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A Focused Life

Mind your business.
 Focus on your life purpose 
, when you get into a new relationship, decide exactly what you want and it won't be bad if you tell people exactly what you want from them on the first time you meet them, decide what you want in every business, from every undertaken in life and focus on getting just that, don't drift, drifters only get leftovers, and most often they don't get anything at all.

 Determine your business in life and focus whole heartedly on then, concentrate on the fundamentals, those things you have and all your major wants, your few goals that means the world to you. 

Stop catching every bird that hovers over your head. 

Find those things that make you come alive and do them. LET YOUR WHOLE LIFE CHANNEL TO YOUR LIFES PURPOSE LIKE A CONVERGING BEAM, AND LET GO OF THE INESSENTIALS. Put all your mind and heart into what you do. 

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