the receiver, "money can't buy this." create a content, a product that you can confidently say to your demographics that money can't buy, then offer it as cheap as possible.

Now do something for me,
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