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50 Things To Start Doing For Yourself

Remember today, for it is the beginning. Today marks the start of a brave new future.

I know you want to love life and especially yourself, you want to enjoy healthy self esteem and self confidence, you want to be fit and at your Ideal body weight, you want to be happy, to love and embrace yourself .

 In this post, you will learn 50 Things To Start Doing For Yourself.

# 1. Start studying more about human behavior and history.

‎Being one sided in study like studying science is not good. [ Science alone rarely identify all the origin to behavior. You need to cover other aspects of human engagement ] . Most people who do study science, religion, biographies and history are happy and more successful because they have some ideas about how the people they associate with on daily basis from these study of historic man.

The knowledge of how other people will respond, because human being rarely change their treats and most often they behave like their parents unless they improve individually. Science may improve and technology can get better but people try to keep their inheritance, not only materials but internal[behaviors]. Learning the trio is crucial (religion, science, and history), they makes for a meaningful life. Religion is a good way to gain clarity over all of human problem. direction. You will become those you often associate with most of the time. Knowing the realities of the world can make you happy.

# 2‎. ‎Start spending time with the right people.

Find associates better than you whose behavior are better than yours and you will drift in that If you tell me who are your friends I will can tell you who you are. Birds of the same feather flies together.

 Keep friends with people who you will love to change place with. If you want to be happy and successful make it a habit to be selective with associates. The qualities to look for in a person are integrity, energy and intelligence each must be present if you don't want to be disappointed! When a person have palatable reputation and character , find ways to meet them, spike conversation and perhaps a friendship can start.

# 3. ‎Start facing your problems headon.

When you face your problem headon it disappears, your problems make you stronger each time you face it. Learn to gain clarity about what is your problem, don't try to assume try to think it out and when you can't look for books and wiser people for positive feedback. Problem never defeat anybody, it is our believes that make us feel defeated, when our trusted methods fail in yielding result we feel miserable. Don't tackle a single problem with the same method that has failed, tweak things up add or remove steps and don't quite.

Have you ever had the saying, "fight with everything, fight with your life." It's a system used to face each challenge. ‎ ‎ Summoning all oppositions intelligently but relentlessly you gain both courage and wisdom that will make the rest of your life beautiful and happier. There are problems that appear rigid, they want to throw you at your back always, they stays even after all the method you have applied, but there's an army that defeats all obstacles and leads to a peaceful end, it is an army of PERSEVERANCE. ‎ ‎You can overcome any problem through persistence. The act of perseverance conquers all things even nature. ‎ Don't quit.

# 4. ‎ ‎start keeping a notebook to note special effects and moments.

Ideas don't stop coming and some ideas come sudden and short-lived. Keeping a note handy can help you save important information that could have been left. A blogging idea, writing idea, business idea and even solutions to some of your problems can pop in at a bus, or tight corners and you may not be able to take action at the time, you can use the note you have in your pocket to note down your ideas.

Recently I find it more easier to use my smartphone, like taking notes in apps like EVERNOTE and GOOGLE KEEP, the old method is to use Paper books and they are still useful, when I am at home I use paper book. Keeping notes will help you quite a lot.

# 5. ‎start noticing and living on the present.

Right now you are doing something, you are reading a blog post, and perhaps there is a distraction, the noise at the neighborhood, your other tasks and problems posing up like waves in your mind, and you have a choice, to give all your attention to this one task that has brought you to this blog post or focus on your problem and solve them single minded. This moment in your calendar will never come again in history, it is left for you to give it all your attention or let it sleep away.

Be here now, this moment is your life. Don't worry about tomorrow there will be more task tomorrow than today, focus on the task at hand and give it all you are. Earl Nightingale said, "Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored."

# 6. ‎Start to identify and redefine your self concept.

Who are you? What do you call yourself, fair, white, black, brown? Or good, bad, lukewarm? Or hardworking, partly hardworking, lazy? Good, better, or best? What are you? What definition do you give people about you! What you really deep down say you are, that is what you are. Forget about the appearance. Appearance is deceptive. Most times you may be forced to accept other people's definition of you but you must define yourself. The word you consistently use with, "I AM", you will become. It is not how things are, don't let the present condition define you, let your goals, your aspirations define you. If you want to be president, start seeing yourself as the next presidential candidate for electric even if the aspirations is for the next 20years.

First know your present self concept, second determine if they are in harmony with your Ideal self, then create your Ideal self. I am fresh breath in Jesus name. I am a customer magnet in Jesus name, I am the best athlete in Jesus name. The best way to create a better definition that will manifest in your real world is through positive affirmations. Keep affirming what you want to become and one day you will become what you affirm.

# 7. ‎start being honest with yourself about everything.

What lies do you tell yourself about life, what are your quick conclusions, and even assumptions. Do you lose your properties and count them off without further investigation, or experience sudden shokes and regard them but a little? Be careful about your conclusions. Tell yourself the truth. Know your abilities and limitations and by so doing you can improve and advance in this life. Don't act or behave timid when you are superior it can lead to unscrupulous act, and don't act superior and take the dominor of a boss when you are but a follower.

 Don't borrow what you cannot let go when the debtor refuse to pay back. Don't say YES when you really mean NO. Tell yourself the truth and you will know the truth about yourself and the world around you. Don't think that the world owe you a living, it only owe you and everyone an opportunity to make a living. You have to read that book, do that work and sit down for that new skill because you know it will be of benefit tomorrow!

# 8. ‎start making your own happiness a priority.

This is your life, not your kids, fiance, neighbors and spouse. Make it a habit to do only what makes you happy. If you want to make others mentioned above happy, just be happy, simply create your own happiness and you know that happiness is infectious, it will naturally be felt by the other person and they may want to be around you.

Your food, clothing and style should be made your number one priority, look and feel good and people who love good thing, the good people will come around you to share the light and energy that your bloom of positive life brings forth. Smile, dance and take your best wears for photos.

# 9. ‎start being yourself genuinely and proudly.

You are you today more than anybody else. No one can be you more than you. The world has billions of people, but you a person among these billions. You are a single star in the galactic family of the human race an individual made to radiate a simple, single form of light. Either white or blue, green or orange. And we all form a universal rainbow. You have to shine your part and make it more radiant.

Don't over imitate, if you do, you will paint your sky black and a dark color in the rainbow is corruption. Be your true self, your talents and gifts, and make the most of everything you have. Whatever that has been given to you, make the most of it, especially your talent, look, and job, fan each spark of your life into flames of achievement( every of your possibilities define who you are, what you do with them will determine what you will become ) .

# 10. ‎Start earning from many peoples effort.

I would rather earn from many people's efforts rather my single effort. Try to get more better hands work on your ideas that has already taken off. If you try your ideas and it shows some desired success, look for more good hands, more people to earn from their talents and skills.

 If you earn 300 or more efficient people's efforts today it will be better than to earn your one day effort. Efficiency is assured with multiple hands because it increases production rate. Look for excellent people, hire them, increase your chances of winning by increasing your source of production.

# 11. ‎start valuing the lessons your mistakes teach you.

It is fine to celebrate success but it is always better to heed the lessons from your failure. Those moments you fail to realize your goals and objectives. I have always observed in the sleepy moments there's always a lesson to grasp, most often they come in huge numbers. Every problem you have faced in your life up to today have left a lesson in your life.

At any point in your life where things are not going well, go back to your memory, when have you experience similar failure, what could be the possible cause, where did things go fishy, and what was the mistakes, who's to blame, what smartness could I have played. What should I have done better? What style worked well for me or for other people in the past? Make notes and realize the things that you must not put your faith to, things like temporal changes but the kind of changes that occur in distant future, things like illness they may be tough at the time but fades later, things like sorrow, they don't last, if you keep notes of how similar situations has come and have gone in the past, how change among all things remain constant you will be more courageous and take patient and relaxed steps in the direction of your choice and have honest confidence and assured wisdom in your approach to life.

# 12. ‎Start taking responsibility for your own life.

This is your life. It is not any bodies property. It is God's gift to you. Your to keep and guide, yours to nurture and build. It takes your assumption of total power and control of your lives affair to be happy in this world. Who do you leave your lives responsibilities to cater, who do you think will take care and nurture and guide your kids? Who will provide money for leisure and pleasure during your retirement, you have to put all these into consideration when you apportion responsibility.

 It is your duty to decide and propel your destiny and it is completely up to you, how you think and act. The decision you make today, what you choose to think today, do today or avoid today will automatically begin to shape your destiny.

# 13. ‎Start minding your own business.

It is often said that, "humility is not thinking of yourself higher than others." but it is our common experience that minding ones own business, not trying to control other people's life and affairs, it is the ability to realize that each of us has personal war we are fighting that warms our life and as such should not be interfaired by another person, this is humility. When you are humble, everyone will love you.

Manage your own world, create your own environment, attain to your own business, play your own role to the highest and don't mind people's life by trying to tell each hen where to lay egg. You are not a hen if not you will be laying eggs, you are somebody, and be that person, always, build and actualize all the positive possibilities for that person, for you.

#14. ‎start being more polite to yourself.

The last I kept my phone in the room, there was an urge that I don't know the actual source but I tried to not listen to it, it want to tell me that I was always careless, but actually I was not, if I was, it should have been left in the bus, forgotten at the office or even in the bathroom but I found it close to my bed.

When those voices if you have one that comes to most people's head, you can reply to it, " I know you are mad and I want you to from today remain mad, in my memory." When you repeat this reply always the voices in your head that make you have a sense of inferiority will begin to decrease and you will start having a sound mind. Talk to yourself in a positive way, I am the best blogger, I am the best writer, I am the best designer, when you say I am with honest convictions, you will become what you say you are.

#15. ‎Start enjoying the things you already have.

Your life is wasting away when you devote all your life only wanting for more, there's nothing more miserable than a life devoted to seeking, finding and asking, while the aforementioned is relevant it is more vital to appreciate what you have for gratitude unlocks the blessings of our lives, it makes what we have multiply for when you love what you have, you will want more of what you love.

Always count your blessings and note them one by one and you will be surprised at the end of your list of what a blessed and lucky person you have been all these while so you will be motivated to be happy and happiness more than any other thing is the best ingredient for success.

#16. ‎start creating your own happiness .

Your own happiness is more important than any other thing. I once among my siblings, she was always taking part in others business, but she was not happy because what she claims to give other people she have not given herself, things like love, happiness , acceptance, confidence, and she was unable to impact all these because in this world you can't give what you don't have, but you can relise what you already have by letting others have more of it.

Be happy, choose to be happy, smile and laugh at life, laugh out loud even when you don't have reasons to laugh, and everything will seems funny and life more blissful. Read comic books and when there are places and lines that are funny use the opportunity to form the habit of laughter, laugh out loud for laughter brings healing and make you want to love yourself more. Still keep the reason for your laughter hunged on these facts: it clears your lungs of residue gass, and help for a healthy heart, but it also help you live the present fully and intensely.

#17. ‎ Start giving your ideas and dreams a chance.

Don't be waiting for your ideas and end results to come fully from beginning to end, ideas rarely come fully you just have to get started. When you have new idea, don't wait for it to show its end result, begin and the task will be completed, just get started using whatever good tool at your hands, and launch because at that moment you fully commit yourself to a task, providence move too every incidents, materials, machines and people will begin to come your way, whatever you can do or think you can do, just get started, be bold and courageous, for boldness and courage has genius in it.

When I started, I decided to write 30 blog posts with end of 2017, before the end of december 2017 I have already written 40 plus guide on this blog that has been read hundreds of times, your idea may seem big but if you begin, maybe somewhere in the end you will realize it was just a tip of an iceberg to what is possible for you, that you could have done more if you have dreamed bigger .

#18. ‎Start believing that you are ready for the next step.

What is the step to success? It is dream, plan, preparation, and action. But most of us stay stalked in the first two, planning and preparation that their idea become so old, winning in the game of life is all about being smart to use lucky opportunities. You may be the luckiest but if you don't take advantage of opportunities you may miss out on your trip to success. Opportunities don't come always, when it do come, be smart, be busy, use the highest tools but efficient and big enough to gain everything in each opportunity.

When I was presented with an opportunity to supply power, I knew it might not last so I was smart enough to use all more income to supply more source and my income went up. Be watchful for opportunities, they come everyday, and when they come, don't do anything that will harm your reputation, avoid anything that will affect your character but take total domination of the opportunity. Chance has fallen kings but many kings has risen as a result of chance. Be the later.

#19. ‎Start entering the new relationship for the right reason.

Each relationship you enter, enter with the reason to enjoy their friendship that is the first reason, and the second reason is to enter with the reason to make the person's life better and when you see that the other person is there for the same reason which is the right reason, then by all means you can strike a good bond.

I am concerned with the attitudes of my associates more than I am about how much gain I receive from every goods or stuff I sold, because they will influence me and I will influence my product and my products will determine whether it serves the user or not. My business is my business and my associates are the best shapers of my characters, your results each day is largely determined by the number of people you chose as associates on that day, if you see love, stay, if they wish you well stay closer.

#20. ‎Start giving people you meet a chance.

You may have been disappointed in your past relationships, so you started developing a story in your head about people, that they are all the same. People are not the same, you may have met five people who are the same, they could be the only five people like that. You can have another chance, you can give life a chance.

 You can have another love, another friend, another family, another home, and another associates, failure in a relationship is an opportunity to begin a new life but this time you are gifted with more knowledge to begin more intelligently. To test life with new people with different life, it is an opportunity for adventure. There is still goodness in this world, and it is found in people, not in your dog, cat or other pets but in the street, on towns down in the villages you can find them you can begin a new life with better and passionate people.

# 21. ‎start competing against an earlier version of yourself.

The world had a spark, the arrival of the social media sites was as though a dent of competition was implanted in the lives of every individual on the planet, each person on an unending comparison with the other. It is one life, one man, one woman, one dude, one girl, one you in the whole universe, the whole universe exist for you, this is one secret you need to heart, and if it do, who are you not to be proud of your gifts and talents, of who you are. The only beneficial competition is a competition with an earlier version, why was the earlier version of yourself better, what was your initial loopholes, what can you do to be better, this is the only person you have to beat in all things, though it is not real but you have an image of it, the more you win because you will win what you know, the more you become the latest version of your own life.

# 22. ‎start cheering for other peoples victory.

You are your best dude, friend and lover, I should remind you that you have to give love first to yourself, and cheer yourself every time whether you think you win or lose, but while that is first it is at your interest to cheer others up, you can through this act, understand the value of cheering yourself up, because praise lifts the spirit, and make you to start feeling good about yourself. Always say, "I AM GOOD ENOUGH, I CAN DO THIS, I TRIED My BEST, My BEST WILL SERVE, AND I AM COMPETENT BECAUSE I GIVE ALL IT TAKES. Your words are powerful, they will cheer or break you, your inner mind should be guided with courage that this moment, your life is in perfect order and that you can take the next step and be successful.

# 23. ‎Start looking for silver lining in tough situation.

How often do you fall into the negative-zooming syndrome, where you have to make mountains out of every molehill, when you fails in test, you are tempted to begin the negative mountain creation in your mind, you start thinking of all the negatives that may take place from that moment, what you will face, what people will think and say, but after each fall has tripped in it is from my experience that blessings and good luck comes later on as a result of nothing else but from the very failure that one time took the joy, the smile and the happiness from you. Soon after a while you find it was only a blessing and an opportunity dressed as obstacle, don't worry this problem will pass too, but it will not just pass for it will plant a seed, the seeds of greatness, simply do good and refuse to do wrong. When you face your problem is wise to look for way to utilize it.

 I started this article as a result of psychic attack, and I have written quiet a lot on the subject of the mind and spirituality. Use your problems to gain, if you can't pass exams, maybe you can persist a little harder and become a published author, for every problem arrives with an equal or greater seeds of greatness, don't solely focus on the pain look for the gain.

# 24. ‎Start forgiving yourself and others.

It has been said over and over again in this blog, to forgive, you may also have heard it from religious leaders and motivational speakers, but it is always said on the emphasis on world's peace. But there's another peace it brings to forgive, an internal peace. Forgiving others can help you move on with your life, it is letting go, when you don't forgive you grip on to the past but letting go give you chance to see new opportunities that comes [without signal ].

When you forgive try to go on with new things and people that will start coming with your new knowledge that have left you a better person. The world is big too big but it is still small too small because you can easily find new people to start a new life with, and if start you must be authentic, honest, open and steadfast and do everything possible to maintain peace and there is always be chance to meet new people, it is never too late to start a new life at any stage in your life whether 80 or 20,you are at every stage in your life a people's brand.

# 25. ‎Start helping those around you.

What is being shared become multiplied. When you give good people your gift return to you in multiplied folds. Giving and sharing is a form of investment. It always increase in return especially when you give to the right people and for the best reasons why most of it is that they will have whatever you give and have it in abundance. Give but don't just give invest and don't just invest, give and invest to people and places that will make the most of what is given.

# 26. ‎Start listening to your own inner aspirations.

There are desires that are in your heart, if your whole world was in perfect order, if you can allow your self to design a perfect dream future, what will it be like, how will it look, where will it be, who will be there. This is your inner aspirations and it is your greatest wish, start giving it a chance, start believing you can do this, that you can overcome whatever that comes along and make it come true, and you can take the first step today, look around and find one thing you can do to move closer to the achievement of this your maximum aspiration, give it life and breath, legs and hands by taking the first step. Action is powerful, it is enzymeous and one day you are living your perfect life that was one time a dream.

# 27. ‎Start building a purpose in form of company, movement, or spirituality.

Who do you admire most, people who have built a legacy even though they weren't motivated to build legacy but were to make impact, and not those who move through life merely existing, but really ALIVE.

Having a life full of beautiful days depends so much on your commitment to a large and all encompassing purpose, a purpose that consigns every person on the planet, it could be to improve production rate by manufacturing machines and technology, it could be to invent drugs and to create great softwares that can make life easy, it could be empowering a big company that will solve poverty problem, it can also be through becoming a religious or political leader to help promote peace in the world, in your state in your community . Have a purpose and you can lead others to your purpose.

# 28. ‎Start listening to your stress level and take short breaks.

Rest a while. After a long and unbroken chunk of hours on your work, stip, slow down breath and relax, so that you can refresh and come back to work a better you. 10 minutes of rest can give you more energy to work on further for next longer hours.

While working try to note that special moments you tend to continue to work without stopping this is called "moments of flow", when this moment gets broke simple pulse and rest, you're most likely to get yourself back in a more energetic mode and take your work further.

# 29. ‎Start noticing the beauty of small moments.

These are times you regard so little, but they are important like every other moment. When you drink your tea, eat your breakfast or talk with your love ones. You may feel the urge to hurry and go to other things you may feel are the most important part of your life like your job, but the moments that take your breath away, that make you smile must be completed taken and enjoyed.

While you eat slow down, go more slowly, take each bite and savor, feel the taste, and get the feel. When you begin to enjoy life you begin to enjoy your day, your food, your labor.

# 30. ‎Start fanning your tiny sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.

There's in this minute things you can still do, if you think you cannot do everything, there's something you think you can do, perhaps something you have done before. Start at your strength and walk your way through to those areas your experience difficulty. Do the things that are easy first then you can be able to do others that seem hard before. Use what you have to get what you want, and you are not up to today left with nothing, and whatever you have today can get you whatever you want.

 When you have little possibilities use them and take full advantage of them. Your small business, job and income can be magnified. You can have a good life. Look for what you can do that you love and try doing the it, get better at it and your success will begin to expand. When you feel lazy to read, work or walkout, simply stand up, take little step and a little more and you are doing it. By starting, you gain more strength and energy to do more be more and have more.

# 31. ‎Start dropping bad habits.

You are nothing but series of habits. You do it today, it seemed fun or less significant, then you repeat it tomorrow and next until it binds you irrevocable. Watch your habits, what takes your time that are needless. How many bad attitude do you find yourself in, drinking to stupor and forgetting to go to work, eating all the food in the pot and even buying more, combining snacks with food, eating rice with banana, and other stuffs like Laziness, negligence and other immorality that your may have fallen into from the society or by trier.

Take gradual approach because habits don't go off easily, it takes decisions and total condemnation of your habits to change, it takes denial both to your friends and tell them you are not a partakers of such habits any more cut away from everything and everyone that make you fall into such habits, it will be easier but you may think it won't but actually, bad habits are not easy to lose live with, they make life hard. If you can form new habits such as : good posture, selflessness, honesty, love, authenticity, self control and maintain moral values and be law abiding. Life can be easy for you if you become a good person.

# 32. ‎Start working towards your goals everyday.

Your goal is the driving force of your life, your hopes are what keeps you alive. Stick to them day in day out, I devote 12 hours to work every day and you can do the same, your goals can only be dreams when you don't go after them, figure out what has been keeping you from your goals, your fears, your friends and other distraction. Avoid people and things that distract you from your goals. There are people like that in this world, they are Devils masterpiece distraction, they are never happy until they distract someone, true noise and even invitation to sexual activities, don't give them that chance. They are everywhere to distract you. In the bank, family, school and offices.

 They are sadist other people's composure and success make them sad, you can identify them in your life when you are working towards something great and rewarding, they must come to distract you, don't give them the chance and make sure you identify them and resist them always ( They are called devil in human form). Do your own thing, go after your goals as though the world rotate around its axis, because one day it will. When people can't do things themselves, they will tell you that you cannot do it, when you want something, go ahead and get it.

# 33. ‎Start being more open about how you feel.

Don't burn inside on a hidden emotions, you need empathy, to cry and vent, don't hold the entire pain inside and expect them to go away on themselves, though empathy and crying may not solve your problem but it will ease your pain. Even if you have your worst enemy around, tell them about your problems and headache especially the ones they had brought to you, even if it won't solve the problem, you will experience a natural relief, it will help to free your mind, it will give you a sound mind. When people wrong you the first time, use your best method of communication to let them know you were not pleased with what you saw and what they did. It will help you to have good esteem and that person will respect you as a person who value his or her feelings and if they regard you, they will respect how you feel the next time.

Accumulated emotional pain can lead to mental health problems, express your emotions in the most legal way you can, if you have read more on history, you will respect your emotions and feelings because as a human being you are an emotional creature, and your emotions should be respected as well as you by yourself and every one you know.

# 34. ‎ Start taking full accountability /responsibility for your own life.

This is your life, don't let it happen by chance, don't let things happen, you are made to handle affairs, take full responsibility for the results even though they are not in your powers by doing what is in your power, taking charge of your finances, rents, and expense even if someone else have to pay for them , also take full control of your emotions and control them, people who are moral and law abiding are more likely to control their emotional life.

 Life will be more delicious and easy if you gain full control of your emotions, you may think you have financial crisis, relationship problems but what you have is emotional problem. Focus on building your emotional life, and everything will be alright. I will give you a small prescription it works for me, it was from Norman Vincent P, the Author of "The Power Of Positive Thinking. He advised," You Should maintain moral standard if you want to be happy or successful. Decide today to be %100 moral.

35. ‎start actively nurturing your most important relationship.

You could be motivated by your loved ones, those who wish you well. People like family and friends. If you have a good wife who make you happy, if you have a friend who wish you well, if you have a family who stand by you, if you find true love cherish and keep it, for it is a rare gift, it comes to few of us and sometimes it come as an opportunity and like every other opportunities be wise to take and invest on it so that it will last for years.

Invest more in your relationship, and you will be happy you did and when you give and receive do it with love because like most relationship, it come and go, so that you won't regret later. If you did it with love, you won't feel loss, you won't regret. Give for love, and it will be a gift you give to yourself, maintain your relationship for it is an important part of your life.

# 36. ‎Start concentrating on the things you can control.

It is a christian believe that we can do all things through Jesus because he gives us strength. But I know you don't want to do all things, you want to do those few things that are important to you. You can do more of those things that matters most to you by removing the things that are not. You can start doing less of the unimportant things by doing more of the important things. In life many things seek your attention but you must concentrate on the things that matters most to you. You must control the few vital things in your life. Your emotions, and business.

 Don't try to handle everything at ones, get the fundamental and focus on them. Concentrate all your energy on one thing, take your task one thing at a time, one step at a time, your food one bite at a time, take it easy, control goes with steps, careful steps, find your most important task and do them. You cannot easily control the entire world, you can control your mind, your desktop, and a single office and if you do, if you can control your own spirit at any given moment you will take over your world.

# 37. ‎start enjoying your moments life.

This Moment is your life. What will it be like, if you will give up all your problems, sorrows, guilt and fear and wholy give this moment your attention? Forget the the people you awe if awe at all that may come knocking tomorrow morning, forgot the bill that piles up and are waiting. Don't burder thinking of it now if you won't give every thought about it all your attention. If you must think of your bill and the means to redeem them, it is preferred to leave everything else that you are doing and saturate your mind with the thought of your problem and when you have found a solution you can move on to something important and remember don't fight your problem alone, don't face it from gazes from your abstract conclusion about life, or even from scientific theories you haven't practiced yourself in science classes , look for sure means and learn everything you can to solve your problem whether health, finance, or emotional. Then get done with each problem so you can have time for other things you want to do.

 Do not divide a minutes attention, a thing per each minute not two things dragging their way into each passing minute. Concentrate wholy on the task, the thought, the discussion, the people the things you have personally chose to sacrifice this moment of your life for. If you have 20 minutes for a meeting, give it hundred percent 20 minutes attention and when it's up you can move on to something else.

# 38. ‎start focusing on the possibilities of positive outcome.

Be positive, believe it will be alright, nothing was started as a success, many things you know took time and effort, especially great things, and the reason when you know they took time and effort you will guide them with similar effort. Happy and successful people are those who believe that the future will be better and they have what it takes to make it better. Believe you have what it takes, your current job, business and skills can give you all the money you need in this world. That one goods and less regarding but vital skills you have can make way for wealth untold.

 Don't panic when things get awkward, when the moon light goes off, you must wait eagerly for the sun light. When a million dollars customers go, wait for a billion dollars customer. You are becoming and you are only on the road to advancement for being a faithful reader of this blog post. Things will be better, your greatest positive aspirations will materialize if you persevere, life will get better, it rain and after much heat, for this too shall pass. When you face a problem, say always, " This too shall pass".

# 39. ‎Start noticing how wealthy you are right now.

Don't think it is over or maybe think you lack all the good things in life . There's something left, you still have a fuel for your fire. Look for it, look for things you can celebrate today, for your abilities that you don't think of as something praise worthy. Your nose, beautiful eyes as I like my blue eyes, look for your unnoticed features that others don't stop looking at, they are worth smiling for. They can make you have an authentic smile that genuinely come from the heart.

 Being wealthy don't only depend on having money in the bank. Health and happy relationship like my relationship with my God is a wealth money cannot buy. Look around and within you, name them. Find your gifts and talents, your creativity and designs your qualities and qualifications, all the blessings of life you have that money cannot buy it is time to celebrate each of them. Always make a gratitude list of what you have and you will see that you are rich already. If one can count all these things they will be grateful and the sense of lack will diminish.

40 . ‎ Start investing on your body and mind.

If you were given a car and you were told that this car will serve you all your life and what if this car is your body, first you will get the manual and study it repeatedly and then do everything to make sure you have it for so long. Your body and mind are your vehicle to your life goals and if you use and manage your mind and body well they will last for many years. Exercise, rest, move and relax. Stay busy and more important is to keep to daily move. It is said that whatever you use grows and when you do not use your body it goes slow and retardate in efficiency.

 Take fresh food;fruits and vegetables and wholegrain and avoid or minimize too much sugar, eating too much salt and when you use flour use them with healthy ingredients and addictive. Worries have to be minimized or dropped totally. Don't worry about anything. Things do get better in this world. Stories do change. It won't rain forever. So keep in the sunshine. Smile, laugh out loud, pray, exercise always and do meaningful and end each with a long unbroked sleep.

# 41. Start creating boundaries of the things that you won't tolerate.

If you haven’t gotten any rules yet for your life you need to make one. It is also wise to make rules for your relationship and activities with others. Create boundaries that you don't let others cross most of these are in your DNA, but modernization is trying to drive them away. There is need to need to tolerate people but you must remember that people don't read your mind to know everything that make you angry. You must let them know when they cross your boundaries. You are an individual.

You have rights and belonging and you have the ability to share them with anyone at your own pace and you have to define these liberty and it's limit to everyone either with words or action. I have been locking my door these days to maintain my boundaries. Others will pick the clue even when the door is open they will not enter without knocking. If you don't set boundaries in a relationship you may hurt and could pretend because you didn't let the other person know what works with your personal life like handling your stuff and asking for your time.

# 42. Start building your reputation.

The best thing to build whether you are a young starter or amateur person is character, and you have to maintain your reputation. Develop good character and name for yourself and your company. When I wanted to apply for an official post in 2009, I began earlier to create the kind of an individual in the eyes of my community, although it was not just for what it looks like, it also affected my personality. After nurturing my personality, I red all the personal development articles I get my hands and I won the election. Reputation is like esteem, you build it on two folds, first is to build it in your internal life ( to be reputable to yourself, to know that there's no body you can vote if not yourself) and then to BUILD your second reputation as to what others think of you. When you finally build the two reputation you begin to respect yourself and others will also respect. Reputation takes a lot of time to build but it pays a lot, it is the climax of self improvement. But unlike esteem, it can be lost in the speed of light, a little mistake can ruin it all. Having the wrong associates, pride, egotism, greed, and lost are things that can ruin your reputation.

One of my favorite ways of building reputation is to be humble( minding your business, non-conforming, not comparing, not competing, not distracting the life of others), practice authentic, honest, confidence, to give love and avoid selfishness, first hide every sign of negative attitude in your community's eye and go to your private life and practice avoiding them until they become a habit. ‎

#43. Start preparing for retirement.

I like this formula, it is practiced by many achievers, it is the law of nature. To reap after sowing, to rest after working, at some point in your life, you may like to stay at home and enjoy your family and friends, it is good to save enough money that you can spend even without working.

 When you can travel, have vacation, and to engage  hobby  that may not generate you any extra income, even if you are assured of income from government, you can save to give, to share. Unless you can take on forever, but you should have that in mind and prepare for whatever end you believe in.

# 44. Start simplifying your life.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication in a happy and less stressful life. Try to simplify everything. Let everything have there place, organize the desk, use light to switch the mood, an ordered life make you have space to do other meaningful things, reduce distraction, reduce spending and plan your expenses through weekly budgeting and daily tracking of your expenses. Life: the simpler you make the happier.

Plan tomorrow early in the morning or tonight, and keep your clothes and shoes where you can wear them easily without trying to start your orderliness when necessity calls for it, you can even start today to plan the next ten years. When you get there, looking back you have moved your life a distance and now is better, simpler and palatable. Set your desk. Organise everything and switch the moods for work, play and sleep. Ordered life can make you happy.

#45. ‎Start building the right connection.

If you meet the right people, they will make your whole life a lot more easy, when people help you the first time you meet them they will repeat it over and over again, the same goes with hotting you, when you meet these people for the first time who wish you well, they will continue to do the same, you can easily find such people in all section of your community, you can extend business branches and opportunities to them, they can help you politically and to give you free pass without asking for reward, but find way to reward them because they will not ask for rewards.

 Anyone who love you at first sight may keep loving you. When you find them, keep connection with them and they will make your whole life a lot more easy. There are still wonderful people in this world and you can attract them by being wonderful yourself.

#46. ‎Start budgeting on your income.

Do you spend without planning, you are making great mistake, each dollar is valuable in that it can save a life, it can make someone happy somewhere and some else in the world might have it as there might most wanted money, use every income with care, it took you many hours of work, you rarely play to make a dollar, thus every dollar should be spent on plan.

Whenever you receive your paycheck, write your expense on power supply, food, gifts, rents, entertainment, and most important is to save. It is intelligent way of spending to pay yourself first, keep for saving and then live on the rest, by the end of the year your networth have skyrocketed.

# 47. Start tapping into the deeper aspect of your mind.

There's a creativity encoded into the DNA of man and when you freely think without worries we can tap into these creative aspects of your mind. Some thoughts can make you smile, make you wonder, humble you, and can be the beginning of an idea. And such ideas can change things. It can be a beginning of a new Era for yourself and perhaps for the whole world.

Choose some quite moments that you won't be disturbed. Just think clearly, reason deep about life and its mistory, science and its theories, natural things and their origin, your problems and best possible solutions.

# 48. Start improving your communication and social skills.

Your esteem is important, it plays a great role to your energy levels and the passion you have for your profession. When you feel socially bad, you perform poorly in a social settings and at every other area of your life. Learn to communicate effectively, pulse before you reply, use pitch switch when you introduce new noteworthy sentence. Add short pulses and listen effectively and get real especially when listening. Adding all the emotions you feel, and be bold make eye contact and never think low of yourself.

Be at ease at your skin, don't fret, smile often but laugh only when things are funny and frown when things are going ill, use questions to your advantage, and answer questions with clarity, don't fidget while with others, smile often and in the now, don't always let the mind to wander around, and be happy. Sit at your best posture, calm and undisturbed. If you do all these you will start to enjoy the place where you meet people, you will have more confident friends and become more influencier.

# 49. ‎Start taking charge of your emotions.

Emotional strength is the building block of character. You can start building your emotional stamina through daily exercise and mind control, some time in your life, you may have some drop of esteem, know it is humanly, when you feel so, try to work on your esteem and nurture your body and soul with care and books, avoid eating by skipping breakfast or lunch some days, turn off pornography.

 Reduce your emotional pleasure to gain emotional strength. Don't be slave to your emotions, if you must be happy you must master your emotions, knowing the level of anger you allow when you are laid into provocation. Gain self control over your response to natural urge like hunger, delay gratification of all kind, practice constant patience and indurance, patience is the best way to build emotional strength and as well build character.

# 50. Start handling affairs in your environment.

You hate intimidation, you want to be in charge, you love being promoted and being in charge and you want it fast. But it is good to start taking charge of small things in your life, from washing and handling your dish to flossing and using your toothbrushes, control and use them with care and mindfulness. If you can be good at little things, you can be good at great things, if you brush your teeth well and washed your dishes, you can type on the computer, work on your farm, write your book and apply the same efficiency to every area of your life. ‎ When you buy new properties, read the manuals and learn everything in it and be in charge, when you go into new organization, learn the rules from inception to completion and live by them then take charge and control.

Final tips

‎ This is your life, the things that will make you happy are the things you do, for yourself and for others. Make it a habit to do more than usual for yourself, you will be more in love with yourself. What is missing on the list, add it to the comment section, also share with others. I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE IN A BILLION AND YOU MUST FIND YOUR SELF AND EMBRACE. ,

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