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30 Smart Questions to Become A Confidence Person : How to Gain Clarity


Start being clear about everything :    Imagination could be good for creativity but using it to make a molehill out of every small incident could be frustrating.

Instead when you have problems, any problem at all, take a tiny step, then transform every single step of possibility into flames of achievement.

When things get wrong or don't work your way or perhaps work against your plans, instead of falling into the trap of criticism, condemnation and complaining about it- look for ways to move forward. See things as they are , get all the necessary facts, they will help you focus on what you want.

Determine your contemporary lifestyle, the leaking boats that needs new vessels.   


  1. What is the most important thing I could be doing right now?
  2.  Who are your best friends?
  3.  Where do you spend the largest balk of your income? 
  4. How and were do you spend your free time?
  5.  Do you spend enough time at work, how many hours daily, how much should be enough? 
  6. What is your biggest problem now. What effort are you making to overcome it. Is your effort enough? 
  7. What is your greatest fear, do it have the life and emotions you give it, what actions have you taken to overcome it, is it enough? 
  8. What is your biggest goal, will you laugh someone else for having such a limited goal? 
  9. How much do you save after your monthly budgets, are they enough to carry out your other goals? 
  10. What adjustments could be made today to save more? 
  11. How much time do you spend to clear your head of worries and needless thoughts? 
  12. What's preventing me from saving enough money, and what can I do about it?
  13. Do you plan on getting better to be promoted fast or make more entrepreneurial leads? 
  14. Do you spend enough time at work? How much should be enough, why don't you give it?
  15. What financial and communication books do you read, who are you couches. Or do you sit down and wait? 
  16. What has happened so far? 
  17. What one lesson that you can heed from your past experience? 
  18. Are the people you confide in, your employees, family and friends worthy of being trusted on anything for important reasons?
  19. Are your present skills and knowledge capable of taking you to the next step. Do you need to get better? 
  20. What one habit do you think of as the major limit to the attainment of your goals? 
  21. What effort do you make to overcome this habits?
  22. Who are your associates, family and friends, are they really who you call them? What sacrifice do you make to keep the friendship do they sacrifice for you?
  23.  What is the one attitude or skill that you know, if you do it well will contribute to your success, how much effort do you devote into the development of this skill and attitude? 
  24. You have goals and you are not chasing them ask you need. Then what are the top 5 reasons why you don't go after them, are these reasons genuine and true? 
  25. Are they other ways you can overcome these obscles to your goals without stealing or cheating? What are the top 5 things, people or habits you can let go of today to achieve your ideas? 
  26. Why are you still indicive, are you being dishonest with yourself that you can't take a calculated decision? 
  27. Do you prefer eating desserts before dinner or dinner before desserts? 
  28. Which of your switch of activities do you feel more comfortable at? Are you a morning person or a person who is more productive while working at night?
  29. Family, friends, competition, pride, revenge. Or the joy that comes at last. What motivates you to take action each day? 
  30. What do I want in life, and what are the best top five plans I have to accomplish them?  

By providing effective answers to these questions you can be able to know what is up in your life and take charge while you take positive action.  

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