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2 Tiny Secrets to A Happier And Successful Life

Thankfulness and Good relationship Guide. }}
 by Ikem Donald Nwokedi

There are two things we celebrate in life, our success and relationships. If you can get the fundamentals of both, you can be happy and happiness is the essentials of a successful life.

The friends you keep and the daily victory over an unfair life. But before you begin you must first understand that life is not fair and you must learn to live with that.

 Here a two little secrets to living a life of abundance and happiness. I hope they can inspire you.

#Secret one : Choose your associates carefully.

Loving people bring joy and love with them. Surround yourself with people who know your worth. Those who make you feel worthy of success and happiness. Not those who are always complaining about everything.

You don't need too many people in your life , just the few real ones who can motivate you to go and make things happen. Those who can influence you positively with loving, helpful feedbacks. You need those happy and lovely people, those who enjoy meaningful relationship, who gives willingly and wish you well.

 Pick associates you will be able to change place with. Then spend reasonable amount of time with them, to nurture and maintain the relationship.

Happy committed and selfless individuals enjoy beautiful and meaningful relationships, and this joy and love add meaning and enthusiasm to life.

We become those we associate with most of the time. Most of our attitudes in life are those we learn from these people.

What one attitude have you developed after your last relationship?
What attitude you have now in your contemporary relationship? Most of it, is traceable to your associates.

Another helpful tips on choosing associates is to keep note of your associates, family and friends, old and new, keep in mind those behavior and threats you don't like or appreciate in them, then like a reversal or exchange and flip of cards, change any of those habits you don't like in other people and make sure you don't return or fall into them.

While it is good to go into meaningful relationship with those who wish you well and are always ready to help and with those you admire, it is good for you to become the kind of person you love and admire and if you become lovable to your self it is possible that someone else will fall in love with you and this will build a great relationship that brings love to life.

 When you have gotten rid of these attitudes you don't like in other people at your own habits, then you will become your own best friend which on itself make you a person who other people love because for something to be lovable, it must first be loved.

Meaningful relationship with yourself and others is the first way to coming alive. Do this simple exercise :Make a list of all the behavior you don't like in other people that are morally and socially bad.
You can pick this people from your associates at work or other relationships who you don't appreciate. Then write all of those behavior down, they are the things you hate about yourself. About life and humanity, they are the things that when removed from the human society to you will make things better.

Then take turns to change those habits in your life. It could be laziness, criticism, complaining, condemnation, dishonesty, arrogance and selfishness. It is said in psychology that it takes 21days to form a habit, especially when the opposite is deep rooted.

The second step you can take towards choosing and maintaining a good relationship is to learn more about your self, your attitude, your style, the way you talk and your overall posture and gesture. This step is critical to personality building and relationship excellent for I have find that excellence in every other thing in life begin with personal excellence for this thing we call success is not a an external opinion but an internal status.

It is a war won deep within our soul, and to win such war as personal war you must first understand and keep a continuous study of yourself.

Have you watched a movie, where you only judge the characters, the way they move, the gestures and messages they bring to life? I know you have. And another thing you should know is that in your own life, you are the actor, the playwright and the most honest audience. In order to have a great relationship, you most play these roles.

Creating your behavior, observing their consequences making positive change and this individual well known by you can be brought to life.

I have learned it in life that whatever makes us happy are the wins we make. Not money, not material possessions but the illness we overcome, the obstacles that brought about our success, the friends and families we are able to influence, all our wins, both small and big are the source of happiness. You must then work towards building the kind of relationship that is worth being cherished, with people worth keeping, those who make your life beautiful.

#Secret two: Start being thankful.

Gratitude unlocks the blessings of our lives, it makes a happy and merry life. Stop focusing on how, stressed you are and start counting your blessings. If you have free time in your busy life, it is advised you steep and pick a notebook or on your computer and smartphone, make a list of 3 things you most appreciate in your life right now.
You have many things to celebrate.

 It could be a roof over your head, your most meaningful relationship, your health and the country you live in.

Just make that list and reread them. It is a quick, cheap and smartest way to come alive, especially in the moment of disaster and frustration.

 Gratitude gives happiness because it helps overcome the feeling of lack and limitations. Celebrate your wins and be happy over moments when you fall down because such moments are the moments when smart people learn the best lessons of life.

 So in whatever state you are, just be grateful, whatever circumstance that has happened in your life just smile because they happened. Because everything that happens is that you may learn and that you may grow and become a better person so you always stand the chance to be grateful and don't be overwhelmed by any situation, for this particular problem, this burden that seems insurmountable will pass too for up to today, you have overcome one or two problems, you will overcome this one and what will be left is a better you, with better wisdom and understanding about life and how things work.

If you can appreciate what you have you will have more of it and will make effort to preserve and improve them.

Be grateful, it is one of the essentials of happiness and good way to come alive. When you begin to celebrate what you have, your opportunities, possibilities and special abilities and gifts and talents that others have or crave to have, you will learn that you have a lot and this awareness will foster happiness and more success.

I love celebrating special moments with friends, share happy memories and events with friends on the Internet through Facebook and Twitter, the lovely friends receiving your updates become happy and happiness become multiplied when shared.
The more we celebrate, the more we live to celebrate.

Each morning I make it a habit to make small wins over myself by sticking to my daily routine, I engage daily pushup, and stick with this habit. Another daily habit I stick with is washing the dishes every day.

 It have become a habit of exercising and washing dishes.

I go out every day having a sense of victory, and you should know that success is seductive, each one makes you want some more, this increase similar and better actions that leads to greater success.

While you make each win, whether big or small, make sure you celebrate. A loud Wow shout may not be absurd, if you have a team you can call for partying. But while it is good to celebrate, it is always fine to heed the lessons of failure, and second keep in mind the misery behind a life solely devoted to pleasure. So you should make such moment to be shotlived( jokingly, I will say, too much will kill you.) , Thus achieving the aim for the cheer and merry and move forward to better allocation of your time .

Celebrating what we love, such as the beauties of memories and achievement is an important factor that can help you come to life.
I know you want to be successful and happy.

I know you can become. But you if you are like most readers, you have read the book, Acres of Diamond ", the author narrated a story of a man who left his house in search of a precious stone called diamond, it value was worth a lot of money, and even today this material is still useful because it is beautiful and almost indestructible.

So he went to other village in search of diamond but later, this Diamond he was looking for was found later in his house. The very home where he bought and built by his hands. This happened few years after he died in search of diamonds.

Most of the people I know and meet in my life and search for meaning have in themselves, just within them the answers they seek. Everything you need right now is deep within you. This statement may sound magical but it is traceable to the miracle of nature. You are gifted with sufficiency.

 It is a natural gift. Not something to be fetched and through my study I have come to learn that human problem are as a result of seeking what they don't already have.
You need answers to most of lives visititudes and uncertainties which are already there, as private gifts only you can touch and bring to live.

 It is psychologically proved that you can't teach a person what they don't know already, you only have to bring it to their awareness.

The next time you pick a book, look at it as something that is trying to remind or convince you of something you already know.

This will help you to beat inferiority feeling, like eve in the garden of eden who having known God, the source of understanding, choose to eat the apple. Would the apple give her a knowledge of God or about the apple? To suggest this in another way, who told her what it means to die, when she has not experience death in her own life? Was she protecting Adam from dying, this was not at all in her intention.

I know in your mind you have summoned a lot of criticism against Eve. She had knowledge, just as you do. You pass hundreds of people in the street who are angrier than you, angry because they are more hungry than you . You see people who can't pay for the materials for this work or see those who can share or buy it for them but you have crossed my path by buying my lifelong knowledge without reliving my life, but to avoid the mistakes of my past and to improve and maximize your awareness.

 Look deep within you, you have a lot of possibilities. This possibilities are the stuffs that makes you up. They are there to be explored, nurtured and are to be brought to life. Like the Diamond mine story, the Diamond seeker left within the walls of his fences magnanimous amount of diamonds. the more you mine them, the more you see that there are more to mine.
You are wonderfully and fearfully made, every path of your being radiates the glory of its maker who in his love made you to be like himself. So you lack nothing, you only have abundance.

It is either what you are seeking is seeking you or you have already gotten it, all you need is to identify and utilize it. This is where it is of great importance to identify the difference between worry and thinking.

The good book, called Bible said, people worry themselves to the grave but it also said you should think and plan carefully for your life is shaped by your thoughts. So you don't need to start building mountains out of mallhills all need to do is to think deeply, which in other words means, you should through clear thought find in your mind the answers you seek, so you need not to think on the sphere of "" "why not?" but "why?", what can I do to remedy this situation.

Then get the answers. You might have had the story of men like Mohammed Ali and Edison, they are men who had the awareness that the answers they seek were deep within them, so they overcame all mental and physical obstacles, with thousands of failures and finally got the answers they seek.

For instance, Edison failed ten thousand times before eventing the electronic light bulb, when asked why he failed so bad, he said, in his mind, he did not fail rather he has found ten thousand ways that doesn't go with the evention the of electric bulb.

so instead of quiting, he sticked with this basic truth, that the answers you seek are deep within you, your wonderful powerful mind, that is worthy of celebration.

Since the answers you seek are within you, you need not to worry about obstacles, you just need books that will awaken the giant within you, associates that will awaken your knowledge and bring them to your awareness, and peaceful environment where peace and freedom of thought abounds.

As Bob Proctor will condour, your mind is a goldmine, those who come to life are those who dig deeper into this goldmine. Enjoy every minute and make the most of them. Smile, merry, work,save, give, play and be happy.
It's another festive season and what makes it festive is the joy and happiness you are able to make out of it. The joy you bring into the life of those who bring light into your life. If you love what you have read, kindly share with friends and family and don't forget to add your invaluable comments. Cheers!
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