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33 Things You Need to Stop Wasting Time On to Move Forward

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.ARISTOTLE

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Happiness in life and the results of your daily life will largely be determined by your habits.

Happy and successful people have successful habits, unsuccessful and unhappy people have unsuccessful and unhappy habits.

If you want to change your results in life, you must first change your habits.

The question you can ask yourself everyday is what one habit can I change or form in order to move my life ahead, then try to change those habits.

Here are a list of 33 habits I dropped this year, go through them and see the one you can change in your life.

  1. Negative thinking. Whatever that happens, remember that you plus God is stronger than any circumstance. That bad things happen for lessons and good things to motivate us, to keep moving forward to our goals.
  2. Not taking care of yourself. You have only one body. If your body was a car. And you know that you are going to drive this car all your life? How will you take care of it. Your body is one as well as your life, take care of it, through constant maintaince and study about human body, also pray for constant health(prayer is my secret to health because there's a great relationship between health and prayer.)
  3. Distractions to the present moment. Now is your life, you can't go back to build the past and the future is yet to come, focus on now while you advance to your goals.
  4. Living without thinking. it's good to act from your good habits but most often, it is better to have creative thinking about your plans. After reading, I it's a winners attitude to think.
  5. Toxic people. People who don't make you happy. Are not worth staying with life is to be enjoyed and lived to the full. Picking the right associates is crucial to a simple and happy life.
  6. Voicing negatives about life compulsively. Your life is shaped by your thoughts and no word without a thought, thus always remember that the power of life and death are in the tongue, your words.
  7. Complaining about everything to everyone. Excuses are not seeds of greatness, sole one today and you reap more tomorrow, this is your life, you must accept that you are responsible.
  8. A life without exercise. Exercise builds the mind and strengthen the body. It is a good way to build energy and increase productivity and efficiency. Add exercise to your daily routine or at least 3 times a week and stick to it. All winners engage some kind of strenuous activities daily, likely going to the gym and juggling. It make you feel good about yourself which is a good way to move forward.
  9. Not minding your business. Focus on your life purpose , when you get into a new relationship, decide exactly what you want and it won't be bad if you tell people exactly what you want from them on the first time you meet them, decide what you want in every business, from every undertaken in life and focus on getting just that, don't drift, drifters only get leftovers, and most often they don't get anything at all. Mind your own business, stop catching every bird that hovers over your head. Find those things that make you come alive and do them.
  10. Criticism and condemnation. People are like flowers, when you water them, they grow. You can't build there esteem through constant criticism. And remember, they have ego. A little caution, and more examples can help a wise person learn. It is better to lavish in your praise if they are praiseworthy.
  11. Compulsively feeding on junk food. You are what you eat, good food builds the body and mind. Take care on what you eat. Reduce processed foods and alcohol, I love vegetables, rice, and eggs. They are good source of energy.
  12. Not being sober. There is nothing less pleasurable as a life devoted to pleasure. To much will kill. It's fine to make merry, but when it come to eating and drinking, moderation is the best.
  13. Lost. Though not often mentioned, it is a modern age plague. Things like unrestrained photography is time and resources consuming, drop and do something productive.
  14. Unneeded drama around you. Your life is not a practice run, you should determine your game and play it like no other. Chase, football, writing, managing, entrepreneurship, whatever that drives your passion and then work at it with all your heart.
  15. Being a magnet for everything you don't have. I like this one a lot. Philosophically, You can have it all, but life seems more beautiful when a person plays music and another dance. Don't be the hero of every story you tale. Concentration is a hallmark of an achiever.
  16. Laziness. Laziness like every other habit, accumulates with time, when you have something to do, go do it, even if you don't have any strength at that time you will find strength by just taking the smallest and tiniest step to walk around the task at hand. You can use some motivation skills such as promise to reward yourself after the task like eating your favorite snacks or food. Just get up and do it, an attempt will give you power.
  17. Discontentment. Be grateful for things you have. Celebrate each win and gratitude unlocks the blessings of life.
  18. Conformity. This is the killer of self confidence and enemy of achievement. Whatever people do, is about them so don't go about your life living in as a result of other people's opinion.
  19. A thought that the past is better than today. You are growing. Your past were there to teach you, and you are here a better individual, who have got that experience and knowledge so you have become wiser and better. So keep moving forward.
  20. Too much worry about the mistakes of the past. Guilt weakens us and prevents us from taking positive action in the attainment of our goals. Though never forget, but forgive, ask for forgiveness and move forward.
  21. A life, an act for a while. If you must begin go all the way, it could mean devoting a whole working life to this one cause, but never do anything for a while. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.
  22. Taking someone's definition for success. To me, success is the realization of a worthy ideal. You have to have your own, in your later life of 80 to 90 years old ,what will you regret that you did not achieve. Move forward.
  23. Dishonesty. Honesty is an act of the great, you don't expect It from cheap people. And if you don't want to be treated as a cheap person you shouldn't be dishonest either. Move forward.
  24. Giving up your power for any reason. Human being is a political being, and things we don't like loosing our natural right and part of it is power. Never compromise, it brings regrets, it is an act of weakness. Move forward.
  25. Procrastinating the solving of your problems. Face your fears and problems, look the world in the eyes, it is a weak bull waiting for the brave adventurer to take it by the horn. Move forward.
  26. Second gazing your own abilities. Stop second gazing, stop listening to that false evidence appearing real,master your fears it is false. Let your life be guided by your positive desires and not the negatives your mind tell you that you are not good enough. Move forward.
  27. Not going for what is good. It's all about trying. Taking the first step, even ideas don't fully come unless you take the first step. Confidence comes from action not from speculation. Move forward.
  28. Waiting for the OMG! moment. Stop thinking that you not good enough. You are ready to take the next step, everything that has happened in your life up till today has prepared you for this moment. It is said that great warriors are more trained in battle field. Take this step, if you fail you can be better. Move forward.
  29. Patching leaks. Bernard Nwokedi said, "be ware of second hand electronics, they often disappoints." And Warren Buffett, also said, "The energy devoted to Patching leaks should be devoted to changing vessels." always let go of weak things and go for the great, you are made to handle affairs. By the best quality, it often last longer. Move forward by going for the great.
  30. unthought Conclusions. Take time to make any decisions. There's no need to come back to a decision after it is made because this enterfares with its execution. I think at night or very early in the morning over my life so I am more comfortable and clear, asking and knowing what is necessary, I also pray , it help me to move forward.
  31. Not being in the moment. Look up to today for today is the beginning of your life, the beginning of a version of your unique life, let it have a better feel. Choose to give your best and move forward.
  32. Don't keep grudges. Don't get lost in hatred. When you hate people, you remain trapped in hatred. Forgiveness gives freedom to the one who forgives. You can give up in a relationship, you can let go, forgive those who wrong you and move on.
  33. Stop Wasting. Work, save, and give. Do not waste resources. Respect each dollar in your paycheck. Thrift is the best way to build self-discipline, it is an act of self control. Spend as little as needed and save the rest.
The world is changing and it is changing so fast, those who innovate and adapt to changes through knowledge and better skills will be on the winning edge.

I hope I have contributed to your knowledge.

It takes 21days to form a habit unless you are so disciplined, So don't worry if the habit refuse to be mastered, just persist.
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