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What It Really Means to “Just Be Yourself” and 7 Ways to Do It

Trying to be someone else is insulting yourself. Bill Gates

I know you want to be the best version of yourself and being authentic is the way to do this. Playing your own role with your natural born abilities. It does not mean you should be a bully or pose to interfere with the right of others, but to be honest and transparent.

Authentic people cannot loose in their own games, they play at lives game with their (NBA) natural born abilities, So they don't join the crowd

Authenticity which means to" be yourself " will make you stand out and win in your own games. Loosers don't understand the game so they join the crowd. Although, you don't need to swim against the crowd, but with the crowd, you don't need to be the crowd but part of the crowd, being part of the crowd means that you have a different role to play and you do not need to be every one or anyone but yourself to give this role what it takes. You are specially made to achieve special purpose. You have to be that special person, develop that special person and bring that special person to the world around you.

Authenticity is the best way to love yourself.

You. Not Your neighbour, friend or dad. But you. That's who the world need. They need new verscine, new technologies and new methods to solve our problems and to make life more enjoyable . To explore these unfolding of life, and bring to life all that is possible with the human race, we must be that authentic person that lies within us. When you are not a looser, you choose to be original.

Original people stand the chance to become all that is possible for them. Being original helps other people get the world's beauty from your own side of view. Be authentic, don't try to impress, be the best that you can become, not the best others have become. Life begin to loose its meaning from the moment you choose to be fake because life is like a music, to make a good music, it take many tones and sounds, perhaps different voices. If you have being in a choir or watch a band of choristers , you will notice that they create a sense of harmony with their different voices and musical instruments.

That's what the real world is.

When everyone sings a particular voice pertern or every person display the same musical note there wouldn't be that beauty that we seek, that our hearts longs and desire. And not that, If everyone us sing in the same tone, their wouldn't also be harmony because the way I may produce a particular tone that will be different from your own way due to personality differences, that could be a result of genes, environment and experiences. When you express every thing, from your art, aims and approaches from your personality, When you are authentic

  1. You begin to learn more about yourself.
  2. You begin to love your self.
  3. You begin to experience positive changes.
  4. You begin to see the similarities between you and others and by this awareness, you begin to take positive steps towards developing this part of your life.
  5. You start Realising your loopholes (which enables you to start overcoming them and your strengths.
  6. Your natural being will begin to emerge, and your instincts will start to speak louder and your goths will start exploring your possibilities.
  7. You will be more happier because are real.
  8. You enjoy real friends since your true haters will show themselves and your life will be surrounded by only loving people who truly want to stay and stick around anyway.
  9. You enjoy true friends who love you , true friends who know you and true friends who accept you for who you are (not for who you pretend to be.)
  10. Being authentic help you to identify your unique talents and abilities.

Remove the masks.

As civilisation increases, people have become more prone to wearing masks. They disguise themselves to coworkers, to families and even to friends who they should give if nothing else but their heart(Benjamin Franklin).

What mask is covering your personality?

Have you a past that you refuse to accept?

A feeling you refuse to express?

The appearance and demeanour of a person that never fit your personality for fear that you are not good enough?

You must let go of such mask to enjoy life and experience reality.

Unmasking 4 different mask that you may have.

Mask of hidden feelings.

To be real is freedom. It brings freedom to others and to yourself. It removes fear. And psychologist have proved that when we are afraid, we make other people around us feel insecure. When you let your natural make-up shine, you give other people the privilege to show their light. When you try to express your feelings every time this allow others to know what you want from them, which give them the ability to make decisions and the freedom to give you an honest reply. As Marianne Williamson, the author of "A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles", "There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." As you start becoming your real self, you also give other people the freedom to show their personality.

Mask of `A to 'Z copy.

Though we have genetic makeup and instincts but we still learn from those around us. From our pers, teachers and parents, who contribute a lot in building our personality.

You must acknowledge that what these people do is to build your personality and not to create it.

When you were born, your parents didn't give you your skin, they only gave you a nice bath, they didn't give you an IQ' they only nourish what you already have. That is what the environment was made for, to help you become all that is within you.

The creator did not not make you to be influenced, subdued or conquered by the earth but he made you to be an influencer over the earth, you are born to handle your environment.

So when you look at people, don't see them as people to be copied but people who are there to help you become all that is possible for you. Bill Gates ones said, the universe exist for him, yes, the universe exist for you. You should start seeing everyone and everything around you as gifts God has given to you to become all that is possible with your personality.

You must find your path, You must have faith in your God given abilities, Do not be awestruck by other people and try to copy them. Nobody can you as efficiently as YOU can.

Remember, you are a bundle of possibilities. Many things can become possible in a beautiful way if they are done in your own way. But if your personality is not transparent , you deny your self of self confidence and deny the world of your original personality, and most often those we tend to copy due to the feeling of inadequacy has the same fear and doubt, despite their confident appearance and demeanour.

The truth is that you have beautiful makeup, but you most often forget the source of your perceived fear. You are not afraid. The deepest fear in you is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful, beautiful, handsome, with better genetic styles beyond our measure. Noting the difference from the texture of your hand, the tone of your voice, your colour can be a good reminder of your uniqueness.

Stop fuming and fretting.

Do you ever fume and fret?
Here is a picture of yourself if you do. The word fume means to boil up, to blow off, to emit vapor, to be agitated, to distraught, to seethe. The word fret is equally descriptive. It is reminiscent of sick child in the night, a petulant half cry, half whine. It ceases, only to begin again. It has an irritating, annoying, penetrating quality. To fret is a childish term, but it describes the emotional reaction of many adults. (Norman Vincent Pearle: the author of "The Power Of Positive Thinking."). Sometimes you may walk into a cool ventilated place and you see yourself sweating furiously and this may not be because you are sick but because you have lost touch with your true nature and taking up the nature of what and whom you assume is the ideal, the hallmark of appearance. But most people will advise you to fake until you make it, what could but some things don't actually fit in no matter how hard you try to force it.

Another person's style can hardly fit in no matter how hard you try to copy. In order words, be honest. Be implacably honest with yourself and with everyone and every situation. I found that the reason why most of us, frete and fume is that we lack honesty. You could be thinking that what people need is only confidence, but what I've come to learn over the years is that they need transparency. They want to meet you and not the mask you put on. I want to remind you of the immortal words of Oscar Wild, "be yourself, every other person is already taken." and if you must imitate your heroes, imitate them only in character. Such characters must be positive, you can learn how to be positive, attributes such as perseverance and integrity from successful heroes and not copying every of their style, but you must ask them attribute that got them result.

The world need you, they want what you can offer, your style, your own way, not anyone else.

How to be authentic

1. Know yourself

Take a quick personality test, pick up a notebook write out your goal. Don't choose any goal on your list because it's what others have gotten but because it is what, you, personally want for yourself. You don't need to ride the next Ford motor because others are riding it but because you love Ford models of car. Choosing things because it is what you want for your self is the true sign of authenticity.

2. Define your values

What are the things that make you happy, that make you feel that life is worthwhile, it could be family, friends or work. Staying with nature, teaching, pursuing a hubby and giving to others. But values could be tapped from your environment, but it must be in harmony with your personality. I got my value from John David Rockefeller, he was one time the richest person in America, though he had many good qualities, but the values he was known for were religion-driven, they were "Work, Save, and Give." Define your own values and live by them, be known by them, that is the second step to "being who you are."

3. Be honest

Be honest because it make you valuable to others. I tried to study why people choose to be dishonest. I learned it was just to be regarded well by others. But what they seek by being dishonest only come from being honest. But you must first define honesty, honesty mean being true to yourself.

honesty mean putting others in your shoe, how would you feel if you were the person treated in this manner, how do you feel perhaps when people don't tell you the truth, when people cheat you, remembering that being in such state is awful will help you be honest. I know you don't want to be regarded as cheap by other people, and honesty is something you will never expect from cheap people. It is simple to do that. Just say to yourself, if I'm this person, will I love to be treated in this manner. Most of the time you will find out that your answer is no, and you will be inspired to be honest. For instance, if you meet a person who always pretend to be something and someone they're are not, it make you feel deceived and like shouting at them. That's what it looks like to be fake, deceitful, fretful. Being honest is the third step to authenticity.

4. Be transparent

I always wanted ways to get along with others. Using several online tricks and styles to be influential but what helped me most is that I choose to be transparent. At least to let them know how my level of insecurity is and by so doing, you also revel your strengths and make your company enjoyable. Let them know you, most often the first time they meet you, it can help you make a lasting relationship. Transparency is the forth step towards authenticity.

5. Get in touch with your true nature.

You can learn this from children, it is still inside you, revel the childlike side of you. Children are free, they are natural, worry less, play a lot and are not afraid of work. Another benefit of staying with children is that they heel the heart, they make you return to nature. Try this, if you have kids around , make time for them. Restoring the childlike aspect of your nature is the fifth step towards authenticity.

6. Stop being a conformist (a people pleaser)

A people pleaser suffers three things at once. 1.) They don't please God, 2.) They don't please people enough because you can't please people, 3.) they don't please hemselves, 4.) and the worst of all, they are never happy. Don't ever try to please people, except on the state of doing your best and doing the right thing. Doing what you know is right. Overcoming conformity is the sixth step towards authenticity.

7. Stop Comparing yourself with others

This can help you overcome envy, the one attribute of humanity that has never solved any of her problem. Don't compare with others, naming all those who are beating you doesn't make you feel any good, it make you a copier, envious and ungrateful.

Try to be grateful and judge yourself from your past standard, compete and make sure you beat who you were yesterday. That's the best way to get better.

Trying to measure how other people are a wee bit better make you feel like a crazy, messed up Jack. Competing with the person you were yesterday, and then making progress, is the key. It does not matter how much you make such improvements, so far as you get better, even if it is one percent better. It will make you stand out. Avoiding comparison is the seventh step towards becoming authentic.

There are many achievements in this world that really matter but people don't often name them. These are things like happiness, friendship, family and authenticity. If you can be authentic, you have achieved at least one of the most important things in life.

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