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2 Effective Ways to Solve Your Problems : I Use Them Daily

There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope. We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us. Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. To a smart girl men are no problem - they're the answer.

In 2012, I  needed money to solve many problems, I just left secondary school, and I have to buy some stuffs, I know I needed this money but the opportunity to make it was hidden so I persist that I will find a way, I later met a friend was a skilled designer, I started doing what he was doing and that helped me earn reasonable amount of bucks. Last year with my jotting note, I derived over 20 ideas and today I have accomplished 20 among them. Many of my blog posts on this blog are recorded in my mobile notes and they have made the difference making it easy to create contents when I want. You can solve your personal problems the same way through noting ideas and perseverance. I have given a short but Timeless guide that you can use today to solve any problem, I hope they will inspire you :

# Nuggets ONE. 

1. Start facing your problems headon 

When you face your problem headon it disappears, your problems make you stronger each time you face it.

Learn to gain clarity about what is your problem, don't try to assume try to think it out and when you can't look for books and wiser people for positive feedback.

Problem never defeat anybody, it is our believes that make us feel defeated, when our trusted methods fail in yielding result we feel miserable. Don't tackle a single problem with the same method that has failed, tweak things up add or remove steps and don't quite.

  Have you ever had the saying, "fight with everything, fight with your life." It's a phrase I use to face each challenge.
  ‎It is true that each moment is a portion of your life and problems in their appearance take the forms of obstacles to the moments life and when you don't fight them they make life sorrowful and painful but by summoning all oppositions intelligently but relentlessly you gain both courage and wisdom that will make the rest of your life beautiful and happier.

 There are problems that appear rigid, they want to throw you at your back always, they stays even after all the method you have applied, but there's an army that defeats all obstacles and leads to a peaceful end, it is an army of PERSEVERANCE.
 ‎You can overcome any problem through persistence. The act of perseverance conquers all things even nature.
Don't quit, quilters don't win, be as stubborn as your problem and realize it is yours to face and this is extra power.

A good example of a persevering individual is Linda Ikeji, her perseverance towards building a platform for sharing information, even after disappointment from investors.

Nugget TWO

‎ ‎start keeping a notebook to note special effects and moments.

Ideas don't stop coming and some ideas come sudden and short-lived.

Keeping a note handy can help you
save important information that could have been left. A blogging idea, writing idea, business idea and even solutions to some of your problems can pop in at a bus, or tight corners and you may not be able to take action at the time, you can use the note you have in your pocket to note down your ideas.
Recently I find it more easier to use my smartphone, like taking notes in apps like EVERNOTE and  GOOGLE KEEP, the old method is to use Paper books and they are still useful, when I am at home I use paper book.

At other time I may not have my smartphone I can use the text message corner of my small mobile device to write my ideas.
It is said that each day we have 1000 ideas that can make us a millionaire and if you don't write them down they pass you by.

All of my blog post comes as a result of experience and study and whenever it pops up that I need to publish them I use the notebook at hand to write the points.

Almost all the evention are a result of an idea. When they come, the lovely individuals take advantage of them, they note them down so it won't be lost.
Whatever adversity you face today, it only need an idea, a simple solution and most of our answers are developed within us in our exposure to daily lives experiences[observation, trying, and meetings], you may not have to take action from where you are but you can make a note and check it later at home which is far from procrastination but a kind of reservation.
A good example of a person with the habit of keeping note is the Founder of Virgin, Richard Branson, " He said keeping notes has helped him quite a lot."

You can overcome every problem if you persevere and I want to remind you that what you want is not your problem, it is your answer, go and get it.

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