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30 Smart and Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself

"Bathing don't last as well as motivation that is why we need them always. " Zig Ziglar

 You may have a wonderful idea to execute but may lack motivation to take action on them.

 It happens to the best of us most of the time, and you will need to be well prepared both with the right information and resources in order to continue to persist until your ideas get matured and your goals become accomplish.

 With the following smart tips that are easy to apply, you can use any of them to achieve your goals faster and overcome procrastination and laziness.

Check them out, the 30 smart and simple ways to motivate yourself find the ones that resonate with you.Take fresh air.

  1.  Go out and breath natural air.     Then you can come back and feel energetic. After a long period of flow at work you can have a brief break and come back to work. 
  2. ‎Know More about the the tasks before you begin.       A good prior preparation prevent poor performance. Get prepared, learn the essential skills, and read the book that you need to read, get the right information so you don't need to stop along the way due to lack of preparation. Get your tools before you begin. 
  3. Just get started.     Begin your task and it will be completed. Ideas don't come fully you just have to start, know the next step and only prepare for it the true value of the idea will unfold, just begin and the task will be completed. 
  4. Start small.     You don't have to have all the resources to get the whole task done, if you start you will go forward. Just dream big and start small. 
  5.  ‎Do the smallest at close range.     At least one task is close to you than others, just do it. You have a lot to do today, but you can easily fold your bed cover, take it to be washed for sleep tonight, and you can as well do other things. 
  6. Gain a flow.     You may feel tired to engage your task, but if you begin at some point you will gain flow, that state in which you can work for so long without stopping because you felt an internal drive. 
  7. Avoid distraction.     Being always distracted can be a source of weak will, avoid those things that causes distraction. When you sit down to do your work, check things that can distract you along the way and remove them. 
  8. Commit to a greater purpose.    A purpose is the reason why you do what you do. Commit to one, it could be world peace, worldwide connection or freedom, you can as well make happiness your purpose this will make you hardworking and can keep your head and attention forward. 
  9. Ask God for help.     God can supply the energy you need for your task. Say, the Lord is my helper. Each time you feel that you are becoming lazy pray and tell God about the need of your heart and he will help you, he helped me type this blog post as easy as you see it. 
  10. ‎Get feedback from lovers.      Your lovers and friends can be a source of motivation, tell them to remind you to get to work on your task and to give you feedback on the field they do better. 
  11. Gain motivation from strangers.     You can also gain motivation from your neighbors, those who go to work everyday, people you meet while going to work who leave home every day they go about their business and responsibilities and you too can. 
  12.  ‎Reduce the self criticism.     When you fail or when things aren't going well as you want, simply say " all is well, this too shall pass. Believe things shall change for your good in the end. 
  13. ‎Learn from failure and those who fail.      Failure is an opportunity to grow and learn and to create a better and richer life. You may also avoid failure through watching those who failed and why they failed so you won't repeat their mistakes. Part of the causes of failure is Laziness, and negligence. 
  14. Get measured.      It is fine to begin and to get your goals to some extent, simply check how far you have come, you have done great work still and this is why you have to move forward.
  15.  ‎Engage a friendly competition. Compete in a friendly way, a team competition can increase productivity and help you go forward faster but know the reason why you compete, you don't compete because you want to excel over others but because you want to succeed.
  16. ‎Remember why you do what you do.     While it is good to have a purpose it is wise to keep a reminder to keep this reason in your mind so that you can persist.
  17. ‎Remember your past.     You have decided to take this one step forward because you have a past. You don't want to be there anymore so you wan. 
  18.  ‎Be grateful. Be thankful.     Celebrate the things that are around you and the beautiful things at the closest range. Be grateful to have them around you, this will inspire hope that more are coming and that will help you get back to work and play with your best bet. 
  19. Stay organised.     Get everything in the right place. Your laptop, and documents should be well kept and easily accessible from your sitting position, but try to keep less stuffs for more space for accessibility, freedom and comfort which will inspire you to take action 
  20.  ‎Declutter.     Reduce often. Take away things you don't need. You need space to think, act and be. Remove emotional, physical and spiritual blocks that are keeping you from doing your task well. 
  21. Have small short brakes.     Some of the tasks you engage may need the strain of muscles, it is important to add short breaks to your working hours, this will reduce stress and you most likely gonna bounce back to work more energetic and with more drive. 
  22. Exercise.       Exercise is a good way to inspire action. It releases endorphins that make you feel good about yourself and your work. A little juggling and switching of your neck and hands even after a section of your job will be able to get you more energetic and make the work enjoyable.
  23. ‎Celebrate each success.     Success is infectious, if you celebrate it you will have more of it. Each time you accomplish your goals, make it certain that you are going to celebrate it. Learn to remember past success when it is difficult to take action. 
  24. Get measured again.    When you get your task forward, take another measurement. Knowing how far you have gone will help to go more forward.
  25. Do one thing that you easy before you start your work.     ‎Do something that comes to you naturally before taking on a new difficult task, do the task that goes with your talents.
  26.  ‎Use classic music.      Find your favorite music and play them when you want to engage new task.
  27.  Avoid distraction.     When you face your problem and goals it is a well known fact that people and things may try to distract you, simply stay focused on your goals and the best way to get done. 
  28. Commit to a greater than yourself.      I was lucky to find this early, your commitment is the most important thing in confidence, if you commit to a purpose greater than you, you can be able to get yourself a means to make life better. 
  29. Be positive in thought and action.     Thing positive. Believe you can. Believe that everything is in perfect order, that this to shall pass. Believe that the opposite of your present problem is possible.    
  30.  Stop making mountains out of molehill.     Stop  this. Instead of facing small problem we tend to create a big problem with our imagination. Creating the worst of possible outcome in our own imagination. When things happen don't just conclude easily, especially when you face problem, first gain clarity and then face the problem with what you already know, have or something you have used in the past that have helped you solve similar or bigger problem.

In what way have this post helped you gain motivation? Which among the list resonates with you? Add a comment below and let me know how it has!

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