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31 Laws Of Blogging


Be occupied doing the right thing always. It is my favorite secret to success

Success is achieved and maintained by those who work smart and hard enough, making the right decisions and working with the right people. To succeed in blogging you have to give it every thing, especially time and patience.

About blogging (definition)  : Blogging is an engagement in form of writing on the Internet where you share ideas you are super passionate about.

As a blogger you must be mindful of your readers on how to pass your point across and be able to make positive impact on your readers. A blogger must target to educate, entertainment or inspire the intended audience.

Your blog must deliver what a reader want in their life. It must be written with the simplest language for the readers. Have your audience, find what they want, give it to them and make money at it.

My story

I have been through a lot of hard times and luckily for me I have gained ground but I have not yet settled because I'm still hungry for more. .{Read about this here. } It may not be greed, it's just that I keep setting bigger goals each time I met with my present goal

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If you are a fresh man, or an old lad who have been out there as a blogger but success seems to you impossible to reach, I want you to believe that will make money . But you don't just have to believe, you need to get informed and work on your personality.

Blogging is not something you just begin and start excelling on the first site. It also takes character and strong personality to achieve great success in blogging . Here are 30 timeless tips that can catapult you to a lasting success as a blogger, they are all tested and proved .

# 1. Begin and you will have enough tool as you go.

Do something.

Mostly the fear of starting hold many people down, they don't know what may happen if they venture out. But life is a daring adventure or nothing .

 Entrepreneurs who have succeeded were still facing the same fears and self doubt you are facing today  but they decided to act, to create change . So stop waiting to start your blogging idea or to bring that idea in your mind to life. You may be waiting for the time{start here to achieve your goals faster} to be right, to have all the necessary tools at your disposal, but the truth is that, the time will never be right. There's no time you will have enough. So begin, begin now.

# 2. Be passionate.

passion is an essential quality I identified in my life that has helped me continue even when the going gets tough. Passion is interest mixed with love. It is enthusiasm missed with faith. It is simply a strong interest in something you love .

To be  successful in doing anything , you must love it, because you can't do it for a sustained period of time if you don't love it, you will eventually giveup. Most of the successful entrepreneurial bloggers I have been privileged to work with are all passionate people. They interestingly love what they do. And passion has its own reward, which is success. I will advise you, if you don't love what you do, look for other things, and do.

Only do works that drives you. Works that wakes you up in the morning and keep you working until late evenings and most often into the night at your own will without exhausting, stressing or frustrating you.

Here are ways you can develop passion if you don't have it for what you do and you are not ready to quite blogging ( God don't love quiters: neither do I.)

Make friends with your member of staff. By so doing, you are not only going to work to stress yourself out but to stay and mingle with people you sincerely love and care about. This kind of lifestyle will make you love to go out from home to work every single day. ‎ Take your hubby to work. That's one of the best way to make fun out of work, by taking your hubby to work.

For instance, if you are a music lover , and most of us loves music, why not go to the nearest store and purchase a good earphone or buy a portable MP3 player to listen to your a classic music. And if you are a game lover you can try and map out 10 to 15 minutes each day to play your favourite game on your smartphone or laptop, if you are a food lover you can prepare or purchase before hand, your favourite meal and take them to work. Set goals that will motivate you to love your work which is your source of income. For instance, let's say you wanna get married, build your own private home or take care of your children, then set that as a goal and let it be a motivating factor which propels you to give your best at your work.

The more passionate you are in any station in life, the more persistent you remain even in the presence of adversity. So the bottom line is simple, do what you love or love what you do. In both ways, let there be love for what you work on because your work should take a major aspect of your life and that's the only way to do a great work.

# 3. Don't do it for the money .

As I said before, you must be passionate.

Do it because you enjoy the business or because you want to create employment or build something for the world.

Venture into blogging activities with the aim to build something big and create something that will be of value to yourself, others and the coming generations.

 Money should always be considered , although the major reason why we go into business is to make money. But if you solely focus on making money you might miss out on other important things like building customers and building popularity which will be the chief source of money.

Focus on building an empire of greatness not an empire of wealth. I will explain, an empire of wealth is something that generates you money which could be temporary for those little while but an empire of greatness goes with time and legacy.

 If you only play for the money then you may consume all your income without reinvesting them back into the blog .

The best way a blog expands like a circle is that you put back part of your profits into the blog. ‎

# 4. Hire people when your blog starts growing.

You Just started your blog and visitors are pouring in and you don't even have enough efforts to serve your customers because they are too large for one person, then, it's time to hire other people. And by hiring people it will help you increase your number of efforts and service and that means more money for you.

While hiring people, you must see to the fact that they have characters worth keeping.

Good people equals good management, Here are three attributes you must look for while hiring people according to Warren Buffett, the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway:

Intelligence:Check there intellectual abilities and there ability to coup with task.

Energy: When hiring people,also check there energy level, there ability to coup with stress.

Integrity: A person may have enough energy and intelligence but if they don't have integrity which is personal honesty and good character, then if you hire such a person without integrity, they will brake your empire down .

# 5. Stay focused.

Even when you are succeeding, you may be tempted to relax and enjoy your had earned COMFORT. There's very few things wrong with that. You should also remember that your blog is you own game. If you relax it will most likely relax and most often it can collapse .

Don't settle or get distracted . Just know your business goal and keep going after them. When you meet your goals you set more bigger and larger attainable goals . Successful bloggers don't relax to enjoy a hard earned wealth because they didn't start the business just for the money but also because they are passionate and goal oriented, so when they meet their current expectations or goals today they reach out for bigger and better goals.

# 6. Be detailed enough.

When I started running my first business, one of the best advice I received came from one of my neighbors who told me to record everything on paper and that helped me a lot. So all you need to do is to buy a notebook for recording everything. Record both your expenses and profits. Make plans on paper. Highly effective people I have known and worked with, my own self inclusive, I don't play with this, I always have pen and paper handy to record both my ideas and blogging activities .

# 7. Maintain your momentum.

Retrain regularly, acquire more better skills in your niche. By constantly improving your skills, learning better and easier means to serve your visitors. This single attribute make you the people's choice. Try to get better at what you do.

 I once read a post at business insider on the research made on majority of the world Billionaires and business leaders, it shows that they learn constant and improve their skill to get better than their competitors.

 A blogger is like a warrior. Warriors retrain regularly to be fit for battle, when you don't train your muscles and skills grow weaker..

This same goes with blogging , if you don't retrain and improve, your idea and performance muscles goes low.

# 8. Play a " back to sender" Like GATE.

Return almost everything you make from the blog back to the blog . As Bill Gates said in a wiki quote article that instead of flying jets around the world with the executives, all he did was to "return all the money back to the company." The business have to keep moving. But luckily, blogging don't need too much money.

 Blogging is something that grows it expands with time if well managed .

Blogs grow and you will need more money to feed a growing thing. So instead of using your money for problem solving or for pleasure, return as investment some money back to the blog . Build more products and rich contents and expand by hiring people if necessary.

# 9. Work hard and longer hours everyday.

Hard work is one of the most important ingredients on blogging success. All successful bloggers work hard and long enough.

Just aim at working 10 to 12 hours everyday with short restive moments.

[To meet your blogging target click here] The harder you work in blogging the luckier you get and the more you create better chances of success for your self and your organisation.

Even if you are working for someone else, work hard, if you work hard it will place you on better chance of success, the harder you work the luckier you get.

# 10. Work smart.

You may work hard but working hard may not be all you need, but working hard and smart.

Working smart means working on the right thing at the right time, and been at the right place at the right time.

Working with time, using chance effectively.

 To work smart you need to be doing the right thing at the right time, it could be hard but that's what smart people do. Always ask this question that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook always ask himself, "What is the most important thing I should be doing right now." then when you ask that question, go ahead and identify your most important task and do it.

KNOW THIS NOW:  the world don't just rewards your efforts but the fruit and the result of your Labour," what is in it for me", is the question a visitor ask first. They leave if there's nothing for them. What you are able to produce is what the world care about. ‎

# 11. Play with a competitive advantage.

Look around your niche market and search for people who are doing well than you then learn what they do differently from you and then do it and add it to your own business skill.

And then, also check for what you are doing better than them and capitalise on making that better. Always look for grounds where your products and services will be better than that of your competitors that is one of the best ways to keep your head up in blogging .

# 12. Don't be afraid to fire people.

When you have employees who aren't productive and who don't show any sign of improving, then fire them by replacing them with people who will work happily for you.

If they are not happy working for you, then they should look for somewhere else to work And do everything reasonable to retain loyal workers.

When your staff member can no longer be reliable or are no longer productive, the best thing is to dismiss them and save your organisation from falling.

Don't let anyone ruin what you have worked hard to build.

# 13. Give it everything, especially your time.

Concentration is the ultimate strength in achieving anything worthwhile.

 Putting all your eggs (energy, resources and time.) in one basket(at a brand, a blog) and then watch them carefully.

This is your business, it demands your whole time, energy and attention.

Lack of attention will kill your organisation, Give it everything you have, in fact instead of trying to steal out time for friends, hire that friend and let them work for you.

Link all your friends to your organisation either as customers or workers, that's what Bill Gate did at Microsoft.

14. Communicate effectively.

Majority of the successful people I have worked with are good communicators. And it is a well known fact that communicators are leaders in every field. Here are 2 keys to effective communication : listen effectively. Listen with the intent to help your visitors and to visitors comment . With your eyes and ears open and alert. Speak with skill and write with the best, and most comprehensive words, phrases, and sentence. Use the simplest words with few meaning. You must remove pride in your writing voice but you need to speak clearly as an authority of everyone involved.

# 15. Be frugal in all things.

Too much unnecessary spending can lead to the down fall of a business. Manage everything carefully, control how stuffs like electricity and fuel and other thing are being used when you power your computers. And even mind how much you take away from the your business account . In otherways, don't lose money. Make sure that every money that leaves the business the blogger account, returns to the business or is been used for the forms creating products and buying better software, perhaps paying employees.

# 16. Do something exceptional for your users.

The users of your products or services( your visitors) are the reason why you blog,when it comes to business, visitors are everything. In fact they are the real boss.

They can fire you or your business or company buy deciding to visit somewhere else, serve them well or else you will find them buying from others and not you. Try as much as you can to provide them with the cheapest and best quality service or product at a great speed.

# 17. Remember you can't do everything by yourself, seek for experts.

Trying to do everything alone will be time consuming and remember in blogging , time is money.

Instead of trying to do it all your self, hire experts and focus on your areas of competence .

Life is just like that, no one has all the answers and no one should and if everyone has the answers no visitors should be coming to your blog either.

Don't try to prove that law of nature wrong by trying to do it all yourself, do the ones you have the time and effort to do and delegate the rest to people who can do them well. Remember, when everyone is giving there best and what is required, Success takes care of itself.

# 18. Work on your self_esteem and confidence.

Believe in yourself, have faith in yourself. Without a humble but reasonable confidence in yourself you can never be happy or successful in business. See yourself as a person who is born to handle affairs, see yourself as a person who is limitless at all measure.

 All men and women of great achievements are those who believe in themselves and their ability to change the world.

Start believing in yourself and one of the best ways to start building self confidence and start believing in your self is by taking action.

Always try to take positive action when you have new ideas.

#. 19. Take excellent care of your emotional and physical health.

Health is another great but not often mentioned ingredient of blogging success. To be successful in blogging business you need some level of physical and emotional health. Here are few ways to maintain your health. try to exercise 30 to 60 minutes daily. eat healthy nutritious meal. Eat vegetables, eggs and enough fruits at appropriate portion. have time to sleep, 6 to 7 hours of sleep daily.

# 20.Be honest.

Honesty is a quality you don't expect from cheap people. And if you are ready to build a blog and empire that will make you rich,you need to be honest to the core. Give people what you and your products or services promises and they will trust you and keep coming to you. The hardest time to be honest is when it is needed the most and that is in a business situation. Try to tell people the truth. When you tell customers the truth they will trust you. Remember, when people trust you, they buy from your blog.

# 21. Be a problem solver.

Make sure customers leave with a solved problem. Think of what the customer want and then give it to them. Remember, everyone who comes to your shop wants their problems solved, so give that to them and they will keep coming. If your skills are not competent, I'll advice you to hire a coach and improve your skills. If you have good skill and luck you will be extremely rich as a blogger.

# 22. Advertise verbally and nonverbal.

Advertisement is one of the best way to increase sales and double or triple the number of customers. You need to advertise your product and services through your customers, friends and family. Other great ways to run adverts is through the media and the internet. But the best way to acquire and keep more visitors is to build a great visitors experience, create great product, create great software and they will tell there friends, "word of mouth is powerful".

# 23. Take calculated risks.

In blogging today there are many opportunities to succeed, even the competition is a means to make money, it is fine to make money when you sense, competition by sorely focusing on customer. Many people are coming into the Internet and they want to learn and buy those who will succeed are those who will take advantage of these opportunities. Many times you need to risk your money and other people's money as well. When ever it's possible, legal and reasonable , you must try to get the resources for your blog in a legal means.

# 24. Be courageous and learn from failure.

Courage is the ability to act even in the presence of uncertainty. Most often, almost every blog as a body experiences set backs but you have to keep pressing on you have to keep moving forward, you need to persist even when the going gets tough. Don't be afraid to fail, never let the fear of failure hold you back. Act when you have new ideas, to help your readers. Always do something but as you act, always act with wisdom.

# 25. Have patience in your expectations.

Yes. I know you have a lot of expectations from your blog, You want to see more profits, watch your blog grow to another better level, live in a comfortable home, drive a good car, raise your kids, buy a private jet, and lots more. All those things are possible, but you need to be patient. Patients is an important attribute in blogging success.

# 26. Save from your earnings.

If you cannot save money, then the seeds of greatness are not in you. As you run your blog , you need a reserved cash you can call upon at your command when you need it. Such cash can only be obtained by savings , putting out a particular amount of money from what you earn in the bank. Make it a habit to save a particular percent from all you make. Remember, a part of all you make is yours to keep.

# 27. Dream big and aim to go global.

With time your blog begins to grow and expand. If you cover only products and articles for locals, It's time to take it to other level. Expand it by opening other branches in other part of your country to manage some part of the blog and with time you can have it in other countries.

# 28. Be a general, a real leader.

Generals motivate their soldiers. When you begin to employ people, Try to be an inspiration to your staff members. Live by example and make your working environment a nice place to be. Create occasional training sessions for your employees and make sure they are growing personally. Also try to pay them well so that they can be able to give you their best.

# 29. Offer what people want, not just what you want to sell.

Most time it's good to venture into new unexplored field but you must make sure your field of choice must be serving readers to the extent that it will be a huge source of success in their life . So when you have decided to write/create product start it base on the current need of the society. In so doing, you will meet with success in an uncommon hour.

30. Persist

Persistence is another awesome factor in business success. As with all matter of life you must face set backs. Failures and frustration must come to test your strength all you need to do is to remain faithful and committed to your purpose, your goal, the major thing that drives you, money, influence. Most especially in this our era where everyone is going into blogging , the competition will be too much and most time you will be tempted to quit but all you need is to learn how to adapt to the system of your business, because survival don't always go to the strongest animal, but the animal that learns to adapt to its environment, the skillful. The same "rule" holds for blogging. In fact when others are going out that's when you should be going in unless the product or services you sale are no longer useful then look for similar products that captures your mind and blog on it.

# 31. Create a brand and define your brand users

This the last on this list but it is the most important part of getting readers and visitors and moving your business forward. It is to create a brand. Build your brand and identify the users. Your brand is crucial to success, a good name is better than making money. Your name alone can earn you money, have you ever wondered why our music stars collect millions of dollars to just appear in a show, to publish advertisement on their web pages.

The guideline to create a brand and identify users.

What's the name? Brainstorming for brand name. There is much in the name! Choose a brand name, take time to look for brand name. First determine the service you want and let your brand name represent you and your product and services. Use the dictionary, find words, look for sweet words that sounds palatable and delicious and use them. You can combine words like, " positivity + blog =, ikem + post=, use name that your users will easily enter into their browser without a note. Answer the following questions and give clear answers.
  • Who do you write for?
  • What is their age?
  • What is their gender?
  • How do they spend their day?
  • What are their everyday goal?
  • What are their hobbies and interest?
  • What bring them joy?
  • What are their big life pain point?
  • What are their big dreams and desires?
  • The new rule is to give a nick name for visitors. You can call them, "avatar". And target your write-up and products to help your avatar to get what they want.


    I will like to let you know that there are no mysteries in business or in life, all you need is the right information that are required for each field as the saying goes, my people parish for the lack of wisdom. Get enough preparation as is required, by getting a little starter capital, armed with the best strategies as the ones I have given you, you will definitely cut the time it would have taken you to learn all these lessons yourself. So all you need is to venture in and succeed. Just work hard and keep your aim upward, when you achieve your first goal upgrade your goals and go forward. Now it is your turn, go on and achieve your blogging and business goals. You can tell me below What is your stage in the blogging Laws I have listed above, what do you observe and where do you face difficulty , where do you need help as a blogger, I cherish your comments, let us discuss. Your boy Ikem, drop your comments and say something good. Thank you for visiting.

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