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4 Little Things You Should Do Every Day Before Noon

Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.” ~Richard Whately

Every day is a chance. With different opportunities and even temptation. Your choices will determine your luck. Every year people make new year resolution and before the year runs out, they cry and shout in disappointment that their goals were not met.

They started with great momentum. But at a time, their energy retardated and they slowed down to safety. They had a lot of distractions. After careful observation in my own life and in the life and writings of other successful achievers, I realised that consistency is powerful. It does not matter how little you move what matters is that you keep moving.

Develop daily rituals and routines either from the ones I will give below and maintain them. Taking some basic daily steps will increase to weekly steps, months and rise to a year. But if you have even the smallest imaginable goal and you fail to take action in repetitive approach, it most likely won't work out and even if it do, it will take longer, stressful years to achieve a goal that is attainable by a consistent goal achiever.

I want to write some productivity daily routines that can help you to be more productive, simplify your life and achieve your goals faster than before. And whatever time that you make out of your life can be used for other goals and you should always remember that there are a lot to accomplishment yet untouched, many miles yet to travel. Have a daily routine, make it simple and easy, then follow and within a year you have walked a distance. You will often here meditate , Exercise and be positive for a happier and simpler life, just have a routine.

1. Prepare your day

Great warriors prepare in their temple long before a battle. La Tzu.

Preparation is critical for every day. From building energy to getting informed,connecting with your spiritual life, exercise, clean and get whole, eat healthy breakfast. Here are some helpful ways to prepare each day for efficiency and excellence, these are easy so I opt for them every day.

A. Exercise.

If you start it, you will see its benefits. After exercise, you will have a great surge of energy all over your body, you will definitely come alive and will be able to face your daily tasks with vigour. My favourite is to have fifthy to sixthy push-ups every day. When I have chance, perhaps on holidays at home, I take jugs on some miles. It is fun and make life fun.

Just think the kind of inflow of air you have when you make a jump, run or skip. What will it be like having that kind of insurge of air into your lungs and swift flow of fresh blood over your entire arteries. That's the way people who engage daily exercise feel all day long. You feel like a force of nature and it is proved in psychology that the way we feel has a large impact on the way we perform. Exercise will make you more productive, happy and healthy and these three are essential for success.

Most often we fall into the trap of skipping these vital routine of success. To avoid missing out on this. Keep your exercise tools and wears close to your bed. And if you are like me, you like pressup when you have to hurry out. Though it takes less time but it is a good cardiovascular exercise(good for your heart) .

B. Take special care in cleaning your body( vital exteem booster).

Most of us may be in a hurry so we do our washing works with haste. Brush so fast that we don't clean residual food particles in our mouth, or bath without cleaning the sweats from yesterday's stress and metabolic bye products. Also take time to was your dishes, have a bowel movement to keep your belly clean (it reduces, the feeling that you have lots of food stocked in your stomach) and remain healthy.

C. Eat a healthy breakfast.

You are what you eat is an old saying that deserve critical engagement, when you eat rich, healthy balanced diet you feel full, and get refreshed. Your health sours and your body functions naturally,and also your tempo return to the natural state. Avoid starting the day with processed food, like flour bread or sugar. A good diet, for winners are food like fried eggs, rice and some fruits like banana. They have natural calories that will fill you with energy that lasts for so long.

2. By all means, Pray.

Life is not fair. Prayer is a good way to go through life in happiness and less problems. It gives confidence and not an empty confidence . Always ask God for assistance. He will make your whole life a whole lot easier. A long prayer will help you connect with God who is always ready to help. Always pray as though your whole life depends on God, and actually it do. If you have not been praying there are two prayers I will prescribe.

FIRST: Our father, who is at in heaven, hallow be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven 🔰 give us these day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, lead us not into temptations but deliver us from all evil.

SECOND: May the one who helped those who were here before us help us make our lives a blessing. 🔰

3. Take action.

Take huge step to your goal,divide your actions into steps and chunks of five minutes works. Action is one of the things that separates winners from loosers.

Never miss the early hours. That is when inertia is overcomed, many modern entrepreneurs have taken the modern approach of reinvention of self, by waking early, as early as 4:30 pm. The most fun part of it is that you don't regret waking early, it gives you enough time to get prepared, and you know preparation moments are when the winning process for the day begins. People who prepare well don't fail. They are fit for the moment, and even a fake confidence can be convincing.

Prepare each day and while you do, prepare to win. Investing the first one to two hours of your waking moments to getting ready for the day will have a significant change and make a difference in your life, at work and personal life. I don't mean you should reschedule your timing. If you are already organised, hale on, ride on and don't stop. Waking early prepares you for a great adventure. Which gives you the essential will to take over the days task.

Get your load some miles. Just move your work to a large mile that you will be able to have the joy every good labourer have. The smile that no matter what happens you have given the best for each moment. Most writers commit to writing 2,000 words everyday which amounts to 60,000 words a month and can lead to a published book. Whatever you do, move it a distant every day. With time your efforts will be magnified and you will have a great result.

4. Have a fun, cheap and short break. Recreation is important mostly when you are finished with the state of flow, you can take a short but brief break.

To a captain: Retreat. Rest is vital, don't break down, escape to come back. And when you do, come with more sulgars. Donald Chukwubuikem Nwokedi

The creator of the cosmos. God, according to the Bible rested on the seventh day. It is a good description of the human nature, to rest after a long hard work. When you are tired, you are less productive. Giving less or no impact with loads of mistakes, waste and the loss of esteem that goes with inefficiency.

To rest do not in any conceivable way mean you should be a lazy person. Laziness is negligence, and rest is like fuel to a diligent person. After rest you will feel a great surge of energy like when life flows through a pipe, like as you have blood flow through your arteries. One way to engage a restful short break is to take a nap. Instead of looking for great joints or sites to spend money or use stuffs that can be avoided, take a short undisturbed afternoon sleep. Rest is also critical to a healthy life. Infact it is in our human nature to take some rest.

Rest is not laziness and it is neither negligence. It a smart person's strategy for winning. It gives time for recall, and creating better strategies also for seeing things that may be there but seems hidden all the while at those moments when you where heavily burdened and were unable to think and see things clearly. Rest, not laziness is the best way to come alive.

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