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We always believe in what people make possible ​Our mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more, do more and be more.

Welcome to Ikempost.com. This is an information portal. Gathering the latest productivity and simplicity hacks to inform Nigerians. And bringing the most helpful tips to make life better and goals attainable for any reader who visits the blog. Articles on Ikempost are writen base on what the human society needs to know or amplify at the time. The major aim of this blog is to make the world open through information, which comprises practical (happiness and success) tips that work in real life and hacks that consigns Nigerians.

The Founder:

  1. Donald Chukwubuikem Nwokedi

IKEM (short name) Is a Nigerian computer programmer, and entrepreneur. He is a co-founder of a classic Facebook page known as Noble Stars , and currently operates as the chairman and chief executive officer of Ikem, Inc. a productivity company.


 I am a Nigerian Writer, blogger,and online entrepreneur. I was raised by a  Christian Environment so I felt I wanted to know more about Jesus Christ, with the help of a Christian gathering I was lucky to learn more about Christianity so I am a proud follower of Jesus Christ.
I have always loved self improvement and I walkout every day and do several activities to be more productive
, and I write about happy life tips and practical guides that work in real life such as:

1.    Exercise and fitness 

Engaging 30 to 40 minutes daily exercise has helped me build a good shape and feel more energetic and strong, thus I work all day long without stress.

2.      Simplicity and productivity 

I take time every Wednesday to clean my room and keep everything in a superfantast orderliness. Organised and palatable. So I write more on staying organised, focused and to concentrate and get the job done.

3.     Health and Diet

I maintain a healthy state of mind, constant daily exercise, healthy food, rich drinks and diet so I am healthy and luckily I am strong so I write more on the topics of diet and health.

4.     Learning and Self-improvement 

I learn continuously and improve my skills and I coach people on how to improve intelligence and be better managers of their minds.

5.   Self-esteem and self confidence 

Self-esteem is paramount to a healthy happy life, I have good esteem and I enjoy healthy self confidence and I also receive its rewards. I invite you to read some of my blog post that I have written over the years, and share them with the world around you. You can begin HERE.

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