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24 Tips to Come Alive and Not just Exist

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Before we begin, I want you to understand that your life is the accumulation of several efforts, bit by bit and with time you get to a point where you seems unstoppable. According to Brian Tracy, he said, "First, begin today to build your knowledge base in the subject that can be most helpful to you in achieving financial independence. Whether it takes a week, a month or a year to become thoroughly knowledgeable, it doesn't matter. Just get started today.

 Second, get as much experience as you can in your chosen field. Start a little earlier, work a little harder and stay a little later. Take risks and try every different way you can think of to achieve your goal. This experience is invaluable and it accumulates over time." he called it the law of Accumulation. Your tiny lilittle efforts all year long will accumulate so no matter what happens do something everyday that moves you closer to your goals. If you want to know what the world needs right now, it needs those who have come alive. This are 24 tested and proven methods from the last 2000 years on how to come alive and not just Exist, I hope you will meet with lifes purpose through the point that resonates with you, God bless you and help you on this manual on vitality.

 #Secret one:
Choose your associates carefully. Surround yourself with people who know your worth. Who contribute to your happiness and success, and who wish you well. You don't need too many people in your life, just the real ones. Happy and lovely people are those who enjoy meaningful relationship from friends, colleagues, family and even with themselves. Pick among your friends and circle of relationship, and spend more of your time with those who make you feel important and valued. #Secret two : Start being thankful. Gratitude unlocks the blessings of life, it make a happy and merry life. Stop focusing on how stressed you are and remember how blessed you are. If you have time, make a gratitude list, write down those things that working well in your life.

 #Secret three:
Start being clear about everything : imagination could be good for creativity but using it to make a molehill out of every small incident could be frustrating. Instead when you have problems, any problem at all, take a tiny step, then transform every single step of possibility into flames of achievement. When things get wrong or don't work your way or perhaps work against your plans, instead of falling into the trap of criticism, condemnation and complaining about it- look for ways to move forward.

#Secret four :
 focus on today. I always try to hasting up to meeting up with my goals in the past but it make life a constant struggle which leads make me loose touch with reality. So these days I choose to focus on this moment. Instead of worrying about the future results, simply set your goals and focus on what is the most important thing that can be done today, right now_ what is the next step to your lifes purpose. So, accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be_ always drop the worry aside_ instead occupy your mind with what is happening right now.

 #Secret five :
Look for possibilities. Life is never fair, even the most successful of us have this knowledge_ but the fun side of life is that it is full of constant change_ No matter what you are going through_ the difficulty, fears and challenge. Simply look for the smallest step you can always take because I believe that at every moment you have at least one thing you can do to help yourself in any given circumstance. So, be strong now, have faith, because things will get better. It might be strong and hard to believe now, but it won't rain forever.

check out: Brian Tracy's Program and products on setting and achieving your goals.

 #Secret six: Be kind.
 Kindness is a gift that everyone desire to receive. To the giver, it makes you feel good when you know you share love to those around you. Be kind, your kindness can help someone out of misery, the little cent you give, an honest compliment or smile can mean a thousand joy. When you give kindness you don't just solve the receiver's problem but you also send the act of kindness to the universe because the person will most often try to treat other people the way you treat them. Even if people treat you with bad manners, remind that they did so, and yet be kind. Remember that everyone you see and meet are fighting a battle you know nothing about.

 #Secret seven:
Start defining yourself. We all have definition we have about every other things. What about ourselves? It is the first thing we should define and never in any given circumstances forget that definition, by so doing, it help us know more about ourselves, leading to constant self understanding, growth and evolution. Most of the definitions we have about things and ourselves is from pairs and other people. I'm used to thinking that I am black in complexion, until at a point when I begin this process of self study, I realized I was not black, my family and friends would always refer me as black, I'm fair with a white open teeth, while I thought in reverse . I looked deep into my reality . They might have done this due to personal issues, because I am so handsome. I realized that the most reliable observation is that observation we make by ourselves. For in the end, your parents and friends may define you, they may tale you what they want you to hear, but it's your choice, it's your life. So be mindful of those you take feedback from, it is crucial.

 #Secret eight :
 Trust the journey of life. Life ideas don't come fully formed, but a new baby, a beginner which you and I are in the journal of lifes journey have to get started. When you have new idea, vision, or perhaps starting new relationship, company or new business, you should learn to trust the journey even if you do not understand it, just believe that it will all work well in the end, for few years from today you will be happy you started today...

#Secret Nine:
 Learn the lessons of past. Although life is not based on history, but the lessons of history keep guiding humanity. The lessons of the past if well heeded can create a better life that can make you smarter and lead to a better direction_ such as being kinder and but watchful for reciprocity in a relationship, and sticking to prudence, and taking time to make major decisions in life_ Take the past as a place of reference, not a place of residence, don't live there for now is your life_ just today. 

#Secret Ten :
Think lively and positive thought. Being positive mean being aware, knowing what is happening around you. It mean being in control of your thoughts and environment. My friend, control your thoughts, your life is shaped by your thoughts. You must always keep the ultimate aim of your life in mind which should contain happiness and you must protect it by thinking positive thoughts such as love friendship, contentment, friendship, peace, loyalty, courage, joy, good humor, enthusiasm, serenity, patience, trust, tolerance, prudence, and responsibility. Be careful of human beings and don't let them define you, if you do, you will never be happy.

 #Secret eleven :
Empower others. As this century runs, leaders will be those who empower others to do more be more and have more. You can have what you want if you can help others achieve the three. Use what you have to make life better, your knowledge, skills, wealth and influence_ empowering is an important factor to coming alive_ Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already. Be the difference, the light in the life of others. The light in their darkness, the peace in their war, the smile when they cry, and help in times of trouble. One new tips or smile you give today can change the world.

check out: Brian Tracy's Program and products on setting and achieving your goals.

 #Secret Twelve :
 Start taking responsibility. Your life is not made to happen by chance. You have to take charge and make your wish come true. By acting, planning and making careful choices that will make you independent. Stop depending on others for your survival. Even if the world is a cobweb from several persons efforts, relying on others will make you a beggar, and beggars don't often have choices and self-respect. They take whatever is given and are happy it was given. Taking responsibility will help you go out there meet the world at its red pace and hit the points where success will be irresistible, and with your unique talent and skills you can take your place in world. When you take responsibility, you are happy more confident, and enjoy dignity, using terms like, "my job, my husband, my wife, my house", so pull yourself together, stop depending on your others, take charge, your life and happiness don't depend on anyone, take ownership of everything and God will help you.

 #Secret thirteen :
Start being honest with yourself, everyone and everything. First learn to accumulate knowledge about things and people especially about yourself, what works, what don't work, and then let this knowledge express themselves at your will through your emotions. Let yourself, everyone enjoy reasonable transparency, let your word be your bond. Be who you say you are. When you tell someone that you will be someplace, be there. Try to make decisions and promises so little and keep them. Go after your goals and don't drift about, go after your expectations, think and reflect what you desire, become what you respect, mirror what you admire. And never live a lie. Try to always Mind your business. Focus on your life purpose. When you get into a new relationship, decide exactly what you want and it won't be bad if you tell people exactly what you want from them on the first time you meet them, decide what you want in every business, from every undertaken in life and focus on getting just that, don't drift, drifters only get leftovers, and most often they don't get anything at all. Mind your own business, stop catching every bird that hovers over your head. Find those things that make you come alive and do them.

 #Secret fourteen :
Start living without worry. Like being positive, worry create some emotions, we feel disturbed, having inability to focus, thus it inhabit actions. Having those thoughts that things will not work well will make you stay inactive, and when you are inactive, the available opportunities remain untouched, they go to those who keep the worry aside. When your mind is occupied by worry it puts you into a negative state that creates more worries worries, even as worries are a matter of mind matter, it can affect our physical life_ the way we live and act. It is an enemy of a happy life. Try to keep the worry aside, the comparison, doubts and fears. Go for essential knowledge, get the required skills, pray, stay those who wish you well, take the right step forward and one day you'll look back and realize that you worried too much about things that never matter. And now you have walked a good distance with your life.

#Secret fifteen :
 Start being lovable : Your life is a makeup of many things and those things that matters most are immaterial. Things like love, family, authenticity and friendship. Lively people are those who know how to make the most out of the essentials. Those who bring light and sunshine into your life who smile when you smile and encourage you to stop crying when life get off balance, they are your most valuable possession. Those who never ignored you, who loved, care and miss your absence, Give love to them and invest in this kind of relationship. Because one day you'll realize that you lost the moon while counting the stars.

 #Secret sixteen :
Start spending time with people who make you see the world from a better side. One of the blessings of discussion is that it makes for a clear and reasonable individual. You can gain insight and understand the world from other people's experience, by discussion and through their books. Insight can come from a book that agues your weak opinion of how things are and could be a source for new change. If you can't find book try to talk to someone. It is good to have your own values which are guiding principles in a principles in your life. But you don't know it all, but you know something, and you can discuss with someone else, and they can teach you what you don't know as well as you can teach them. These will help you see the world in a new and different light, it is a good way to travel the world without paying for the transportation fair. You will become aware of the realities of the world, and knowledge is power.

 #Secret Seventeen:
Start thinking of the joy that comes at last. A passion for the things yet to come has been the motivation in my life and it can motivate you. So let your hopes keep you happy and active, yet patient. Don't feel it will end here, this moment is a nutshell to the joy you will have_ in the end. The pain you have been feeling can't compare to the joy that is coming so it is not how hard your struggle, or how striking your pain, but how hard you can take now to enjoy later. After the rain comes the sunshine. The price you pay now will determine the value, the joy, the blessings you will have tomorrow, move on, move at the best pace and don't stop. 

#Secret eighteen :
Start finding the optimism in life. Right now you have lots of the negatives that floods around you like waves of the sea. Like thoughts, written words, movies, news, blogs, and suggestions from others, you have to keep them away by control and keep the right mindset, "that the future will be better and you have what it takes to make it so." Most of us go through life building and bagging loads of negativity without the awareness of its consequences. Negative thinking make you less active than positive thinking. Optimism can help you make the right preparation for your expectation. So instead of seeing only the problem, also try to see the positive advantage that comes with it. You know one thing about negative circumstance that baffles me, it beats many people to weakness, and put them in pain_ many stay on the ground and fail to rise again. Yet few of the smart people who have succeeded, can only ascribe the rising moments to that point when they experienced the greatest failure. To come alive, turn every problem into an opportunity, "like the story of the human race, war and illnesses has been a great torment to us but the good news is that war and illnesses has laid to the invention of high technological invention that has simplified life and multiplied productivity. You can also make life more easy if you can take charge and see ways to gain from every problem. When you finally see new opportunities, take advantage of them. The feeling you give to events in your life will have a significant impact to the way you respond to it and since attitude is important, your response can affect your results.

 #Secret Nineteen :
 Try something new. Your results are largely determined by luck and skills, then attitude. The way you think and act. You can have a new life, a new feeling and more energy simply by changing some old bad habits. Like listening to new musics. You may even like even prefer them to your initial favorites. A little, but reasonable well decided change in your behavior can make a huge impact. Innovate, adapt to change and things will be alright.

#Secret Twenty :
Slow down. Life could be tough, a long working days shooting into months can be frustrating and stressful. More speed can make the journey a lot more awkward. To make your life a lot more stressful, you can begin by slowing down, instead of rushing to work, moving from one file to another with haste and lots of mistakes, slow down, eat comfortably, this moment is your life , enjoy every bite, the taste, the smell, the movement of every bite. This will enhance digestion and make you eat less since it takes some time for your body to fully digest food and signal your brain about your satisfaction. Slowing down helps you to avoid mistakes, great haste makes waste.

 #Secret Twenty one.
Be your best friend. It is said that the best way learn about a person is to watch how he treats others. I still have another one, the best way to see if a person is worth friendship is to see how he treats himself. You can't give what you don't have. You cannot love another person more than you love yourself, your body is like a vehicle to your lifes journey, it must be nurtured and taken care of. It has to carry you all day long, as long as you live, it deserves respect, adequate rest, best medication, healthy diet, you also need exercise, good books and friends for the mind. You have to learn more about your body and live by its manual.

 #Secret Twenty two.
Start having a purpose that moves you and the whole world ahead. People who have come alive bring life with them, and like smile, the vitality, and enthusiasm they bring to life with them spreads and never shorten at it's source, and one purpose of life is for growth and expansion. You have to make the world grow. You don't have to leave it where the world grow. You don't have to leave it where you find it. People who are admired, praised and uplifted every where are those who make things happen, they find need and fill them, they stumbled across problem and provided solution. They had a purpose. Build mighty purposes for the world at large , you will naturally gain confidence to execute them. Allow your self to dream as though it were impossible to fail, what will you do for to do for every one to benefit all over the world, what will you dream to do if it were impossible to fail. Knowing that you're on the right track, that you are helping to move the world ahead will motivate you to take action. What ever it is, bring it to life, for such things are the things that brings people to life.

 #Secret Twenty Three :
Find your possibilities. You are not your present predicaments, apartheid, place of birth, past negative stories_ You are not your failure, the state of economy, or even those stories your doubtful mind keep protecting upwards in buzzful screen_ you are just your possibilities. What you can bring to life. The next small, tiny step you can value today, the change of thought you can make today, a little miracle that could occur now, a little knowledge inside that could be called upon to truly awaken the giant that lies deep within you_ that's who you are. You must know that as far as you are alive, you have more possibilities than limitations that you can apply to this situation, to this problem and like a chaff in the wind, It gets lifted and solved. Look for them, you're your possibilities. Get started. Take that tiny, small, purposeful steps and hit it. Check for the smallest possible thing you can do to make changes_ so if you can make just one change through a small step today, when it gets to tomorrow there will be more room for more changes and enjoyment_ and with little efforts gather together you have made a huge move, looking back you have walked a distance. Fan every little opportunity into flames of achievement.

 #Secret Twenty four :
 Start thinking I can, and I'm ready. It do not take thousands of steps to start a journey of miles. Just one step following another. But while speculating on the stress, the weight and the obstacles in the stress, the weight and the obstacles in running the miles you can be gripped fear. Instead of building molehill out of the situation and give excuses it cannot be attepted, start thinking in the opposite, find reasons why it can be done, when you have enough why, the how stop being a problem. When there is enough reason why you can do something arises, then you will be motivated to act and persevere. Always think of yourself as ready to take action on your purpose, your life has been series of preparation for this moment. This moment that calls for the assertion of your preparation, take action. Don't let anyone tell you that you can not do anything, when you need something, go get it.

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