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25 Ligit Ways To Make Money Through a Blog

You can start with the following and see how it work.

  1. Affiliate marketing. learn how
  2. display Google adsense. learn more
  3. sale ads directly.learn how
  4.   sell sponsored blog post .  learn how
  5.  flip website. learn how
  6.  create a paid membership website. learn how
  7.  create a private forum. ‎
  8.  create a job board with paid submission.
  9.  create a paid business directory ‎. 
  10. sell ebook.  
  11.  ‎sell online courses. 
  12.  host a paid website. 
  13.  offer freelance services . 
  14.  ‎start your own consulting business
  15.  ‎become a coach. 
  16.  start an e-commerce businesses
  17.  create an online t-shirt. 
  18. ‎create an Amazon Affiliate . 
  19. design websites ‎. 
  20. sale and design themes for blogs and websites . 
  21. ‎sell and design graphics . 
  22.  accept and ask for donations. 
  23.  recommend a product or service to your audience using special tracking links [Amazon Commission Junction Share Sale Walmart BestBuy]. 
  24.  as a writer, get employed to write books or blog post on your niche.
  25. create and sale software applications.

You need to study to get yourself approved. Goodluck.

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