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How to Start Spending Time With The Right People : A Timeless Guide

Start spending time with the right people, those with better behavior than yours and you will become a better person .

Find associates better than you whose behavior are better than yours and you will drift in that direction. You will become those you often associate with most of the time. If you tell me who are your friends I will can tell you who you are. Birds of the same feather flies together.

 You can't be without sharing ideas, emotions, and feedbacks so the people you spend time with will determine the type of advice you are been given, and the suggestions you receive when you are given feedbacks.

      Keep friends with people who you will love to change place with.

If you want to be happy and successful make it a habit to be selective with associates.

 There are many people who you like their behavior, because maybe they are charismatic and supper fantastic, they make you feel good about yourself. Find those individuals who embodies everything you would like to see in a human being, happy, caring and inspiring, they control the pace, intelligent, energetic and people of integrity whatever character that drive you pick them and pick it. When a person have palatable reputation and character , find ways to meet them, spike conversation and perhaps a friendship can start. Always look for advanced people.

When you find great people, your life will never remain the same, like a diffusing gas, they will naturally transfer positivity, and vitality into your life.
While learning others, respect demands that one never takes issue with another's freedom to choose their 'get down' - their way of living... and don't be mad. But carefully listen, observe, and compare mental notes before you open your heart's desire -- to make a clear determination what's in your best interest. If you already know how the story ends, and it doesn't fit you, keep [the] proper distance in perspective, in any form(s) of relationship, for the love of self. It may be disappointing, but you'll eventually discover the right one deserving of your full attention. Or, you may be surprised by their sudden awakening to your worthiness. Walk slowly, especially, when it comes to matters of the heart.
The line above is from T.F. Hodge, From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence" To Become exceptional, associate with exceptional people. To become positive and honest make associates with people who are honest and positive. We are the product of many people , those we generally accept their behavior often diffuse their lives style to our own life. Your associates will shape you. A good example practical model of this suggestion is Warren Buffett, he is so picky with friends. Be one and you can be happy and live a richer life .

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