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10 Things You Do That Make You Unhappy And Ways to Stop Them Today


  "I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition." Martha Washington.

When you are positive

 you tend to share what you have with you with the world around you,

and the same analogy goes well with people with negative attitude, we keep infecting others with the attitudes we bag for ourselves.

The truth about happiness and unhappiness is that it's a matter of choice.
You are as happy as you made up your mind to be.

Although, circumstance and other people may force you to be sad temporary but remaining in that state of gloomness is largely determined by our personal disposition to life.

In this post I will like to share the behaviour of truly unhappy people, so we can use them to track our own behaviour to know when we cross the boundary of unhappiness.

1. Negative thinking.

As the saying goes, you are not what you think you are, but what you think, you are.

Come to think of it, what really defines you, are those thoughts that keeps inhabiting in Your mind.

 So the next time you check Your thoughts, remind Your self that those thoughts you allow stay inside you are what defines who you truly are.

 If you you go about your day, thinking sad thoughts and thoughts of defeat, thats exactly what your life will actually and automatically become.

Seeing it From the other side of view, sad People thinkup sad thoughts and happy People thinkup happy thoughts.

How to change this habit.

Try controling Your mind, when negative thoughts buzzes into Your mind Try to divert Your mind to something more positive.

It could be changing Your thought From fears and worries to thinking about your goals.

2. Negative selftalk.

The mind is  so receptive to the way we talk to ourselves than the way other people talk to us. When you use those negative lines such as, i'm not good enough, this thing will kill me, I fail Every time I try,

do you know what happens?
Your performance will mirrow those self talk. And you actions will be guided by those words you consistently use.

How to change that habit.

Speak to Your self in a more energetic and encouraging manner. I can do it, I have what it takes, i'm good enough, I am superfantastic,every problem comes with it an equivalent or greater seed of advantage, so I got to look for it, or you say, I believe in the perfect outcome of every thing and so on.

3. Ungratefulness.

Ungrateful people has nothing to celebrate. They are always looking for more without celebrating what they have . But the more you want, the more you will want to have. The human want is insearchable and impossible to gratify. So all their life is spent on wanting for more.

How to change that habit.

Try to be grateful, celebrate every success, but never fail to heed the lessons of failure.

4.Comparing Your life With the life of other People.

The truth is that we are all unique and different.

 Just as we are all different so is our individual problems, obstacles and limitations. All that Unhappy people do is to compare their problems With the success they observe in other peoples life.

Everybody has a problem they are hiding, they tend to show you the enviable side of their lives and if you are not careful you will take it as the reality of life.

how to fix it

stop comparing, compete very little and remind yourself that you are always the best.

5. lack of clearity.

one of the major cause of unhappiness is not having a concise awareness of your present circumstance. Most unhappy people don't really know themselves. Know your self and you will defeat all battle.

how to fix it

The way I do mine is to write out what I have and those I don't have so I can know what my next action steps are. You can do the same. By spelling out what you have and don't have you place yourself at the side of the angels.

6.lack of definite aim in life.

People who know exactly where they are going in life are more happy because no matter what happens they stay focused, always giving their best. But most unhappy people lives a directionless life. And since they don't know where they going, any road can lead them there. Their life seems to be a mess.

how to fix it.

Provide a special time for yourself. A time to think about your life. Then pick a piece of paper and write out what you want to do with your life. Then that becomes your definite aim in life.

7.taking failure and disappointments personal.

failure and disappointments are part of life and recent research has proved that it is an essential ingredients for success. So next time you are battling with disappointment, see them as what you need to overcome to get to the other side of your desires.

how to change that habit.

when you experience failure, instead of crying and tearing yourself apart. Just smile and focus on finding solutions and benefits behind that failure or disappointment.

8.focusing too much on the past and the future.

unhappy people keeps playing their past failures in their minds eye. Or creating negativity in their imagination.

how to change

always focus on the present moment. Don't over think the past or worry about the future. Think about what to do next. By that way you become a better person.

9. Staying With People who don't celebrate or appreciate you and Your efforts.

Unhappy People often derive that attitude from their associates, when you associate with people who give positive feedback you seems to be more happy and successful than those who criticise you at everything you do.

10. Doing the job you don't love.

What could keep you in doing the job you don't like, the best way to live the life you want is to love the job you do. But most people work at things they don't like and not just for a while but for a life time.

How to fix it.

Although it could be good to change your job but before you do just that don't stop work until you have found another job .
what I have realized about happiness is that when you are happy you make other people happy as well. Thank you.
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