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How to Overcome The Worry Habit : 12 Timeless Tiips

Don’t waste your time in anger, worries, and grudges. Life is too short to be unhappy. Roy T. Bennett

Peace is obtained and retained by strength.

Any form of peace someone is fighting hard to maintain it and most of these fights are internal fights. Everyone wants peace even the most antagonistic people out there need peace of mind.
I know you are not one. But you need peace. You are seeking peace because it have become an obsession. You can see that almost everything you do is to obtain a happiness that brings peace. You want peace of mind. To you it may be generally unity, harmony and freedom. Any can be gotten. I have written on the below lists practical tips that can help you to live a peaceful life.

1. Meditate.

Meditation is helpful in maintaining internal harmony. You can do that by learning to focus and concentrate on a thing in exclusion of every other thing. This can be done with a timer for a few minutes. If it works for you in maintaining peace, you can continue but it may be hard within the early stages, then with time it could become a fun way to reconnect your internal harmony.

2. Stop the worry habit.

If you have studied about Psychics, they may be living around your home or office, so they can be sending you thoughts and feelings which can trigger worry and make you assume they are your thoughts.
But one significant thing I have learned about the mind is that people don't hear their own thoughts as words unless they are distracted by psychic(those who can send thought and feeling to others to distract them) so when you begin to worry, remember that there is nothing to worry about, the past is gone and the future is yet to come, that this moment is your life, so worries are not supposed to inflict human if they are not attached by Psychics. Your thoughts are only made to for what is happening now and steal qiet and controllable and this control you must foster.

3. Face your problem.

Problems don't come to obstruct but to instruct. What ever problem you are facing today, use W. Clement Stone method of facing problem. The method of transformation, by trying to convert every problem into an opportunity. What can I gain from this problem.
Many great inventors use this method to solve problems, The Ikem Post, was started as a result of psychic attack, which laid me to the study of the mind and creating articles on the topic, John David Rockefeller said he tried to convert every problem to his advantage. Bill Gates, after encouraging the celebration of success as important, he also said, we should heed the lessons of failure.

4. Gain clarity.

The confusion in life comes from not knowing the facts, getting measured and making reasonable plans is essential to having a peaceful mind. No the truth and the truth will set you free. That's what the Bible said, identify the difference and similarities between circumstances and you can apply your knowledge to where it can be effective.

5. Ask God for help.

A little prayer of faith can work wonders and accomplish miracle. Talk to God in prayer, ask God for help he is ever willing and ready to help. I love this prayer from Mark Zuckerberg, " May the one who helped those who were here before us help us make our lives a blessing." Good prayers elevates the mind and keep the eight enemies of the mind away, such as lost, grid, envy, jealousy, doubt, fear, provocation, and worry. Whether you believe in it or not, pray because I know It works.

6. Spend time in nature.

Nature has a way of healing and restoration and some of these means can be felt through contact with natural things around us, things like trees, and pets. Take time out of your busy life and go to places with trees and spend time in nature, feel the cool breeze and stainless, odorless, gentle and soft air. Then you can know peace and have clear thought about your problems.
The mind can grow more creative when it is comfortable and when the environment is peaceful. Then you can hear and act from your true instincts because that is where true wisdom comes to us.

7. Have rest and recreation.

Too much stress can make you stronger but life is something to be enjoyed, a restful sleep at noon and at night can be a good way to make life fun and enjoyable, it is a great way to maximize energy and enhance efficiency. Take up to 6 to 7 hours of sleep each night and make it sweet, with comfortable bed and pillow cover, best temperature and light mode.

8. Fight for what you want.

We make war that we may live in peace. Peace mean free from worry. Whatever that worries you, stand up and fight it, fight with your whole might and you will learn that you can gain anything if you are willing to pay the price.
Keep fighting, fight with everything and one day, you will certainly win and peace will be your prize. Freedom and peace comes from true war. You must fight for the kind of peace you want.
The higher the fight, the stronger the peace. For war, like a poor chisle carves the future we must live in. Win today and live tomorrow, life is in strength, and whatever that strengthens you is worth going for, it could be knowledge, exercise or prayer. Here are few ways to accumulate sufficient power to win all wars.

9. Make a calculated sacrifice before embarking any relationship.

Will you tolerate, respect, and maintain harmony with this person for a long time.
Most of our lives discomfort and even comfort are as a result of entering into the right or wrong relationships. Be picky With your relationships. Those you choose to give your heart will shape you.
Be careful about the information you also allow into your life, violence, gossips, and bad unapproved information sources. Those you associates With, friends you keep will shape your life. So before you give a relationship a chance take time to reconsider that you are about to share a large portion of your life with this person.

10. Learn to negotiate effectively.

Good negotiation skills is essential to winning and maintaining high quality relationships. One rule of thumb in negotiations is to have a win-win mindset. Let all who are involved in the deal take their share. When everyone wins, there will be future business.
As I see it, life is a business, you must keep that rule that anyone never loose, as a result of your cheat or dishonesty. Being agreeable which is not timidity means you have to stand for what you want in any deal and make it known and thus, make sure that your preposition in the deal will help others by not interfering with their personal rights. If you miss out on sticking with demanding what you want at the initial moment of the negotiations you might as well forget about it. Your first expression in any relationship will go far towards determining whether it gives you peace or war.
It is good to place your demand. Consider your bandaries and do not cross them, say no to prepositions that inteefares with those bandaries and stick to it. Negotiation is an act of the strong and peace is the reward of strength. Those who know, define and keep their bandaries.

Remember : your bandaries must be well announced and defined first before any other thing. If you miss out on this, your relationship will remain a roller-coaster. Moving up and down with personality conflicts.

11. Win yourself.

That's the first battle. The first win and the most rewarding one is to win self. You might win the world and they will never be defeated for you to feel victory but the most important war is the war within oneself the war to conquer self. Anyone who win this war will conquer all things.
The best way I tried towards building my inner life and emotional strength is to engage strenuous exercise and hardworking lifestyle, spending 12 to 14 hours every day at work, this strengthens the mind and builds a wonderful undefeated individual.
A person who have victory, never know defeat so they enjoy true peace because circumstances and people who fight our peace will feel the heat and energy around us and take other ways. Winners enjoy through peace because that's the ultimate desire of a true warrior for we make war that we may live in peace.

12. Take time to make decisions.

Our lives are shapped by our moment to moment decisions. Your peace today are as a result of many won wars of the past, many smart and intelligent decisions of the past. Take time to make any single decision, don't rush, for a single word or action has the ability to change the course of your life, the joy you can appreciate and the peace of mind. I wish you a peaceful mind and harmony between your body and emotions. I will like to share this quote with you, from Roy T. Bennett "More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate.
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