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The Power of Gratitude :7 Timeless Tips

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Gratitude unlocks the blessings of our lives, it makes a happy and merry life. Stop focusing on how distressed you are and start counting your blessings. If you have free time in your busy life, it is advised you steep and pick a notebook or on your computer and smartphone you can use mobile apps like Google keep, make a list of 3 things you most appreciate in your life right now.

You have many things to celebrate.

It could be a roof over your head, your most meaningful relationship, your health and the country you live in. Just make that list and reread them. It is a quick, cheap and smartest way to come alive, especially in the moment of disaster and frustration. Gratitude gives happiness because it helps overcome the feeling of lack and limitations.

Celebrate your wins and more intelligently, be happy over moments when you fall down because such moments are the moments when smart people learn the best lessons of life.

So in whatever state you are, just be grateful, whatever circumstance that has happened in your life just smile because they happened. Because everything that happens is that you may learn and that you may grow and become a better person so you always stand the chance to be grateful and don't be overwhelmed by any situation, for this particular problem, this burden that seems insurmountable will pass too for up to today, you have overcome one or two problems, you will overcome this one and what will be left is a better you, with better wisdom and understanding about life and how things work.

If you can appreciate what you have you will have more of it and will make effort to preserve and improve them. Be grateful, it is one of the essentials of happiness and good way to come alive.


When you begin to celebrate what you have, such as your opportunities, possibilities and special abilities, gifts and talents that others have or crave to have, you will learn that you have a lot and this awareness will foster happiness and more success.

I love celebrating special moments with friends, share happy memories and events with friends on the Internet through Facebook and Twitter, the lovely friends receiving your updates become happy and happiness become multiplied when shared.

When you begin to celebrate what you have, such as your opportunities, possibilities and special abilities, gifts and talents that others have or crave to have, you will learn that you have a lot and this awareness will foster happiness and more success.

I love celebrating special moments with friends. Share happy memories and events with friends, the real friends .

The more we celebrate, the more we live to celebrate.

Make small wins

Each morning I make it a habit to make small wins over myself by sticking to my daily routine, or what is called daily rituals. I engage daily pushup, and stick with this habit. Another daily habit I stick with is washing the dishes every day. It have become a habit of exercising and washing dishes.

I go out every day having a sense of victory, and you should know that success is seductive, each one makes you want some more, this increase similar and better actions that leads to greater success.

While you make each win, whether big or small, make sure you celebrate. A loud Wow shout may not be absurd, if you have a team you can call for partying. But while it is good to celebrate, it is always fine to heed the lessons of failure, and second keep in mind the misery behind a life solely devoted to pleasure.

So you should make such moment of merry to be shotlived( jokingly, I will say, too much will kill you.) , Thus achieving the aim for the cheer and merry and move forward to better allocation of your time . Celebrating what we love, such as the beauties of memories and achievement is an important factor that can help you come to life.

I know you want to be successful and happy.

I know you can become. But if you are like most readers, you have read the book, Acres of Diamond ", the author narrated a story of a man who left his house in search of a precious stone called diamond, its value was worth a lot of money, and even today this material is still useful because it is beautiful and almost indestructible. So he went to other village in search of diamond but later, this Diamond he was looking for was found later in his house. The very home where he bought and built by his hands. This happened few years after he died in search of diamonds.

Most of the people out there that you meet in my life, are like those I meet in my own life and long search for meaning have in themselves, just within them the answers they seek.

Everything you need right now is deep within you. This statement may sound magical but it is traceable to the miracle of nature, this miracle is found to be in everyone of us, that everything within you right now is capable of solving your problems.

You plus God is enough, that truth is one of the things that satisfies. You are gifted with sufficiency. It is a natural gift. Not something to be fetched and through my study I have come to learn that human problem are as a result of seeking what they think they don't already have.

I know something about you...

You need answers to most of lives visititudes and uncertainties which are already there, as private gifts only you can touch and bring to live. It is psychologically proved that you can't teach a person what they don't know already, you only have to bring it to their awareness. The next time you pick a book, look at it as something that is trying to remind or convince you of something you already know.

This will help you to beat inferiority feeling, like Eve in the garden of Eden who having known God, the source of understanding, choose to eat the apple. Would the apple give her a knowledge of God(all knowing and all sufficient God) or about the apple?

To suggest this in another way

Who told her what it means to die, when she has not experience death in her own life?

Was she protecting Adam from dying, because the snake told her it will bring knowledge and life, this was not at all in her intention.

I know in your mind you have summoned a lot of criticism against eve. She had knowledge, just as you do. You pass hundreds of people in the street who are angrier than you, angry because they are more hungry than you have ever been .

You see people who can't pay for the materials for this work or see those who can share or buy it for them but you have crossed my path by buying my lifelong knowledge without reliving my life, but to avoid the mistakes of my past and to improve and maximize your awareness.

Look Deep within

Look deep within you, you have a lot of possibilities. This possibilities are the stuffs that make you up. They are there to be explored, nurtured and are to be brought to life.

Like that Diamond mine the Diamond-seeker left within the walls of his fences, the more you mine them, the more you see that there are more to be mined.

Know The Truth about Yourself

You are wonderfully and fearfully made

Every path of your being radiates the glory of its maker who in his love made you to be like himself.

You lack nothing.

You only have abundance.

It is either what you are seeking is seeking you or you have already gotten it, all you need is to identify and utilize it. This is where it is of great importance to identify the difference between worry and thinking.

The Bible said, people worry themselves to the grave but it also said you should think and plan carefully for your life is shaped by your thoughts. So you don't need to start building mountains out of a mall Hill all you need to do is to think deeply, which in other words, means, you should through clear thought find in your mind the answers you seek, so you need not to think on the sphere of "" "why not?" but "why?", what can I do to remedy this situation.

What have I done so far that has failed, why did it fail, did I give it the best efforts that is within me, was there any way I could have done better? What were possible causes, Ask questions, don't stop till you get a clear answer.

Then, when you have the answers. The whole thing seems easier than it seemed.

You might have had the story of men like Mohammed Ali and Edison, they are men who had the awareness that the answers they seek were deep within them, so they overcame all mental and physical obstacles, with thousands of failures and finally got the answers they seek.

For instance,
Edison failed ten thousand times before eventing the electronic light bulb, when asked why he failed so bad, he said, in his mind, he did not fail rather he has found ten thousand ways that doesn't go with the evention of electric bulb. so instead of quiting, he sticked with this simple but basic truth, that the answers you seek are deep within you. Since the answers you seek are within you, you need not to worry about obstacles, you just need books that will awaken the giant within you, associates that will awaken your knowledge and bring them to your awareness, and peaceful environment where peace and freedom of thought abounds.

As Bob Proctor will condour, your mind is a goldmine, those who come to life are those who dig deeper into this goldmine. If you don't have any other thing to be grateful for, be grateful for you have a mind which thinks. A mind which through imagination create possibilities.

Few ways you can practice Gratitude today

1.Make today a happy holiday.

You can be happier, if you can have a mix between work and play. Do the work you love and love the work you do. Have few minutes break to enjoy the moment, breath, observe and feel the moment, the flowers, the pet, your current achievement, and the people around. Then, go back and conquer the world.

2. Have occasional gratitude list.

Make a list of 3 to 4 things you are happy for in your life right now. You can increase the number to 20 if you want because there will be more. I can say, your opportunities, family, friends, car, your laptop, bodybuilding, job, abilities and gifts even joy. There are many things that you can celebrate today. An honest list staggers the imagination.

3. Write a gratitude letter.

Write a letter to yourself as we do in young age. Write as to a friend, things you are happy and grateful to have in your life today. Then read it repeatedly and you will find out that there are many things to be happy about.

4. Learn to appreciate your opportunities.

Opportunities don't come frequently. But most of us do fail to take advantage of them because they are busy counting limitations and moving their attention to details and distractions. I will tale you some of the opportunities I see everyday that most of us look over, the 21st century, the age of endless possibilities where a single book and a single idea, website or blog can make you a billionaire, the economy of the world today is an opportunity for every creative thinker.

The home you live can be a startup for new company, even your friends can be hired to be your first employees, your current problem, sickness and adversity can be a great source of making income and impact.

5.Share, ‎Feast and make ceremony.

What we celebrate often remain and multiply. When you make money give to those who don't have, it is a good way to be grateful. Make it a lifestyle to celebrate your birthday, business booms, awards, birth of new child, launch of books and new properties in a special way where friends and family will gather, eat or drink and merry. Life itself is to be enjoyed and lived to the full.

6. ‎Remember that life is good.

To be born is a miracle. The gift of life is unequaled and should be celebrate. Each day you find yourself alive and awake runout of the house and go do that thing you love, whatever that fills you, go make it happen.

7. ‎Enjoy the freedom of the modern age.

Had you been born a slave, you could have been a slave. But look at you, an individual free from fear and intimidation, free to speak your mind and care less of who is listening. Able to go into politics and vote and be voted for without being judged whether you are of high or low class. If you have nothing else to celebrate, celebrate the fact that we are all created equal and gifted with unalienable right and freedom and that these right has been bought with great price by many freedom fighters down the stairs of history.

Most of my writings are inspiration, but I know they inspire me to act. So I believe they can also inspire my readers. I learnt about focus after I stopped my first business. For the only quality I identified that hacked on my luck and character was the lack of focus. I got easily distracted. Even after writing a short ebook on it. [you can get a copy here] I realized, that the more focused we are the less we worry, and are able to see the goodness in life. Whatever I did from then, I threw my whole being to it, my eyes, ears, mind soul and body. And this has made a difference. So achieve more and have more to celebrate. Try focus, it will change your attitude of life and thought, from lack and limitations to abundance and contentment.

final words!

Every moment of life and events are to be embraced, then transform for your happiness and well being. I know you are happy to be born, and I know you have few or more things to celebrate. So I'm happy for you, and will love dearly to hear from you. I also know that you have learnt something from this complete guide to Gratitude.

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