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In A Bad Mood? 4 Little Reasons To Smile

We get too caught up with our daily activities and too much worries that we forget the magic behind smile.

The pleasing moments and movement around us. Some times life may get too tough that you feel frustrated, like running away, and sometimes like crying. A man ones met Norman Vincent for help with the complain that his world is finished, he has nothing left. Absolutely nothing. The reply he got was amazing, count, search and mine deeper for what you still have now, and you will realise that you have a lot, much more that will make you smile. So if you are in a bad mood, I want to give you a quick reminder that can keep you happy and make you smile at this moment.

1. You are a lucky person.

Be happy because you were born. To be born is a miracle. Born to an age were your talents and abilities can be great source of income. This is the best time in all of human history, in opportunities and freedom. And luckily you are born within this era, The age where a single book, one software, an idea can make you rich.

Isn't that worth smiling for? Even if you can't work in job that demand much physical strength, you can comfortably work with your omputer and have income,age where you can stay at home and get a Bachelor degree, an age where life is becoming simpler through a combined effort of global organisations and supportive philanthropic individuals, fighting illment, improving education and creating better scientific research to make life better.

2. You have a friend who cares and could assist you.

If you have ever been in lack of help you will know the value of friendship. A good friend, a good assistant according to Donald Trump can make your whole life a lot more easier. And you have one or two who are always ready to assist.

3.You have a roof over your head.

Do you know some people sleeping under the bridge even today. Not that they don't have relatives but that they weren't as favored as you are. But you still have one. Even if you don't see life coming as you want it, but you still every night walk down home to sleep and have the warmth, the rest, and the security a home provides.

4. You have a good medical access.

Many countries in Africa have poor medical centres and they do not provide adequate drugs for people. But you have a medical assistance. Good drugs and medical practitioners who can assist you with your health and security agents to keep you safe, always smile for cheerfulness heals the mind.

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