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25 Ways to Build Self-Confidence: A timeless tips

In this blog post, I will like to bring to your awareness 3 significant truths. First, you can be better. Second you are getting better and third, the future is bright. See yourself as a person who have known enough to be where you are today and a person who has the ability to get better, do more and be more.

Self confidence is the quality every one needs. No matter what the field at any state in every individuals life. It is the main thing that keeps us going even when every other thing crashes.

You may have the greatest skills, acquire the best knowledge, and the most powerful idea but if you don't have self confidence, if you don't believe that you can get the ground rolling, you will be stocked in a route.

Things don't generate a profound success unless we believe in our abilities . You must believe in your self. Linda Ikeji, the Nigerian well known accomplished blogger said you should believe that you plus God is enough and nothing external can make you success.

Success is an internal status, it is the harmony between our soul and our emotions. Below I have listed some of the ways that have helped me believe in my abilities, opinions and ideas. One of the best quality you can live out today is perseverance. Follow the list simultaneously and go with those that resonate with you.

  1. Use Affirmation. The simplest and best affirmation that works for me is, "I can". Affirmative words when properly used can be helpful in boosting your self confidence.
  2. Ask someone out for a date. Are you still young and you have this person you will like to marry and you feel like you are stuck with complete lack of confidence in your self, try asking them out even if success is not guaranteed, go on and you will get better and confident next time you try with the same person or other people.
  3. Overcome fear. To overcome anxiety and fear you must confront them, question them and do what you fear when they are right.
  4. Start a conversation. In a waiting spot and there's this new guy/girl, you can start a small talk about the environment.
  5. Eat Healthy Diet : it cheers the mind, supplies energy and vitality, and make you feel good about your self.
  6. Be good at your job or vocation. Be the best in what you do. This will boost your esteem and increase your self confidence.
  7. Use earphones. Some times you may like to talk to someone, walk out (exercise), or execute a demanding task, a good earphone while playing your favorite songs can give you more momentum.
  8. Dress the path. Just as it is said, "you are addressed the way you dress. It could be stated in the other way round, you address your self the way you dress. When dress to win, you keep winning . Dress in line with your work, simple but presentable and palatable.
  9. Smile. When you smile, you feel a boost of feel-good hormones and this can trigger enthusiasm and the feeling of good-enough. Smile is like a light that shines out the darkness of inferiority.
  10. Practice good posture. The way you stand has an impact on the way you feel. Posture is powerful way to communicate to yourself and others that you are confident in your own skin and abilities.
  11. Surround your self with supportive and action inspiring people. Your associates can influence your self concept and self belief which determine your esteem and self confidence.
  12. Take small step. Having big goal is essential, trying achieve new feat( an achievement that requires great courage, skill, or strength.) demands you to take the first step. Begin and you are half way there. " A journey of a thousand miles begin with a step."
  13. Acquire knowledge. Sign up for that evening class, upgrade your skills. The more things you know the more clear you become and are able to take bold and smart moves.
  14. Stop beating yourself up for past failure, start again this time more intelligently by heeding the lessons of failure.
  15. Do what is right, be a good person. Avoid negative attitudes. A good person is always as bold as a lion. As often as you insist doing what's right you need not to fear of negative consequences. A law breaker fears the government and officials and so on.
  16. Prepare ahead. Poor prior preparation leads to poor performance and a sense of incompetency. Do the work first. Winning begin at home. It is an internal game. Like excellence it don't just happen. It is something prepared for. It is a value whoms price is hardwork. To feel that you will win big which is confidence (which leads to success) you have to prepare big.
  17. Have a hygiene sense. If you clean and wash appropriately, it speaks out loud for you on the way you think and talk and respond to others. Bath, brush and apply good comfortable cream.
  18. EXERCISE : Exercise add tremendous effects on your confidence. A quick one hour workout can help you feel like a force of nature through out your day. Confidence is a feeling game, the game of the mind, Exercise is the most effective way to get the mind tough and the 'will, juicy. It releases endorphins which makes us feel good.
  19. Play music and your can feel and go classical. Music lifts the mind. It makes you feel a surge of life. So to have more highs, play on, switch the mp3 and bang them cool and swiftly through your speakers. Those who feel high do high things, and versa.
  20. Have adequate rest, sleep and recreation. Stress is what we get when we don't take adequate sleep. And it can make us feel weak, lazy and that we cannot takeover the world. A well rested person is full of momentum and can deliver. Sleep well, it helps you to be confident.
  21. Eat healthy nutritious foods. I had a joke that says, "you are what you eat." and it feels so true. A healthy diet has the ability to stimulate and improve your organs for efficiency. Eat rice, eggs, bananas and fish in moderate portions they will supply you with enough energy. Eat your way to self confidence through diet.
  22. Be cool be serene. Serenity seems like a lost quality in the modern world due to the rise of high technologies. You people touching phones while in meeting and touching and scratching every sense on their body, learn to be calm and quiet in a social environment.
  23. Learn to listen. Listeners who talk on need, always appear to be more confident. Instead of worrying about what others think of you, try to listen to what you are discussing with them and what they have to say about your meeting and not what they have to think about you . Whatever thought they hold is irrelevant and is about them.
  24. Ask someone out. A friend, a newly met person could be asked out. This gives the confidence of asking and will help you try other new and more adventurous things.
  25. Be a good person. You are more confident when when you are doing what is good. The righteous person is as bold as a lion. Avoid envy, jealousy, arrogance, pride, selfishness, Laziness,, selfcoand embrace care, love, and humility. Especially, humility known as the foundation of all virtues.

If you do, you can be confident and go for what you want that matters, happiness, friendship, family and authenticity. God bless you. Cheers!

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