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Live Your Best Year Ever :6 Tips To Win at Work This Year

I know you want to get better...

And I know it is possible
Today I will share tips on how to make the remaining part of the year more fun and successful.

How to be more committed and achieve your goals.

This is your life, whatever goal you choose to achieve with it is worth it, and you have to prove to your self that you are not making the wrong choices by giving them all your have as though you work for God. I have listed 5 Effective ways to make the most out of your life this year...

1. Take action_ Get started

You can have anything if you are willing to give your life for it. Whatever ever goal you set for the year, fight with everything to make it come alive. Action is what differentiate winners from users.

 Most ideas and dreams are dead because people resist them due to inaction.

One thing about ideas is that they don't come fully formed_ you can't gaze the timing of things into time by just thinking, you just have to get started.
Most ideas surprises the creator after they have taken off because they expand more than they had imagined it_ So get started, stop calculating how it will end, any good ideas, ends well, keep that in mind_ and make the first slow move and when it booms you can make more bigger and better moves.

Beginning is the hardest task but those who have come alive take vigor with them to it because in the end it is all that matters, that you began, that you ventured. Few moments from now, you will be happy you started today. Work hard, commit to excellence, take your job some steps forward everyday.

2. Be happy. To come alive, aim at being happy.

It is a fuel to being productive at work. It Is like releaf_ A cheap fun and unexpensive pleasure after a long work will maximize your efficiency if you come back to work.

A life full of work and full of play is a well lived life.

It keeps worry aside and help you to give your best_ It keeps you young at heart like children_ they play so they happy, If you play you can be happy and happiness bring success, It is the way to come alive.

3. Be passionate, love what you do.

Always let love guide your action_ It is the song of nature_ The flowers and the suns ray is about love.

 Do the job you love and look for ways to make money from them.

Stay with people you love to stay with. Your job and relationships will definitely fill a great aspect of your life, so don't devote your life to job and work you don't love.

You have to be passionate about them or you will not enjoy them. Find the job that fills and satisfies you, find the relationship you love and go after them.

Follow your instincts , that's where happiness and success meet and trade, thus you can be a lucky buyer.

4. Drop negative habits.

Habits are like chains we wear about our lives_ being repeated for a long time, they binds us almost irrevocably. When they are bad they binds our necks to pillars of limitations and pains, but if they are good they become jewelries that radiates beauty.

Good habits like prayer, giving, hardwork, saving, and self control that you have formed all your life will make you happy.

 A well lived life is a life with better habits formed and maintained throughout a life, and a bad life is a life lived in bad habits.

Our lives are like garden of many plants that deserves to be weeded continually, and then remove bad habits and always practice the good habits to make them stronger. When a person's life is left unweeded of bad habits such as envy, jealousy, arrogance, selfishness, pride, lost, dishonesty, disloyalty they become hard to leave.

All bad habit starts with the tendency to take the easiest way, but with time, it sticks like trouble, which when it visits and refused a sit will tell you that it carries a sit while coming , bad habits want to stay, but they don't make life easier, though they are easy to form but hard to leave by.

 Drop them one by at least devote 21 days to getting over with each habit then you can have the courage, discipline to go to the next habits.

5.  Get informed, learn new skills or get better.

This is a wonderful time to be alive, the miracle of the Internet and computers has been incredibly helpful and amazing.

A single book a single blog post, podcast or video can bring you to life_ take advantage of these gifts of the modern Era.

 Read, get informed, get empowered through your these learning opportunities so that you can get better and help make your own life a blessing.

 Read good books like the Bible, it is filled with a lot of inspiration and helping advice : it is a great source of mind and character building. Read daily news and professional books written by professionals.

Information gives knowledge and knowledge is power. It will determine who wins. Lively people are not just those who know the right person, but has the right information.

Learn and know more, get a little bit better every day.

The knowledge and skills that brought you to this point as your personal competencies cannot be guaranteed for tomorrow, the world is changing so fast, winners and leaders in every field and on every organization will be those who constantly improve their skills and acquire more knowledge than there current abilities.

6. Commit your life to excellence.

Excellence is not just an act but a habit.

 Like every other habit it is intensified by repetition, the more you repeat an attitude, the more you master them.

The ability to take that extra step to do things more better, will make you stand out. Prudence is the key.

To be careful not to make mistakes no matter how small the task may be. From flossing and brushing your teeth(morning and night) , washing your dish, arranging your desk, and clearing up the desk after each step.

This will help you to be promoted faster, it will increase your self esteem and ensure better results, good results bring self confidence.

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