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The Realities Of The World

"Study to get yourself approved : knowledge is the best way to keep life and it is what determine whether you win or lose, how you gather information. "  IKEM DONALD NWOKEDI 

 ‎Being one sided in study won't help a lot,[ like studying science rarely identify all the origin to behavior you need to cover other aspects of human engagement ] .

 Most people who do study science, religion, biographies and history are happy and more successful because they have some ideas about how the people they associate with on daily basis from these study of historic man. The knowledge of how other people will respond, because human being rarely change their treats and most often they behave like their parents unless they improve individually. Science may improve and technology can get better but people try to keep their inheritance, not only materials but internal[behaviors].

Learning  the trio is crucial (religion, science, and history), they makes for a meaningful life. Religion is a good way to gain clarity over all of human problem.

 The best way to keep your life busy is to study more about the direction of the human race. If you want to control the future and be  in control of the present moment, you need to have hold of history, both success and noteworthy moments . And you can do this through scientific, religion, and history. You need to study more to attain the ultimate aim of the human race,  to be happy, yes, being aware of the realities of the world can make you happy.

 Read biography of spiritual leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, and study biography of inventors and scientists like Albert Einstein and Thomas Alva Edison, the more you know the more you take charge of your life and your environment. The more you read the more you know and when you read the right books you become the right person, a wonderful individual.

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